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February 14th 2020
Published: February 14th 2020
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We had a good breakfast at our fancy hotel and then headed down to Nairobi to get some stuff sorted. We needed a bunch of bits and pieces for the car and to re-stock the larder for the family visiting.

So we headed into central Nairobi and Google Maps was very kind in taking us through some of the lesser roads and slums which I’m sure no car had been down in some time. Anyway we made it to an area of town where you seem to be able to buy any spare part for any car and we managed to get most of what we need and then thankfully Kate, Toby and Dan have kindly ordered the parts we struggled to get. So we should be all set.

We then did the shopping and enjoyed the privileges of a supermarket which I’m sorry to say Ethiopia just didn’t have. We managed to get pretty much everything we wanted and enjoyed a pint of fresh milk each (just like kids out of paper cartons).

We then made it to Jungle Junction which is kind of THE place for overlanding trucks to hang-out and on arrival it was clear Nelly was being outshone. There were some serious 6 wheeled-monsters in there. Anyway we set about ensuring our fix to the annoying leaky CV boot was holding and also fixed the spare wheel, the bonnet catch, the roof tarpaulin and gave the inside of the truck a clean (albeit with wet wipes). We also went to get the underside of the truck cleaned of all the muck trapped in it from our Ethiopian adventures. About 10 minutes in the poor man underneath the raised up truck with a jet blaster came out and demanded more money. The muddy mess we left at the car wash on leaving was really something, but I’m afraid I was too embarrassed to take a photo.

We were really grateful of the guy who runs "jungle junction" taking a look at our car and the "CV Boot" we were trying to fix and said (in a Danish, i think, accent). As long as it has some lubricant its fine, don't worry too much, you'll get to Namibia. Since out entire knowledge of fixing the truck is based on YouTube videos and blog comments this was a real boost. Keeping Nelly going is harder than we thought, although in fairness, with the battering we've given her she is doing very well.

We are now (reasonably) all set for the arrival of Kate, Ben and Zac tomorrow at 0500 at the airport. Let’s just hope their bags went to the same place.


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