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Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP March 1st 2019

This is the second episode of video blog to present a slideshow of my journey through my dreamland Africa. I have tried to capture the imagination of my viewers through my lens presenting a slideshow with my narration. It is the beautiful Masaimara! Many come here for safari and I also enjoyed the safari. But generally, I want to stay away from the tourist attractions. I love my lonely planet of Africa where the blooming Jacaranda and thorny bush land of Africa cover the landscape, the red earth picks up the stormy dust and the herd of elephants often takes shelter from the hot afternoon sun under Acacia trees. That is my Africa where I can listen to its story on my own. I love that Africa. As I have mentioned often, the movie “Out of ... read more
Broken down cruiser!

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP February 25th 2019

Pictures are worth of thousand words....we all know that. So I fancied to share my epic journey in Africa through my lens - slideshow. I will be posting seven short video clips covering my fairy tale journey in this continent that I have slowly fallen in love with. This is the first clip of the series. Believe me, I am not going to burden you with long video clips that you would start yawning...they are merely four minutes each, - just a few blinks. And I surely know, the appreciation always lies in the eyes of beholder - YOU. I certainly hope to see that sparkle in your eyes! Here you go! ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP October 28th 2018

I left Kima on Thursday, October 25th, with a bus to Nairobi where I arrived at 6PM. My friend Nathalie from Manchester was in Nairobi and I had booked a room in the same hostel as she and her friend Kate, so that I would be able to spend one evening with her. I was very happy to see her and I had been looking forward to this for a long time. The only thing I regretted in Kima was not having any friends. Most adults were friendly, but nobody really talked to me or tried to befriend me ; so, I mostly stayed alone and I was a bit lonely sometimes. This enhanced my wish to see Nathalie a lot! ^_^ We stayed at the Wildebeest Hostel, close to the Nairobi national park. It was ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP September 13th 2018

Yes, one more bucket list item completed! Thanks to our friend Joe Carli, for pushing us off the fence to do it! To see the animals and the Mara expanse from the air was truly magical.... read more
Amazing View from the air!!
Prepping the balloons
Sunrise as we take off

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP September 11th 2018

Wow!! What a magical 4 days we had!!! We are now back in Nairobi until very early Friday morning. On this trip, sleep is quickly becoming optional as we have had mostly 5am wake up calls, but it was definitely worth it! We stayed at Ilkeliani tented camp along the Talek river, which was fabulous! Had fantastic game drives which included lots of wildebeest and zebras on their migration, surprising number of cheetahs, and beautiful giraffes. Wanting to get this posted tonight, it will consist mainly of photos. I will post another blog before Friday which will include the amazing hot air balloon ride! I really need to add more superlative adjectives to my vocabulary!... read more
King of the jungle!
Wildebeest - as far as the eye can see!

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP August 27th 2018

Today we have an 0430 start for our wake up call. Wake up calls here are a Maasai warrior calling out at our door of the tent. Unfortunately they mixed up tents and woke our neighbours who weren’t going on the flight. Then they came to us and did their bit. Never mind. We are in the Balloon companies 4wd and off in the dark with rather slippery roads after last nights downpour. Nearly slip off the road early, but the driver saves it and we keep going. Pass the spot where the car got bogged last night. There as a school bus stopped there last night and that is still there. The driver says it is full of kids who slept there. Interesting. On we go, looking good, then bang and lean. Oh oh, in ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP August 26th 2018

Into the park today for a whole day expedition. Our aim is to get to the Mara river (where the wilderbeest cross in the National Geographic shows -and get eaten by the crocs and lions). Day started off ok, but not long after we leave, my patience is tested by the experts again - why o 4wd, no low gear, etc. I hold my tongue and eventually we get to where we are meant to be, safely, if not slipperyly - is that a real word - it is now..... Long day so sit down, belt up, shut up...... The park has lots of animals, we start with the standard Impala, gazelle, zebra and wilderbeest. Then we see lions eating a kill. Turns out the kill is only a Maasai cow, but this female lion is ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP August 25th 2018

The day started early as we had a flight to catch at 0900. We had about an hour from our lodge to the airport so we should have plenty of time. Unfortunately, it had rained all night, including a drip from the roof in our room. The rain meant slippery roads, and guess what. The lead truck - not ours slipped off the crown of the road and into a ditch. Stuck, bogged in our terminology. Forward, backward, no go. Our 4wd experts in or truck were giving their opinion, all offering the best advice but in the end, the truck was stuck. Masha and Moses got out to push and shove, but no way was it coming out easily. Got out of the ditch but not straight, then into the next ditch. This time it ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP March 24th 2018

After the dinner I posted my day pics in social media. It was around 9:30pm. “You coming?” Hardev asked. You kidding, I thought! Of course I was not going to do the same mistake as I did the last night. I joined them walking to the tent. “Keep the headlamp,” Hardev handed me the LED headlamp. I was grateful. The path to the tent was muddy due to the afternoon downpour and I was making my way slowly in the light from my headlamp. It was pitch-dark around the tent, I could see only the silhouette of the silver white tent under the tree. We went inside and I entered my net-cabin taking the zipper off from the nylon door and slid under the sleeping bag. We were tired and soon fell asleep. Hardev and John ... read more
The balloon over Mara
A herd of elephants spotted
Elephants from the balloon

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP March 17th 2018

It’s an awesome experience spending the night in a tent in the African wilderness. It’s around 9:30 pm and not a human soul close by…. it was semi-darkness outside the tent…silver droplets from the moon silently dripping down over the bushes and trees. You start imagining the shadows of the bushes as animals ready to ambush. Cuddled inside the sleeping bag, I closed my eyes in the darkness of the tent. Hardev and John were sleeping on my opposite side in their net-cabin. I could hear the hyenas and zebras barking not too far from the tent. I could hear the baboons screaming with a shrill sound. An owl hooted close by. It felt surreal.... listening to the animals and the night creatures while trying to sleep. I slid inside my sleeping bag deeper feeling cozy ... read more
They all hang aeound when not hungry
A bunch of hartebeest
Hakuna Matata

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