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Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane May 22nd 2010

Hola chicos and chicas! Certainly the time has come for another blog entry! I am still in Tofo and life is good! At the moment I am very sophisticated as I have found a cafe with wireless internet and vegetarian burgers, quite the treat! Since the last entry I have done plenty of diving and it still rocks. The temperature has dropped in the ocean and its starting to get well chilly but I have a hood and two wetsuits if needed so it will be bearable. Actually I have managed to see some sharks which was very big ones but still, a shark is a shark! I am working still as a divemaster and I feel more and more confident and comfortable with the responsibility and what to do. It really is so cool ... read more
Steven the hawksbill
Sam and Leah
Surface interval with Pierre and Alex

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique May 16th 2010

Crossing from Malawi to Mozambique I get a little rush. Despite an excellent travel partner for the last month it feels good to be exploring on my own again. There's also a certain thrill to be had in entering a country in which once again I have no grasp of the language - Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony rather than the predominantly English ones I've visited recently - and very little knowledge about the place full stop. To the best of my recollection the first minibus ('chapa') I take once in Mozambique sets a personal record: 28 people in a 14 seater, plus driver. Fitting all the luggage inside along with the passengers resembles the failing attempts to salvage a game of Tetris on the blink. Every square inch of space is swiftly swamped as ... read more
Jet Li
Hard at work

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo April 15th 2010

Disclaimer: I take full responsibility for this rather long and rambling account of our latest adventure. I hold free of liability and responsibility, the US Peace Corps, the American Government and any of its affiliates, clandestine and public with liberty and justice for all. Read on at your own risk. Ahhh, vacations! I once reveled in dreams of exotic beaches, sun, books, and deep relaxation, but this vacation, this was not to be just a vacation, but a vacation to the beaches of Mozambique, even the name sounds romantic and relaxing. Mozambique, it just rolls so smoothly from the lips. I used to relax just hearing the name, but no more. This is one of those vacation stories that I will find amusing to tell about in maybe a decade, should I live so long after ... read more
Dawn of a new Day
Really Nice Folks
Me in Mozabique

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo April 1st 2010

this trip we did in April 2010... read more
Sinking Lighthouse
Rasta Pants

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane March 30th 2010

So I stayed for a bit longer... I rescheduled my flight from 25 January to 25 March. Then I realised I was not done with Tofo so I rescheduled to 5 June....and lets see if I go then! It is still ridiculously hot here, and if possible even more humid. Apparently it is meant to cool down now as we are moving towards winter. Sounds good to me but I'm worried about the water temperature dropping. Finally, 10 days ago, I finished my course and now I am a Divemaster!!!! Hurrah! It feels great and now I am working for the dive centre and actually making money!! Oh yes, you heard it - I am making the big bucks, perhaps as much as 3k per thats certainly a grand income! oh dear.. The diving is ... read more
Bambo, our local

Africa » Mozambique » Central » Chimoio March 23rd 2010

It might seem too early to blog about my trip, but I really just can't wait. 30 Days seems a bit ambitious to travel around the world. Many would say that I may not really enjoy the places I'm going to see. I call this my dream trip. Yes sometimes I think this seems so overwhelming but it's a small world after all. Been planning this trip on my head for a couple of years now. But there's so many places to see in this "small" world but time is never plenty either, coz we have those things called bills. I currently live in Denver, CO U.S.A. right now. This is just quick glance of my itinerary. My 30-Day trip starts on the 19th of April 2010. 1)Denver to Atlanta to Johannesburg to Harare, then a ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo March 12th 2010

Mozambique Welcome To Mozambique Where You’ll Find The Best Prawns........ … says the sign that welcomes us as we enter Mozambique. I can’t wait!!!! The main attractions of Mozambique are the capital, Maputo, and some of the beaches along the coast. We are going to the coastal resort ofLake Bilene. It’s also of interest to me because I nearly took a job in Mozambique 30 years ago - we’re only here for a few days but it’ll be interesting to get an impression of what I missed out on! One of the guide books reassures us that “most of the landmines have been cleared” - I’m not going to be disappearing behind a bush for a pee when the truck stops! The Road To Paradise Is Not An Easy One url="" title="Bilene, Mozambique by Where... read more

Africa » Mozambique January 21st 2010

The vibe in Mozambique was completely different from the Africa we'd visited so far. The Portuguese influence was still so visible and even the capital, Maputo, felt like we were in South America somewhere. The countryside was more barren than Malawi but this just added to the diversity of this Nation. Our first stop in Mozambique was Tete, the hottest place in the entire country. On arrival, finding a place to stay was an issue. It was outrageously expensive. After inquiring at a $99per night hotel, they listed us “cheap” places to stay. The first being one of the worst hotels (can I even call it a hotel?) I've ever ever truly ever seen....ever! At $30 per night we would have been blessed with a twin room with heavily sunken beds... as if an elephant had ... read more
The Bridge to Tete
A Chapas...
This lady was full of life

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane January 16th 2010

Hey everyone! I know its been a while since I last blogged but I just wanted to quickly tell everyone I'm still alive. I've just been told the cafe closes in 5 min so this will be a quick post. Everything has changed since I last posted. New tour leaders, new people on the tour and new countries. To date I've traveled through Kenya Tanzania Malawi Zambia Namibia Botswana South Africa and Mozambique. My favorite has been Tanzania because of the amazing National Parks, culture and people. I'm on the beach in Mozambique right now and its almost dinner time. Fresh fish and crayfish tonight that was bought in the local market. I will be in South Africa again soon where internet is more accessible so I will post again asap!!! Missing everyone back home and ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane January 15th 2010

Mozambique - wohoo! On the 15th November 2009 we entered through the Giriyondo border post into the Limpopo park. The boirder went fine and we got our visas, phew! The road was meant to be ok for a 2 wheel drive...hmmm. Bless Janis, she fought the whole way through and she managed the park ok. We drove crazy roads for a long time to make it to a camp by the Massingir dam. It was stunning. Complete peace. No one else there but one car. It was in the middle of the park, no fences so that wa sa bit creepy but considering since enbtering the Mozambiquan side of the partk we hadnt even seen as much as a bird..we figured it was safe! We had a lovely braai with burnt sweet potatoes and some good ... read more
Photo 3
Camping at the dam

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