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January 13th 2009
Published: January 13th 2009
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We finally got our luggage this weekend and celebrated by removing the head of a goat and then eating its body...yummm goat body. Actually we had a goat roast regardless of the luggage, but posted are some pictures of our luggage, a dead goat, and a party.

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Here are our bags. Included is a large bottle of vanilla extract from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico which we failed to remove the last time we used this luggage.

This is the head of a goat; if you look closely you will see there is no body attached. The latest medical and vetrinary research suggests this is almost always fatal. In this case it was fatally delicious. Actually, we may be slowly turning toward vegitarianism. It was a really cute goat before its head fell off.
Mmmm Goat BodyMmmm Goat Body
Mmmm Goat Body

This is my fiance eating some goat. She didn't like it very much, but as the saying goes, when in Rome...

15th January 2009

Goat is the most under-rated meat...
26th January 2009

I hear the actual cause of death is that the brain cannot live without the genitalia. This applies to humans as well.

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