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August 4th 2006
Published: August 4th 2006
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Murchinson fallsMurchinson fallsMurchinson falls

A simple reward for hiking in the Uganda's biggest National Park!!
Uganda wasn't in our plans, but many of the people we met, told us that the pearl of Africa (Uganda) was something that we could not miss. So, we made a little detour in our trip plans. Added this little wonder to our way.

One of the highlights was the white water rafting in Jinja. This means 8 hours, 30 Km and 14 rapids starting close to the source of the Nile river with the add-on of crocodiles in the river border.

Kampala, Uganda's capital city, was our exploration base. From there we went to Murchison falls. Of course we decide to not take a tour. This resulted in taking a ride in the back of the park ranger's truck in the middle of the night to go to our campsite. The ride wasn't the best but the beer we drunk together (in the back of the truck) certainly was!

Camping in Africa is always exotic. The last time we were visited by the
Hippos, and this time by the Wild Pigs. If we don't see the Lion King fore sure we see Bumba... hehe.

Finding internet in Uganda is quite easy, but using the internet is
Nile river boat tripNile river boat tripNile river boat trip

The boat we took up the Nile didn't have safety jackets. They wouldn't help you stay alive for long time.
quite difficult. The country suffers of power shortage; this means 24 hour on and 24 hours off on every city. But, having power doesn't means having connexion. We took two weeks to finish this update. And gess what, using a generator.

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Hold on, this is one of the many rapids on the source of the Nile.

Do you need a taxi? Hop on!

-Just go to the taxi park and take the van....
Public Mobile phonePublic Mobile phone
Public Mobile phone

It's a mobile phone? It's a public phone? It's a bicicle? No, it's the Ciclophone!!!
you've got a messageyou've got a message
you've got a message

If you don't know Uganda. This is for you!!

7th August 2006

Crazy, crazy boys...
Hi Junior. Good to see you're alive and well (and crazy as always). Your brother tells me that the one exciting thing he's leaving until I get to Africa is the diving with the Great White Sharks - I think he's forgotten that I'm petrified of water!!!!! hehehehe Give me the volcano any day! Be careful out there. Have a great time, am so jealous of all of your big adventures without me... see you in about 7 weeks if all goes to plan. Take care of CB for me (I'm usually telling him to take care of you). Miss you guys every day!!!!!!
10th August 2006

comme c'est beau toute cette nature et ces animaux sauvages!!! c'est superbe, tu as beaucoup de chance de voir tout cela en vrai!!!!! je t'embrasse!

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