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June 23rd 2006
Published: June 23rd 2006
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Land rover TaxiLand rover TaxiLand rover Taxi

The one forgotten by the british!
This is the most adventure country of all until now! We left Aswan in the south of Egypt in the 19th to go to Khartoun, capital of Sudan. Take a ferry and a bus. How hard this could be?

The weekly ferry departure time was 4pm, but of course we had to get there at 9 in the morning. Nothing more obvious...hehehe. After fighting for keeping our seats during 7 hours our ferry departed. The ferry was great, every person brought with him 500 kilos of luggage. First the luggage whent to the head compartiments, then to the corridos, then to the windows, then to emergency exits, then to everybodys laps (We had three bags from someone unkonwn in our laps). The trip took us as little as 18 hours to get to Waldi Halfa in Sudan. From the port, if I can call it so, we took a taxi land rover, that probably was forgotten by the british during colonization time, to the bus station.

Well, as the bus to Khartoun is weekly we could not rest, we should take the bus right after the ferry. Our bus was to take one day to get to Khartoun
Desert bus to KhartoumDesert bus to KhartoumDesert bus to Khartoum

Tis was the bus we took to go from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum.
(travel time here is expressed in days not hours). The bus was also not a bus, but a truck adpted to transport people. After we discovered that woul be impossible to use a regular bus, because there is no roads, we have to cross the desert finding our way between the dunes. As soon as the trip started we knew that wouldn't be very easy.

So we decided to make a diary:
16:00 plan departure time
18:45 actual departure time
19:45 back to catch some luggage that fall from the bus roof.
20:40 Praying pause (muslim country, have you forgoten??)15 min
21:50 1st time headlight broken 35min
22:35 2nd time headlight broken 10min
23:05 haedlight again and tyre pressure 20min
23:45 stop to stretch!! 30min
02:15 Dinner and evening prayer 1h
06:30 Sunrise prayer 30min
07:45 Claudio already tired, painfull (from hitting the head in the bus roof because of the smooth bus ride) and bored said "Its the apices of human stupidity to choose a place in the back of the bus!"
8:30 Passport check at military post (to times in sequence) 45 min
11:50 rest and water 20min
12:00 Stuck in the sand 1h
13:15 ASFALT comemoration
Stuck in the SandStuck in the SandStuck in the Sand

One of the times we where stuck in the sand. I love asphalt!
(People started singing in the bus)!!!!!!!!
14:00 Prayer again..... and soft drinks! (Our water had finished ours ago...)
15:50 Passport check 20 min
16:50 Passport check again10min
17:20 Passport check again and again 10min
17:40 Try to gess... Passport check 5 min (this one was fast hehehe)
20:10 Evening Prayer 30 min
01:00 Arrival in Khartoum!!

To complete our trip we did not find the hotel we had planned to stay (Yes, we where not tyred and had all the paciance in the world to seach for hotels). But, in this trip we met a friendly Japanese that speaks arabic and he helped us around.

Additional photos below
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Sudanese portSudanese port
Sudanese port

Do I need to say anything??
Egyptian FerryEgyptian Ferry
Egyptian Ferry

Crowded, luggage everywhere (including the windows), a sudanese family and two Brasilians
Desert roadsDesert roads
Desert roads

Another bus sharing the same road.

Look how clean we where just from the bus ride! The dust came through the window, but if it was possible to clse we would die from the heat.

A discrete picture from our window , because pictures are forbiden in Sudan.

26th June 2006

Hi Junior
Junior, it's good to hear/see that the two of you are in one piece. You both look buggered in the photo in front of the bus... my poor crazy Brasilians!!! Get to Nairobi!!!!!!! Don't leave Amandine at the airport with noone to pick her up!

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