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June 1st 2006
Published: June 2nd 2006
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Penguin Village HotelPenguin Village HotelPenguin Village Hotel

This nice hotel cost less than 2 US Dollars a night per person and is in front of the beach.
Well, as everyone else... hehehe... we need some vacation too, we were traveling in a strong pace and visiting places was becoming boring because we were always tired. So we decided to stop in a relaxing place for more than only three days, the chosen place is Dahab in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. I know you may think we are crazy because in the last 24 of May were some terrorists attacks here. But the place is great and cheaper than many other places we have been before. We pay less than two US Dollars for the night in the hotel. There is many great diving and snorkeling places... yes, this is the famous red sea.... where we can sea a great diversity of big fishes, including turtles, moreias, araias, dolphins, Sharks, Lion fishes and impressive colorful corals.
But as any good traveler we didn't stay still, we went to the St Katherine Monastery where is the biblical Burning Bush and Sinai Mountain where Moses received the 10 commandments according to the bible.
June first was Claudio's birthday, we did SCUBA diving in the red sea as his birthday present.

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Beduin dinnerBeduin dinner
Beduin dinner

Like in Siria, we formed a group living Jordan going to Egipt. This is us in a beduin like restaurant. Clockwise from the front: Jim(US), Claudio, Fernando, Lise(Australia), Alex(Australia), Michel(Germany), Sebastian(Colombia).
Climbing Mt SinaiClimbing Mt Sinai
Climbing Mt Sinai

Our trip to Mt Sinai was to see the sun rise. So we left the Dahab at 11PM, travel until 1:30AM and climbed the mountain during the night from 2:00AM until 4:30AM to see the the sunrise at 5:30AM. Yes, this is crasy!!
Sun rise at Mt SinaiSun rise at Mt Sinai
Sun rise at Mt Sinai

This is our night climbing group: Me, Sebastian(Colombia), one french, one english girl, one Egipcian, four australian girls and the sunrise in the back.
Kite SurfKite Surf
Kite Surf

Claudio fling the kite. Our Crasy American friend Games (hehehe... used to be James before the ferry ticket office) teaching us to fligh his surfboard kite.
Dahab boardwalkDahab boardwalk
Dahab boardwalk

Just a glimpse of the boardwalk from Dahab.
Fernando's new lookFernando's new look
Fernando's new look

After shaving, this is the new Fernando.

6th July 2006

This makes me want to go back!
Am shattered I didn't get to go there with you crazy boys. But I have a date to go back there so I'll forgive you for having so much fun without me... Couldn't you just lay there forever?

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