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September 24th 2011
Published: September 24th 2011
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A long and bumpy trip on the road in Kenya’s wildness, and we’re on the way to Masai Mara. The scenery is constantly changing but the terrible road remains the same. Some workers try to fix the road by the hands and put some sand in the holes of the road but it seems it doesn’t stay too long. The Masai Mara is the number one draw card for the country and brings a great deal of income, but the road to the park is crazy, maybe it adds to the wilderness part of the trip.

It is a long but interesting trip through Kenya’s beautiful landscapes and the dusty villages. It seems that the locals have no rush in their lives. The kids are waiving at the passing cars and they are really cute – they smile from ear to ear😊 We’re more than happy to be on the road in the calm surrounding after chaotic Nairobi. This is how we did imagine real Africa!

After six hours drive to what seems nowhere finally we’re at Masai Mara National park. Well this is what we were looking forward a long time and it is unreal that we’re here. Three days of Masai Mara wildlife and close contact with some of the most dangerous animals in the world. The climate did change radically in the savannas during our time and we got to experience what seemed a monsoon rain, sunshine, sun rising, sun setting in this amazing environment. The nights were a little chilly and it is hard to think that this is Africa weather. To sleep in the tents in the middle of nowhere and hear animals around you, gives you a freedom feeling.

Thousands of wildebeests are currently in the savanna landscape which are now preparing to migrate back to Tanzania, this is a sight not to be missed. We got to go to the famous crossing where crocodiles meet the wildebeest and the river is full of bones from the recent crossing a month ago. It is really scary view because it feels that the river is full of the animals’ skeletons, and the birds are eating up the left over’s. The crocodiles are really fat right now and just lying on the beach and relaxing after a great meal last month. The hippos are really common in Mara River as well and many people and animals die because they do attack them if someone is in the territory. Well this is real life in the wildness and everyone is straggling to survey.

Many animals are harmless if you don’t attach them. There are thousands of gazelles and they are kind of scared of everything. It isn’t an easy life because they are lions, leopards and cheetahs breakfast, lunch and dinner. We did see a cheetah that were hiding under a car and preparing to chase a gazelle but it was an early morning and the cheetah didn’t run fast enough. The aggressive animals often are sleeping in the daytime and hunting under evening and night. There are many lions in Masai Mara and we did come so close them that we were a little scared that the lion will jump in the car. If you stick your arm through the window so you could reach the lions. It was amazing to see lion’s family life and how they behavior with each other. It seems that it doesn’t bother them the tourists and they ignore people, or pretending to ignore them until they are in the car. Many times we did see how the lions are eating the dinner and don’t care that many people in the car around them. Sometimes you can wonder what they think about the humans in the car. Well it is easy to see the wildlife of lions.

A leopard sleeping in the tree was a highlight for everyone. We were right under the tree where the leopard was sleeping. It is quite hard to see leopards in the daylight because they are night animals so we couldn’t be more grateful to our guide. The leopard did wake up and looked with small eyes few times because he was annoyed of all cars around him, and people were talking loudly but the head was too heavy and he felt to sleep directly again.

The buffalos are quite dangerous animals and they aren’t friendly at all. They can be really dangerous if you do meet them while you’re walking. Believe us; we wouldn’t like to meet such a big animal by ourselves.

To see a family of elephants were really nice experience. There were few families of elephants and you need to be really careful to drive close to them when they have elephant’s babies. Our guide really made this point clear saying that the elephants had once chased his car for 2km. He was facing them with the van and one of the females were giving birth and the large male went crazy so he to go flat out in reverse. When he sees elephants now he makes sure that the van is facing away from the elephants so he is able to drive away easier incase.

Masai Mara National Park is like the scenes from the “Lion King” movie. We came in a close contact with many animals from the movie. Maybe the funniest animal is the Warthog or “Pumba”. Our guide talked with them in really funny way, so they just did run away and stopped, look at us… goes around in a circle and looks confused, he has already forgotten where he is :D

Masai Mara is a wonderful place to go and visit and the animals are all over the place. If going to visit a few National Parks in Kenya, maybe leave this to last because it will ruin all the others because of the sheer volume of animals you will see. Such an alive place.

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25th September 2011

Stunning pictures!
Wow, you have some great shots on here. That lion panorama is gorgeous. Well done! Cheers, Jens
27th September 2011

Thanks :)
Hey Jens, Thanks for the comments.. Nice to read a message from fellow travellers!

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