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March 6th 2017
Published: March 7th 2017
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Day 3 - Essouira to imsourane - Tamraght

Day 3 - Essouira to Imsouane

I was up early this morning.... 7.30.. for no reason! I was showered packed and ready to go by about 8.30.... an hour early! I passed 10 minutes; I face timed Beth and Thea. Aw, my heart melts! Thea was a bit confused seeing me on the phone screen as she's only used to seeing Daddy or Ella on the screen. I was pleased to get lots of kisses from her.

I decided to go out for coffee whilst Ella and Chakib are ready to go. I'm not complaining, I know how early I am! I left my stuff in Ella's room, paid up, and went off into the medina for a coffee.

It's always a slow start in the medina, it's 9am, and it is slowly starting to wake up. Everyone works in sync, but at a much slower pace than at home. It takes them a while to gradually pour, and spread their wares outside their shops ready for the days business.

I took a seat at, what I have suitably named, 'the corner cafe'. It is a busy little cafe on the Main Street, right in the centre of the medina. It sits on the crossing of the streets. I can sit their, people watching, and feeling the ambience from three directions, all at the same time. Perfect!

I am soon joined by Ella and Chakib. As we were leaving a lady close by commented on my little lapel badge on my pinafore which proudly states, 'I love Hull'. We discussed the fact that we are the City of Culture, and the great things that occurring at home. Am I really having this conversation in Morocco, yes, and I felt quite proud too!

Christina met with us, then we found somewhere in the sun for breakfast. It is really warm, but it is also really windy due to the location of Essouira, so you have to choose locations carefully!

Today I tasted the Amlou, as I am considering bringing some home. Amlou is a thick brown paste with a texture similar to peanut butter obtained by grinding roasted almonds mixed with honey and argan oil. . Amlou is known as a speciality from the South of Morocco and is usually used as a healthy dip or spread since its key ingredient is Argan oil.
It was really nice, similar to peanut butter, but a healthier version, so will definitely bring some home.

We took the short walk to the hotel to pick up the luggage, then the hard task of fitting it all in the car for the journey to Imsourane. It should take about 70 minutes. Not sure how realistic that time guess is given Moroccan roads, and fast driving! The plan today is for Ella and Chakib to do a bit of surfing, Christina and I are taking it easy on the beach.

The sun went behind the clouds; Ella and Chakib finished surfing. So we gathered our stuff together and went to eat. As we are all so unaware of the time, I'm not sure if it is lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner! Chakib ordered for us all; fresh barbecued fish: sole, black snapper, royal snapper and calamari with a side salad and bread. I'm not really a lover of sea food, but it all got eaten between us.

It was a crazy, winding, one car width road over the mountainous journey to Imsourane! Although I do feel completely safe with Chakib driving our car, I'm not so confident in the oncoming traffic! Some of the scenery is so lush and green, then on the right hand side I can sea the bright, clear blue sea.

We had a short stop to chat with an old guy, the goat herder. He seemed really happy for a bit of company, enjoying my cigarettes, and a small tip for his friendliness. We saw goats, a camel, goats in the trees. A fun stop!

We continued the winding journey to Tamraght, but stopped off at Sol House in time to enjoy the sunset; and it certainly didn't disappoint us. It was beautiful, but get used to that as the sunsets here are always beautiful! This is more noticeable because of the location, you always have such a clear view, with very few obstacles. We stayed for a couple of drinks, although I did stick to having coffee rather than alcohol! It was really relaxing to be able to sit back, relax, and just let it all unfold in front of you.

We set off to complete our drive home to Tamraght. We had a couple of short stops on the way. We got diesel, a few groceries, and takeaway pizzas. We are a bit late getting back, so we opted for a quick tea, not that I'm even hungry, as we ate not so long ago!

It's the first time I've been to the new apartment, so I'm looking forward to seeing it.

It's lovely, and much more homely than the other one, but as Ella said, the last one was a stop gap, until one that they liked became available.

Again, and I think I've said this every day so far, I'm so tired, yet haven't done any physical activity at all! I would blame my age, but everyone feels the same! Pizzas eaten, coffee drank, showers taken, a catch up on events so far..... another good day done!

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