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February 13th 2020
Published: February 13th 2020
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It’s probably best if we start with last night, and more specifically dinner. We ended up in a “not so great” hotel and headed to the dining room for dinner where a menu was presented. The conversation went something like this:

We’ll have chicken curry with special rice please

We haven’ got curry, what about chicken

OK can we have chicken with rice please

We haven’t got any rice

OK can we have chicken with chips

The chicken has to be ordered in advance it will take 2 hours

OK what is ready quickly


Great we’ll have sausage and chips


Thanks for the sausages, can we also have the chips we ordered

We haven’t got any chips

Would it be fair to say you mainly serve sausages?

The next morning was no better, we got up to go and found all the doors to exit the hotel were padlocked, there were grates over the windows and even over the roof. Eventually after 20 minutes we managed to raise enough hell that someone came. When we asked what would happen in a fire and we couldn’t get out, she just smiled.

So we headed on toward the Sagana resort hotel for a day of relaxation as the first phase of the trip came to an end. The drive was harder work as the tarmac was not the best but we did get to come around the other side of Mt. Kenya so we’ve now driven right around it.

The hotel is lovely, not too busy and most importantly had a pool. We started by washing everything we had, one of my white t-shirts was far from white so we gave it (and a few other items) to the hotel to clean, it was rather embarrassing handing them over.

We then thought it wise to take a look at Nelly as she was making a few squeeks and Alain discovered that the CV boot on one wheel (a big rubber covering that protects dirt getting in) had a crack in it and all the grease had come out. Ideally we would replace it and we will but getting the parts might be a challenge. Thankfully with Kate coming out shortly we’ve ordered a part for her to bring and in the meantime a combination of liquid rubber and self-amalgamating rubber tape will (we hope) keep things under control.

We had a lovely dinner included in the hotel price and I think it fair to say we did it justice…


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