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Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega August 3rd 2013

Waking up in a Rustling, but Silent home is a godsend all in its own. Tying my net so it dangles almost a foot above my blanket is a habit, a learned trait that is developed through repetition. I walk into the kitchen to Melissa’s smiling face and a happy greeting “Good Morning, did you sleep well?” I get my cup of coffee, eat my toast and enjoy my self in the ambient African morning its quite and perfectly peaceful. Usually I finish my routine of coffee and a walk around the grounds to see the chickens and walk to work, but today I ‘am going to Anton’s place. The drive out feels like the video game Grand Theft Auto we are flying down the road like Anton has stolen his own car! The ... read more
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Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega July 28th 2013

Today was a good day to be in Kenya; we went out to Anton’s forest sanctuary. This paradise is located about a 15-minute drive away, just right on the edge of Kakamega rainforest. The Kakamega rainforest is a Protected rainforest forest; so admittance into the forest is prohibited unless you pay for an entry card. Anton’s land borders the forest boundary line. This plot has been transformed from an industrial sugar cane field, into a thriving ecosystem full of life that was originally removed for cash crop farming. In Kenya the farmers cash in on Sugar cane, because it grows well and pays even better. This is not a sustainable process for the locals because they dedicate most of their usable farmland to grow sugar, but you cant feed your Children sugar cane all year. I ... read more
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Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega July 25th 2013

This entry will be about my First day working in Kenya. Kenya is a Beautiful place with people everywhere, I’am located in a small town called KakaMega. Kakamega is about 40 clicks from Kisumu; which is the 3rd largest city in Kenya. I am staying in A very nice two story house which is located inside a compound; that is 360 degrees fully walled in with a main gate and a guard. The home is Beautifully designed with a custom floor plan, low and high window vents that provide a very nice breeze that keeps the home very Crisp feeling. Melissa, Carol, or the varying daytime guards always attend the house. They are all very friendly and nice; Plus Melissa and Carol cook dinner every night and the food is to die for! Seriously though I’m ... read more
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Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega February 15th 2013

We've had an evenful trip and are on our return now. We spent three days in Kitale/Liavo teaching at the school and spending time with the orphans at the Children's Home. Florence took good care of us. Gary and Timothy have spent endless hours on the phone trying to resolve the shipping issues of the containers. The broker is attempting every delaying tactic most likely for a bribe. Gary fired him and now is working with a woman who is at least attempting to resolve issues. Besides the school building we had so many books and supplies to distribute to various places in the ministry. So we are disappointed with that setback. We enjoyed the drive to Kisumu. The city is in a lush valley on the shore of Lake Victoria. From there it is only ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega February 9th 2013

We made it to Kakamega last Sat. after a 9 hour trip from Nairobi. Roads were the usual so it was often slow going. We picked up two of the nurses in Nairobi so now have a three nurse team, along with our five construction workers and four teachers. We are staying at the Shey Wey guest house. It reminds me of a 1940's hotel but when the water and electricity work we are thankful! Last Sunday we split up and visited various churches. Gary and I went to Eldoret. The church is small and housed in a tin building in a slum. The fellowship was sweet and the five hour service went quickly. The pastor and his wife invited us to his home afterwards. Since then we have spent everyday at the school building site. ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega April 22nd 2012

Easter weekend we decided to visit the Guppies up at Eldama Ravine. Having family close by is not something we are used to, so having family in the same country is very special for us. They live 3-4hrs away, north west of Nairobi. It was our nieces 11th birthday, and she had a safari party, which was lots of fun. It was nice to walk around the farm they are living on, and breathe fresh air, and for the kids to see farm animals again. After a false start on a safari to Baringo, we towed one car back and half of the group went on. On their boat trip they saw crocs and fish eagles going for the same fish, apparently very cool. They had a good day. Meanwhile Max was hanging about waiting for ... read more
Florahs village
Lillian with Hayley

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega November 16th 2011

Seit dem Mount Elgon National Park bin ich mit Apollo unterwegs. Er war schon im 2008 mein Tourguide als ich um den Mount Kenya herumgereist bin. Da ich jetzt mit einem privaten Safaribus unterwegs bin, bin ich flexibler und nicht mehr auf öffentliche Verkehrsmittel angewiesen. Es geht jetzt Richtung Nyanza County (Name der Region). Die Temparatur wird merklich wärmer, da wir von fast 2000 m.ü.M. auf 1500 m.ü.M. runtergehen. Die Landschaft ist wie immer traumhaft schön. Hier findet auch ein kleiner Wechsel statt: vorher wurde hauptsächlich Mais angepflanzt, jetzt gehts in die Region des Zuckerrohrs. Auch wenn es "nur" eine Fahrt zwischen zwei Orten ist, geniesse ich die Landschaft in vollen Zügen.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega November 16th 2011

In dieser kleinen Stadt legen wir einen Zwischenstopp ein, um uns zu verpflegen. Anschliessend folgt ein kleiner Town-Rundgang mit Marktbesuch bevor es weitergeht nach Kakamega.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega November 16th 2011

Nach dem Zwischenstopp in Webuye geht es Richtung Kakamega landschaftlich im gleichen Stil weiter: Grünflächen bis zum Horizont und überall Zuckerrohrplantagen. Nach langer Zeit hab ich wieder mal die Gelegenheit, den süssen Geschmack von Zuckerrohr zu geniessen. Der Stiel des Zuckerrohrs wird "geschält" und danach beisst man sich Stücke davon ab, um diese im Mund zu zerkauen. Dadurch wird der Saft des Zuckerrohrs freigegeben. Sweet!!! Bevor wir Kakamega erreichen, fahren wir eine kurze Strecke durch den Kakamega Forest. Man hat das Gefühl, plötzlich in einem Urwald zu sein.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega May 5th 2011

Jenn flew to Kenya for a week to help Manna Energy Limited with a consulting project to distribute 1 million water filters to families without access to clean drinking water. Inside the Nairobi airport, there was a man waiting at the bottom of the escalator, and Jenn asked, “First time?” He nodded, they linked arms, and on the count of three stepped on. At the top, he burst out laughing with relief. Next, Jenn climbed aboard a small plane to Kisumu, in western Kenya. The runway in Kisumu was pretty rough and the baggage claim consisted of standing next to the plane until the suitcases were unloaded. From there, Jenn rode in a pickup truck for an hour until reaching Kakamega, seeing a beautiful orange sunset along the way. Manna designed a program for use on ... read more
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