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September 14th 2018
Published: September 15th 2018
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Sept 14, 2018 Friday
The Rooster crowed once very close to our window and I managed to doze again, but Mister wasn’t finished, just in case we didn’t hear him the first time he let us have it again and again as if he was perched by our beds!Good morning, Africa!

I rolled over to swat a mosquito who landed on my cheek, in spite of a tourquoise mosquito net... we all woke up with the third croak from Mister and began to greet the morning.

Today, Miriam our chief cook had made a delicious deep fried doughnut called Masndazi ... oh my, ❤️ and her scrambled eggs and peppers were up there with my grandma’s... just sayin’ on the food front we have been extremely blessed.

Once breakfast was completed we took cold showers with a bucket of warm water added - and then we were were off to the southern coast of Kenya to visit the Ngozi Girls High School where 410 girls are boarded on a 20 acre vegetable farm.

The ride in the van lacked a seat for one of our school guests so a quick fix. A wooden stool was placed between the seats. Time to buckle up or not.. I had a buckle but not really a seat belt and as we came upon the ferry I realized why the sign said “no filming at the dock or on the ferry” - No reason to document a ferry packed full of folks with a few life jackets... and then of course we would cross over to the island with hundreds of close friends to discover the roads are worse than the most precarious Disney ride but wait... it would be much better when our driver would find a smooth rode again, of course that happened and I wondered ... “hmm, no seatbelts, an open roof top and top speeds in a van that looks like something out of Jumanji... and did I mention the police stopped us coming and going with the last stop a suggestion of exchanging a few bucks? Hmmm...our Kenyan friends weren’t having any of that and we were off without any other incidents!

You know your dealing with some pretty special administrators when you walk into a school and the first sign you see is “If you are lazy, find another school” and it speaks volumes for this school. The girls are extremely proud and hard working students, and to think only six months ago these students spent many hours fetching jugs of water from a nearby stream. Unsanitary, crocodile infested and time consuming - water was a major issue. Enter the whoLives organization, add the Gingles’ passion and monetary contribution and boom these girls have water. A well was drilled and completed in April and their lives were changed. No more time spent on fetching water, no unsanitary issues just clean, pure water from the well. Funny how simple things we take for granted can change a life or lives or a whole school. And it all becomes possible when people care.
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