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Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province September 7th 2014

In June we had Michael and Mala visit us from Singapore, they are friends from our Sri Lanka days. We watched a lot of Football and Commonwealth games over the month of July, which Grandma Lois enjoyed. The kids loved having Mum with us, and are now more excited for our trip to NZ at the end of the year. In August Aunty Sarah came to hang out, which was lots of fun. Now we are in September, in the new school year in the English system, with all the girls at school now. Here are a few pics from our holidays. Murray has been travelling to Ethiopia and Uganda with more refugees coming from South Sudan, and with the rains starting conditions of the camps have needed more of Murrays attention.... read more
Planet Yoghurt with Grandma Lois
Emma packed for NZ
Commonwealth games with Grandma Lois, Scottish kiwis

Africa » Kenya September 6th 2014

Nairobi has 8 slums within in its boundary, the largest has over 1 million people living in it. Death from TB, AIDS, malnutrition are daily realities for these people. Unbelievable!! Nyumbani orphanage for HIV children was started in 1995 after news that HIV infected orphans were being shot by police. The founder, a Jesuit priest and psychiatrist from the US, was appalled when he heard of this atrocity and through a network of people started the rescue effort that has continued long after his passing. Today the Nyumbani Orphanage is permanent home to 124 HIV infected children aged 3-20 and has a waiting list. The survival rate is so good since the advent of the anti HIV drugs that there has not been a death since 2000. The mandate is to encourage, love and provide a ... read more
Father Alfred with a new friend
Loving the kids

Africa » Kenya September 5th 2014

Up and at it and once again on the road. Today, we were joining Father Alfred (Fred) for a drive to visit remote schools and church plants in the outskirts of Nairobi supported by a new priest. We drove for about 90 minutes before reaching Father Gideon's temporary residence. Getting there was interesting as we had to drive through the center of the market on a "road" barely wide enough for our vehicle, much less the cattle, goats, masses of people and the small vendor stands where produce and clothes and shoes and furniture and you name it, it is there, is available. You can purchase gently used second hand clothes for 25 cents for a shirt or pants- many have North American logos- GAP, DKNY etc and they look brand new. We visited a little ... read more
Grandmother's pride
The Hope of the future

Africa » Kenya September 4th 2014

I missed blogging yesterday as I got quite ill, either from drinking juice at the lodge that may have been made with local water or from the chicken sandwich in my boxed lunch that was not refrigerated during our game drive. After arriving at our new camp, I slept for 18 hours and started the antibiotics I got from travellers health before leaving Canada. Feeling a little better but still mending. That said, Arnet went on the game drive alone yesterday. We had driven from the crater to a tent camp called Kururumaru. Prior to getting to the camp, our guide took us to the village of Manyara Kibaoni. This small village has over 200 orphaned children due to HIV/AIDS and abandonment as a result of prostitution in this so called high tourist area - though ... read more
Manyara Kibaoni orphanage
Baby baboon

Africa » Kenya August 29th 2014

0415!!! Who can sleep with the Safari symphony playing at full volume??? We actually rested - short, quickly but well. After a relatively short drive to the balloon site, we were up up and away. Captain Brian did a brilliant job of steering us in the direction of the action. Sometimes as high as 100 feet and as low as 6 feet above the rushing hooves and horns, we saw so very much, including a glorious sunrise from the air. The ride was followed by a bush breakfast under an Umbrella Acacia Tree. What a great way to start day 2! Joseph picked us up from the breakfast site and away we went searching for the big 5- well, it didn't take long before the King of the Beasts- Simba himself- showed up- a beautiful lion ... read more
Family Pride
Doesn't get better than this

Africa » Kenya August 28th 2014

Adventures abound!! We were up bright and early for our pick up at 0700. The drive to Maasai Mara is about 6 hours so our guide Joseph wanted to get on the road in time for a Safari drive before dark. Things never really go as planned though do they??? 1035 am- We had just finished speaking with Joseph about the speed limits in Kenya and he explained that his vehicle is equipped with a governor that limits his speeds to 80 kph. Anything over 78 and a beeping starts and if he maintains a speed of greater than 80 for more than 1 minute, the vehicle stops and he has to turn off the engine and restart it. This detail is probably not a surprise to the fellas out there... Well, as we went down ... read more
African sunset
After the kill

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa August 27th 2014

ako je bila noć vožnja do Mombase mi je pružila priliku prvi put vidjeti slonove, iako svega na par trenutaka u svijetlu farova dok bi prelazili cestu.. U Mombasu sam stigao ranom zorom i uzeo bajaj do prvog od dva hostela čije sam adrese našao. No bio je zatvoren. Brinuo sam se jer prema informacijama se interneta taj bio vrlo popularan i nerijetko popunjen. Nakon par pokušaja zvonjenja, ukazao se bijelac srednjih godina u donjem rublju, a na pitanje ima li mjesta, samo se nasmiješio i rekao: „valjda ćemo naći“. Vodio me kroz ogromni vrt s mrežama s ležaljkama uz veliki bazen, dok su okolo trčali maleni majmuni. Upozorio me da ih se čuvam jer dosta kradu što nerijetko izaziva svađe među gostima. Dok je bilo gostiju. Naime u hostelu s kapacitetom za jedno 120 gostiju, ... read more

Africa » Kenya August 27th 2014

Up early for our flight this morning- got to Nairobi around 2 and met up with our Safari guide, Joseph. We are amazed to find out that we are the only two on this10 days safari we are about to embark on. We have a Range Rover and guide all to ourselves. Got a peak at Mount Kilamanjaro from the air. We will be closer in a week or so. Nairobi- my heart has already broken many times over at the intense poverty. Lynne, you will definitely know what I am feeling! I couldn't believe my eyes. Cows and people digging through the same garbage dump, houses made of tin and cardboard, streets lined with so many people all you see is masses of moving bodies. Open areas littered with clothing and goods that our guide ... read more
Nairobi exchange

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province August 23rd 2014

Izlazim i ne mrdam od zaštitara ispred ulaza u firmu koji mi zove prvi taksi. 30 $ do hotela koji mi je Shylock preporučio. Naravno odbijam, na što vozač samo slegne ramenima i bez ikakve namjere oko pregovora mi kaže da mogu slobodno hodati. Naravno zna da neću i jer ne bih došao daleko. Bar ne s ruksacima, a vjerojatno ni odjećom. Na kraju pristajem i vozi me do ulice koja iako ne izgleda bajno izgleda daleko bolje od one u kojoj me ostavio bus. Checkiram se u hotel, perem svu tu prljavštinu sa sebe i krepan idem spavati. Jutro je pokazalo da sam zapravo gotovo u samom centru grada i sve je izgledalo puno bolje. Nairobi je zaista izgledao kao zapadni velegrad i za razliku od primjerice Kaira i Addis Ababe činio se vrlo čist. ... read more
Nairobi centar
Nairobi 2
Nairobi Kazole

Africa » Kenya » North Eastern Province August 20th 2014

Stigao sam oko 16:30 do Moyalea i krenuo ravno prema granici uz kratko zaustavljanje kod prvog čovjeka koji mi je ponudio promijeniti novce. Naime crno tržište je jedini način za mijenjati Birre u Kenijske šilinge. No granica je već bila zatvorena i sad sam bio prisiljen prespavati i u Moyaleu. Na granici se sam se ukazao i njenog prije otvaranja. Konačno mi je službenik krmeljavih očiju udario izlazni pečat i krenuo sam preko dugačkog mosta prema Keniji. Na Kenijskoj strani je stajala šačica do zuba naoružanih vojnika, ali me uopće nisu doživjeli, već mi je samo jedan kimnuo da odem prema kućici za imigraciju. Tamo je sjedio krupni čovjek u odjelu i derao se na nekog mladića da ubuduće ne smije prelaziti granicu s bratovom osobnom. Mene je dočekao s velikim osmjehom, poželio mi dobrodošlicu u ... read more

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