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July 17th 2006
Published: July 17th 2006
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Camping in the savannasCamping in the savannasCamping in the savannas

Morning before another game wiewing day.
The lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards, chitas, rhinos, hippopotamus and buffaloes that live in African Savannas are more amazing than scary. We enter the park, that look very much like many of the cattle farms in Brazil (with no fences of course), with a Toyota van and suddenly in the middle of the grass we see an elephant to the right and a lion the left. Strange feeling that someone had put them there for the tourists. Is a while until we realize that the had been always there, this is not a zoo, is their natural habitat. Nobody comes and feed them in the end of the afternoon; they actually have to hunt for their food. And they for sure do, we had the chance to see a lion family eating a tasty zebra.

There, I've decided that the scar I managed to make in my hand opening glass bottle in my hand when I was 12 years old changed. Now is a scar made by one of the claws of the lion I had to fight when exploring the savage African Savannas. A tough 3 hours fight! Don't believe me? I have even a necklace with the teeth of
Lions familyLions familyLions family

Breakfast menu: Tasty zebra
the lion I killed to show you... huahuahua.
Well, you may laugh of my ferry tale story, but many of the Masai we met in the tribe we visited told the same story. How much is true and how much is a ferry tale for tourists we will never know. (Killing lions wasn't prohibited long ago?)

Our trip in Kenya began with the girls (Amandine and Alexandra) arriving from France, shame on us we had to get them in the airport wearing the France team T-shirt, just in the next day after they beat us in the world cup. We did a six days Safari, including the chance of camping with hippos (The moving tents in the in my way to the bathroom) just near the crocodiles (100 mts with no fences, good that they don't like to come far from the water).
One of the very interesting things that we discovered is that the wild animals can be found outside the national parks. In our way to the island of Lamu we had the pleasant surprise of finding a group of giraffes crossing the route of our bus.

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Safari teamSafari team
Safari team

From left to right: Amandine, Claudio, Jimy, Fernando, Alexandra.
Exchanging looksExchanging looks
Exchanging looks

You look at the giraffe, the giraffe look at you.

17th July 2006

No Brasilian meat on the menu then?
Hey Junior. Sounds like you all had an amazing time. Makes me jealous that I'm stuck here in the UK. Waddesdon isn't nearly as exciting as the Kenyan savannah!!!! Hope you had a great time with the girls, and despite what your brother says I did not barrack for France I promise - I know you'd kill me if I did! Take care out there and have fun mate.
23rd July 2006

Hey crazy brazilians
Did you characters pick up some women along the way? Perhaps in the Sudan desert? Looks like you;re having a blast! Safe travels... jt
23rd July 2006

We are here at my house and your father is showing me how to deal with the blog and how to access your brother's. You are having a wonderful time, which I am sure you will never forget later on!! Your mother asked me to advise both of you tp cut your hair, so not to be mistaken for a lion!!! And I recommend Amandine not to smoke... A big, big Brazilian abraço from all three of us.

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