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Africa » Mozambique » Southern November 19th 2023

We mostly went there for the diving, which was wasn’t very good. However, Mozambique was great! This trip comprised one week in Cape Town for a conference, one week in Botswana for fieldwork, then one week in Mozambique for more fieldwork and holiday. I’m often working at the bottom end of Africa so have done several blogs on South Africa (see , and ) and one earlier this year on Botswana (). Therefore, from this trip you only get one blog from Mozambique. It was my first visit to the country – something that doesn’t happen often these days as I run out of new countries to visit – but hopefully won’t be my last because I really liked it. In Vilankulos, we had prearranged a diving trip to the Bazaruto Archipelago, a place I’d wanted ... read more
Bazaruto Islands
Collecting lunch in Tofo

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique October 27th 2019

Mozambique isn’t really a tourist destination and Isle de Mozambique, off the coast, is not even known to many backpackers', yet. The little hotels are empty until Saturday night when some expat oil workers turn up for a weekend break. Isle de Mozambique was “discovered” by Vasco da Gama around 1498 and quickly became the capital of Portuguese East Africa. Long before Vasco's discovery, Arabs and Swahili locals had been trading gold and slaves here but it was the Portuguese who turned it into a city and this was the country's capital for 400 years. So it is very strong on faded grandeur. Everywhere there are decaying buildings longing for some love and money to restore them to their heyday. Our hotel was once a ruined trading house; now it is rather splendid. Hanging brass lamps ... read more
Chapel of Our Lady, 1522
On the dhow
Feitoria hotel

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo July 28th 2019

27-7-19 After flying into Maputo we were met by our guide Antalya, we were soon at the hotel Cardoso where we were to stay for two nights. We enjoyed a delicious tapas dinner with Antalya at one of her favourite cafes on our first night out in Maputo. 28-7-19 In the morning Antalya showed us the city which included the old town of Baixa, central market, museum of natural history and the historic railway station. The highlight of the day was a visit to the fish market where Antalya purchased fresh crab, fish and prawns, we then chose a restaurant from the many on the beachfront to cook it all up for our lunch. In the afternoon we visited Mafalala just on the outskirts of Maputo here the people live in severely disadvantaged conditions, with inadequate ... read more
Maputo train station
Maputo botanical gardens, Antalya our guide and Ron
Felucca.  Island of Mozambique

Africa » Mozambique October 15th 2018

‘I’m just going for a quick shower’, I said to Amy upon arriving in our first stop in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo. I opened the door only to find myself in a swarm of mosquitoes, with a lizard scurrying up the wall of the tiny shower cubicle. Ah yes – Africa. It’s been a while since I was last here – was it like this last time? I couldn’t remember, but perhaps I would need to get comfortable with the change in lifestyle pretty sharpish. So it’s been a few years since I have written one of these, over 5 years now. Last time I was travelling around solo, across South East Asia, the Middle East, and heading back to the UK overland as much as possible through the rest of Europe. Since then I ... read more
Dhow Cafe, Maputo
One of the 'Beach Boys', Tofo
Another sunset in Tofo

Africa » Mozambique October 15th 2018

A few minutes summarising our trip through Mozambique in September 2018. Places we visited: Maputo, Tofo, Vilanculos, Beira, Nampula, Ilha de Mozambique and Cuamba. ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo June 20th 2018

My next stop would be Tofo. I'd heard great things about this place from other travellers I had met. The diving, especially for large animals e.g. manta rays, humpback whales and whalesharks, and beaches were supposed to be great. I met a couple at my hostel in Vilanculos who happened to be driving to Tofo and so they offered me a lift with them in their 4x4. Result! The drive took about 5 hours. The scenery around the city of Inhambane on our approach to Tofo was really pretty with lots of palm trees and a few colonial buildings dotted around the place. When we arrived in Tofo we went straight to one of the dive centres, called 'Peri Peri' - 'the hottest diving in Mozambique' (yep) to book in some dives. Having already done my ... read more
Sunset in Tofo
Tofo market
Turtle roundabout

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos June 11th 2018

I arrived into the large town of Vilanculos on the rusty chapa and decided to stretch my legs and walk to the hostel. Baobab beach had been recommended to me so I headed in that direction. A few tuktuks pulled up offering a lift but I was enjoying the walk! When I arrived I checked into my dorm and went for a refreshing swim as the tide was in and the water looked so inviting. I chilled for the evening and ordered food and met lots of other backpackers. Which was nice as I had spent most of the previous few days without seeing a single traveller. The next day I took it easy. I relaxed on the beach, took a walk around the local area, did some laundry (exciting, I know. Amazing how stinky your ... read more
Bazaruto archipelago
Sand dunes

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique June 10th 2018

The main reason I chose to travel to Mozambique was for the diving. I had heard great things and so didn't want to miss it whilst I was in this part of the world. Also Mozambique is known for it's beaches so I thought it could be a nice place to end my trip! First, I wanted to visit Mozambique Island as 1. It was recommended in the guidebook and 2. It sounded kind of cool and historical. Next I wanted to visit Vilanculos as it's a good diving spot with nice beaches. My third stop would be Tofo, also known for it's diving and beaches. Finally I would end my trip in Maputo where I would take my flight home. So first, Mozambique Island! A.k.a Ilha de Mozambique a.k.a Ilha (pronounced Ileeya). It is the ... read more
Mozambique Island
View of the Indian ocean from the Fort of Sao Sebastiao
Palace and Chapel of Sao Paulo

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba May 10th 2018

After travelling all the way up from the south of Mozambique to almost the most northern part we reached the Quirimbas Archipelago. We met a friendly bunch of travellers at a nice lodge where we camped in Pemba and organised a 4X4 to bring us through knee-deep puddles and mud to Quisanga, the drop-off point for the islands. After a little haggling a captain wanted to bring us to Ibo Island where we got a basic but comfortable roundhouse for a bargain. We explored the island for a few days and we hired a local sailing dhow for a day. This day trip was above all expectations as we got to snorkel with a large school of dolphins, we went snorkelling over a huge wreck and we were dropped at a very tropical white sandy deserted ... read more
On our way to paradise
On our way to paradise
On our way to paradise

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Nampula April 16th 2018

We had a few great days with Leigh (friend and ex-colleague of Judith) and Louis at their amazing boutique guesthouse The Pablo House in Johannesburg ( They really spoilt us and we relaxed a bit but also had quite a night in what was easily the best place we stayed at the past year of travelling ánd we had the best breakfast ever in the popular Pablo’s Eggs Go Bar ( owned and run by Louis. In Joburg I (Merijn) went to visit a dentist because I felt some pain but the dentist could not see anything at the x-ray and I left with a handful of painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills. Then, after 3 months and on the last day of our SA visa, it was time to leave South Africa. We left t... read more
Pastel de nata
Enough space for all

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