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Africa » Kenya February 23rd 2020

We got up early after a great evening at the Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi where we all got to eat Crocodile, Ostrich and Bulls testicles. Then of course there was sausage, lamb, pork, ribs, beef, turkey and chicken. All of which were BBQ’d to perfection and by the end of it we were stuffed and poor Zac was practically falling asleep at the table. The next morning we had to get up early to take Kate, Ben and Zac to get their flight which they did without any issues. We then picked up Dan and Toby for the start of Phase 3 and we headed out of Nairobi. The roads were relatively clear and as the sun rose we made headway and then Toby had a turn driving. It would be fair to say Toby was ... read more

Africa » Kenya February 21st 2020

After spending the last night in the tent as a family we again started the day early to head toward Crescent Island. It is an island full of non-predators which you can walk around and get amongst the animals. We took a little while to get there as bizarrely you have to pay to drive through a farm that has access to it and then drive across a make-shift causeway which is little more than heaped mud across Lake Naivasha. Anyway we managed to get there and were soon walking next to Giraffe, Wildebeast, Waterbuck, Zebra and a whole variety of gazelle. We also saw fish eagles and a variety of birdlife and some Hippo in the water. The highlight (perhaps for me) was seeing a Python (about 5m in length) sunning itself (which was roughly ... read more
Hanging with a Giraffe
Walking with the wildlife

Africa » Kenya February 20th 2020

We woke to a very heavy dew in our national park campsite and slowly got going. We saw many more buffalo and Zebra as well as a variety of birds on our way through the park but unfortunately no Black Rhino! We did stop at a very impressive view point overlooking the lake and saw approximately 1000 baboon along the way. Outside the park we made a critical stop to buy the boys some much promised Masai knives, to say they were excited at their purchases would be an under-statement. We then made our way down toward lake Naivasha again to stay on the lake shore. We had a very relaxed afternoon (except for spending two hours fixing the handbrake and getting very dirty). We played cards, looked for crocs, the boys did some excellent pictures ... read more

Africa » Kenya February 19th 2020

We got up in a more relaxed fashion enjoying the “luxury” of our hotel and had breakfast which included a full fry up and the boys ate well. We then enjoyed the sauna, steam room but were not allowed to use the swimming pool at 1030am as that is when they clean it. It is fair to say customer service isn’t something they had nailed, we sat down for dinner the previous night at 1830 as they requested and dinner was served around 1930 with starters served after main course. Anyway after a good wash and re-packing Nelly we got on the road to head to Lake Nakuru National park. Once in we had amazing collections of Buffalo, impala and Zebra (some at very close quarters). We got down to the lake edge and saw hundreds ... read more
The key photo
Monkeys cleaning one another
Running repairs

Africa » Kenya February 19th 2020

19thFeb – maasai village - Nairobi A very lazy start for us with breakfast at 8am and leaving the camp at 8:45 after saying goodbye to Peter, Patrick and the others. We also gave one of the older villagers a lift to a local town to save him a long walk. Our first stop for the day was a Maasai village where Raphael, the son of the chief, greeted us and showed us around. First we were shown a couple of traditional items – one was a lion’s head skin from the days when to get married a man had to go and kill a lion. If he wanted to get married a second or third time he had to go and kill 2 or 3 lions. This no longer happens and instead he pays a ... read more
Maasai jumping dance
Maasai womans welcome dance
Making fire

Africa » Kenya February 18th 2020

We got up at 0630 to go with the Masai to milk their cows, which is a lot harder than I thought. There is definitely a technique that we lacked and to be honest looked a little brutal but they certainly got the milk out. Zac loved it as it was warm, creamy and very sweet. Ben tried it but was less bothered. We were keen to get on our way but the Masai wouldn’t let us leave without playing their version of a fighting game. We were all given shields (along with about 20 locals) and given foot long lengths of sisal plant (sort of floppy green plant stork) and then split into 2 teams to basically hurl them at one another and defend ourselves with the shields. We had great fun and it all ... read more
Our Masai friends
Dropping by the equator
Chillin' by the pool

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP February 18th 2020

Up a bit earlier today and leaving camp with Wilson at 6:50am to get to the park gates soon after 7am for a full day in the Mara. We spent much of the morning driving to and fro across the Mara following sightings of a leopard. The first we missed so had a brief detour to the river where we saw a baby crocodile and the stone marking the boundary with Tanzania (we didn’t stop for a photo as leopard!) - then shot off back to the other side of the Mara where a leopard had recently made a kill (wild dog Simba said). We passed lots of vans going the other way so were a bit worried it would have gone but there was still one van there who pointed out to us the bush ... read more
Nile monitor
At the river

Africa » Kenya February 17th 2020

So in the evening of 16thFebruary as we prepared for bed in the Olooloo campsite within the Masai Mara I saw two eyes in the long grass reflecting the light from my torch. I threw a stone and it moved and was unmistakeably a hyena. I did try and relay some concern to Alain who was some twenty feet away brushing his teeth but I think his hearing aids were off so he was blissfully unaware. I managed to throw some more stones and get it to back off but I suspected it would be back. Now much as I would have liked Alain to camp on the ground in the tent while the Adlam family enjoyed the security of the roof tent, we decided to let him come up top and we all squeezed in. ... read more
Fighting hippos
Cheeky Monkey
Zac in warrior training

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP February 17th 2020

Slept very well, up & ready to leave for the Maasai Mara at 7:30am with a packed lunch and joined by Wilson who was going to help Simba find us a leopard! On the way out of camp we passed a dik-dik and once in the park we saw: Black rhino Elephants (incl. more babies) Cheetahs (a single one in the grass then a group of 5 in the shade under a tree) Vultures Great bustard Secretary bird Shrike Warthogs Ostrich Baboons Buffalo Impalla Topi Gazelles (Grant’s & Thompson’s) Hartebeest Hippos Lilac-breasted roller Maasi giraffe Vervet monkey Although I think Chavaunne spotted more than out two guides! Lunch was eaten under the shade of an acacia tree keeping a close eye on a nearby herd of elephants in case they decided to come our w... read more
Black rhino
Black rhino
Maasai Mara

Africa » Kenya February 16th 2020

The boys did well to get up early so we could hit the road for a 4 hour drive to the Masai Mara National park gate, our goal for the day being Lions. The drive was relatively easy and again the boys did well, the only issue being a new squeaky wheel that wouldn’t seem to go away but we soldiered on. At the gate the joy of African bureaucracy kicked in explaining that because we wanted to camp on the other side of the park we had to have a transit pass to get to the middle of the pass where we could then buy a ticket and pay for camping. Not entirely clear why, but no sense in arguing. No sooner had we entered before we saw Elephant, giraffe and warthog as well as ... read more
Lion in the shade
Lunch with hippo
Our campsite

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