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June 7th 2006
Published: June 7th 2006
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Nine PiramidsNine PiramidsNine Piramids

People say that from this angle we can see 9 piramids.
I'm reading the Alchemist from Paulo Coelho for about three months now. You can imagine that I'm a slow reader. Yes that in part is true, but I can guarantee you that I am a faster traveler than the guy in the book. He left Spain and is still trying to get to the Egyptian Pyramids I left France and I'm already there. No cheat, both of us are traveling by land... hehehe. The Pyramids are amazing, as big as I had always imagined. The interior is a bit disappointing, a long corridor and a room with a coffin, nothing more. I did enter only one Pyramid, I let the second one for my imagination as the price to enter was prohibitive.
The Sphinx is beautiful, much smaller than I imagine but still mysterious, a lion cat with a human face carved in a single stone (Not anymore as they are restoring it with bricks). Another disappointing fact is that all of these is not anymore in the middle of the desert. The city is almost all around it, you can eat in a Pizza Hut 100 meters from the Sphinx.

Cairo is a crazy city, look at lot like
Ula UlaUla UlaUla Ula

We could not leave the piramids without some tipical regional dance!
São Paulo but is by far more disorganized. Traffic is insane, we hadn't seen something like these before. Traffic lights are only light show, people are far from respecting it. The police try to put officers in the road crossings to help organize, but the drivers respect the police as much as the traffic light (this means no respect at all). To use the horn is prohibited, but you can't stay a second without listen ten cars using it (Doesn't matter what time of the day or night).
Street markets almost never close, shoe stores, photo studios (we made my 3x4 picture in a studio with a photographer at 11 at night and the shop was not even near to close time), everything (literally everything) runs until unknown (we slept always before 2 in the morning so we did not see anything closing). Another interesting fact is that the official weekend here is not Saturday and Sunday, but Friday and Saturday.

One of our mission here in Cairo has been obtain the visas for the countries we are going next (Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya). So far we did not have big problems, only thing is that they are taking

Much smaller than imagined!
much longer than the expected.

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Piramids in the FlorestPiramids in the Florest
Piramids in the Florest

Who said the Piramids are in the desert?
Yes, they are big!Yes, they are big!
Yes, they are big!

Yes, the Piramids are big. And yes, this in Giza so close.

From right to left: Lisa(Australian), Alex(Australian), Claudio and Michael(Germany). Yes, they were with us in Dahab!
Post cardPost card
Post card

As Egiptians try to sell you things all the time, Michael decided he would try to sell back the Egiptians a post card from the piramids. People didn't know how to react and in the end belive it or not, but he sold it.
Broken busBroken bus
Broken bus

We recomend East Delta. The Bus from Dahab to Cairo Broke twice and took us 12 hour to get to the destination. We missed the Suez Channel because was already night when we got there. Thank you East Delta.

We are getting expert in riding buses in Cairo, the only thing we still don't understand is "What is the bread for?"
Michael and his motorbikeMichael and his motorbike
Michael and his motorbike

He came all the way from Germany ridding it.
Chef FernandoChef Fernando
Chef Fernando

Fernando showing his expertise in the Hostel Kitchen! A delicious vegetable stew.

11th June 2006

brazucas no egito
dae brothers.... massa encontra-los pelas areias dos Faraos.... ate o deserto!!!! akele abraco!!! take care! xxx www.fotolog.net/will_london
26th September 2008

Good on you for trying out some selling skills
I had to laugh out loud when I read about trying to sell postcards back to the Egyptians...why didn't I think of that!!! I too ended up somehow with a pack of postcards I didnt really want (but felt lucky i didn't find myself unwittingly on the back of a camel paying 100pound to get off! ) I just got back from a 2 week trip to Egypt and just loved it. A short trip to keep the travel bug at bay but has only worstened the bite. Until I am on the road properly in December I will enjoy living vicariously through you. I actually got online to do my blog on Egypt but have instead spent 2hrs reading your blogs...remembering places I've been, reading about places I want to go - which is pretty much all of them! thank you for the wonderful blogs and photo's. Happy travels! PS: if Australia isn't too normal for you and you make it over here then i hope you come to perth in Western Oz, The Most Isolated Capital City In the World and some of the most wonderful unspoilt and unihabited coastline you can find.

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