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Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP November 9th 2021

We have arrived in the fabulous Maasai Mara! Last night I woke up about 3 am and looked outside our room to see if there were any hippos grazing on the lawn, and I saw two! It was pretty amazing. We enjoyed a nice breakfast at the Lodge, then headed out at 8 am for our 5 hour drive to the Maasai Mara. The road was paved, and so much smoother than the drive yesterday! It was an enjoyable, very scenic drive. We had a nice view of a Mount Longonot (a volcanic mountain), and there were many lovely vistas to admire along the way. At the start of the drive there were lots of trucks and at one point we saw the aftermath of a bad accident, with two trucks on their sides in the ... read more
Our fabulous camp - Ilkeliani
Bridge from where the jeeps are parked to the camp
Our beautiful tent

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP February 18th 2020

Up a bit earlier today and leaving camp with Wilson at 6:50am to get to the park gates soon after 7am for a full day in the Mara. We spent much of the morning driving to and fro across the Mara following sightings of a leopard. The first we missed so had a brief detour to the river where we saw a baby crocodile and the stone marking the boundary with Tanzania (we didn’t stop for a photo as leopard!) - then shot off back to the other side of the Mara where a leopard had recently made a kill (wild dog Simba said). We passed lots of vans going the other way so were a bit worried it would have gone but there was still one van there who pointed out to us the bush ... read more
Nile monitor
At the river

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP February 17th 2020

Slept very well, up & ready to leave for the Maasai Mara at 7:30am with a packed lunch and joined by Wilson who was going to help Simba find us a leopard! On the way out of camp we passed a dik-dik and once in the park we saw: Black rhino Elephants (incl. more babies) Cheetahs (a single one in the grass then a group of 5 in the shade under a tree) Vultures Great bustard Secretary bird Shrike Warthogs Ostrich Baboons Buffalo Impalla Topi Gazelles (Grant’s & Thompson’s) Hartebeest Hippos Lilac-breasted roller Maasi giraffe Vervet monkey Although I think Chavaunne spotted more than out two guides! Lunch was eaten under the shade of an acacia tree keeping a close eye on a nearby herd of elephants in case they decided to come our w... read more
Black rhino
Black rhino
Maasai Mara

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP February 16th 2020

Packed up bags and tent and ready to leave by 8am for the long drive down to the Masai Mara. Moses had to leave us today to take another tour group to Meru National Park (as he knows it best) so on route we met up with Simba and transferred our bags to his van before saying goodbye to and thank you to Moses. We stopped for lunch and a loo break by a curio shop where we bought more souvenirs before heading down to Wajee Mara Camp not far outside the Masai Mara gates. We met Patrick, the camp manager just off the main road & drove with him down the very rough & bumpy track to the camp. It was a beautiful campsite nestled among trees. We also met Peter there & were given ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP October 11th 2019

So here we are, Masai Mara, another mythical place for me, and with the opportunity to meet the Maasai themselves I was pretty stoked for this leg of the tour...we arrived at our campsite mid-afternoon, and after sorting out the tents we were given the option of visiting a Maasai village before heading out for the first game drive, didn't take a whole lot of convincing for me...haha...six of us signed on for the visit, and shortly thereafter a Maasai guide came to get us and escort us to the nearby village...we were greeted by the chief's son, and after a briefing of what the visit was going to comprise (and settling the agreed upon payment to do so) we were off and running... We were welcomed into the village with some ceremonial dancing, and then ... read more
No idea

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP March 1st 2019

This is the second episode of video blog to present a slideshow of my journey through my dreamland Africa. I have tried to capture the imagination of my viewers through my lens presenting a slideshow with my narration. It is the beautiful Masaimara! Many come here for safari and I also enjoyed the safari. But generally, I want to stay away from the tourist attractions. I love my lonely planet of Africa where the blooming Jacaranda and thorny bush land of Africa cover the landscape, the red earth picks up the stormy dust and the herd of elephants often takes shelter from the hot afternoon sun under Acacia trees. That is my Africa where I can listen to its story on my own. I love that Africa. As I have mentioned often, the movie “Out of ... read more
Broken down cruiser!

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP February 25th 2019

Pictures are worth of thousand words....we all know that. So I fancied to share my epic journey in Africa through my lens - slideshow. I will be posting seven short video clips covering my fairy tale journey in this continent that I have slowly fallen in love with. This is the first clip of the series. Believe me, I am not going to burden you with long video clips that you would start yawning...they are merely four minutes each, - just a few blinks. And I surely know, the appreciation always lies in the eyes of beholder - YOU. I certainly hope to see that sparkle in your eyes! Here you go! ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP October 28th 2018

I left Kima on Thursday, October 25th, with a bus to Nairobi where I arrived at 6PM. My friend Nathalie from Manchester was in Nairobi and I had booked a room in the same hostel as she and her friend Kate, so that I would be able to spend one evening with her. I was very happy to see her and I had been looking forward to this for a long time. The only thing I regretted in Kima was not having any friends. Most adults were friendly, but nobody really talked to me or tried to befriend me ; so, I mostly stayed alone and I was a bit lonely sometimes. This enhanced my wish to see Nathalie a lot! ^_^ We stayed at the Wildebeest Hostel, close to the Nairobi national park. It was ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP September 13th 2018

Yes, one more bucket list item completed! Thanks to our friend Joe Carli, for pushing us off the fence to do it! To see the animals and the Mara expanse from the air was truly magical.... read more
Amazing View from the air!!
Prepping the balloons
Sunrise as we take off

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP September 11th 2018

Wow!! What a magical 4 days we had!!! We are now back in Nairobi until very early Friday morning. On this trip, sleep is quickly becoming optional as we have had mostly 5am wake up calls, but it was definitely worth it! We stayed at Ilkeliani tented camp along the Talek river, which was fabulous! Had fantastic game drives which included lots of wildebeest and zebras on their migration, surprising number of cheetahs, and beautiful giraffes. Wanting to get this posted tonight, it will consist mainly of photos. I will post another blog before Friday which will include the amazing hot air balloon ride! I really need to add more superlative adjectives to my vocabulary!... read more
King of the jungle!
Wildebeest - as far as the eye can see!

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