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January 13th 2009
Published: January 13th 2009
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Fern Gully TreeFern Gully TreeFern Gully Tree

Here is a tree. Our guide told us natives harvisted its bark because it contains quinine which is still the primary agent used to treat malaria here. I think quinine is also in gin and tonics which may explain why yuppies so rarely get malaria.
We spent the weekend at Fern Gully working with Zach, Robin Williams, and Tone Loc to help the fairies save the rainforest. Actually we spent our weekend at the last remaining rainforest in Eastern Africa called Kakamega which we referred to all weekend as Megakaka. At any rate, its a very small national park, only 230 square km, which is a legitimate rainforest. We stayed at a compound run by missionaries which had the feel of a well manicured ghost town. All the same it was a great trip, with excellent food, over 300 species of birds, 7 species of primates, butterflies, and too many bats.

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Two Primates in the ForestTwo Primates in the Forest
Two Primates in the Forest

This is us, we love each other, and we love beards.
Pretty ButterfliesPretty Butterflies
Pretty Butterflies

Here are tropical butterflies eating their favorite food.
Dark KnightDark Knight
Dark Knight

These are bats. They are very creepy and they love to slap you in the face with their wings when they fly by. Batman said it is always best to face your fears. Bats are not people!

This is us hiking down a mountain...bat mountain. Sarah is in the purple. I am actually behind the camera holding it which is why you can't see me.
Where's WaldoWhere's Waldo
Where's Waldo

There is a monkey in this picture. Try and find him. The monkey's weren't very friendly here, unlike the zoo where they prefer to fling their own crapulence at you. I was prepared to fling back, however, should any flinging go down.

14th January 2009

Was that butterfly constipated or what?
15th January 2009

Fern Gully
Fern Gully is the most under-rated animated movie of all time--seriously. But I'm glad you guys are having fun! It is going to be 2 degrees here, I hate you for being in warm weather.

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