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September 13th 2018
Published: September 14th 2018
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Thursday, 9/13/18

“Mambo” is a form of hello in Swahili... so “Mambo ya’ll”. I’m sitting in our living room with faint bleats from a goat outside our door, the African
Hosts are chatting on our porch, the women are crouched in the kitchen area preparing vegetables for dinner, and some in our party are napping.

The rest of our group arrived over night, and we all got started mid morning on our days excursion that consisted of a medical center site where WhoLives is planning to drill for water this week, maybe tomorrow. We received a tour from the medical center staff and there was much discussion on where the drilling will begin. Villagers came out to welcome us and to here about the exciting news concerning the incredible possibilities of fresh water onsite: beds could be filled; people could be healed; lives could be lived to their fullest.

Next on our journey was a trip to a school. Children met us on the dirt road as we drove there. The driver stopped and opened the door and as we embarked we were each taken in by children who sang to us all the way along the road until we arrived. It was a humbling experience to see so many souls that were glad to see us and anxious to hear about the possibilities of water well drilling. The teachers welcomed us too, and a group of students performed dances and songs for us. We were each brought fresh coconuts to drink as the performances continued, and when we left, we were bid heartfelt goodbyes.

Our late arrivals had to fetch some late luggage at the airport and the rest of our group went shopping for dinner at a local outdoor market where fresh tomatoes, corn and okra were prevalent. There was also local merchants with their wares... Teresa and I couldn’t pass up the local Dera, beautiful handcrafted caftans and some had kanga head attire... oh yeah❤️

Once we finished our shopping we headed back to the village for a restful nap before dinner.
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