Flamingo and Hippo

Published: June 6th 2007
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Apart from seeing Tamsin these were my main reason for wanting to visit Kenya.
A giraffe drifted past the breakfast table view bidding us good bye as we started our 7 hour drive from Masai Mara to Lake Nakuru. The road for the last couple of hours was very dusty and bumpy as there were lots of large trucks. Nakuru National park is very wooded with flat plain down to the lake. It was rainy when we first arrived and our first glimpse of the flamingo in all their thousands (1.25 million on a good day apparently) were seen in the rain. We added buffalo and rhino to our list too. You can't get too close to the flamingo because they just drift off. It is an amazng sight. I wasn't prepared for the noise and smell. Sort of constant trilling. As we were losing light we drove up to a vantage point and saw the rock hyrax which is the closest relation to an elephant which is VERY hard to believe.
The next morning it was sunny and the flamingo had moved into the centre of the lake more. We drove completely round the lake and then left to drive up to Lake Navaisha which is a deep fresh water lake. The flamingo live on the Alkaline lakes of the Rift Valley. We took a boat out on to the lake and saw lots of hippo and birds. It was a fabulous morning. We stayed at a really nice lodge by Lake Navaisha that evening and just about managed a swin and a sunbathe before the heavens opened and there was more torrential rain (not unlike the weather we are having in UK now I have returned).

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A millionA million
A million

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White rhino and buffalo
Vantage PointVantage Point
Vantage Point

What's that behind us?!!
Rock HyraxRock Hyrax
Rock Hyrax

The elephant's closest relative.
Sunny MorningSunny Morning
Sunny Morning

there was a hyena nearby looking for flamingo carcass!!
Some moreSome more
Some more

There are actually two sorts of flamingo here. Lesser and Greater.
Water's edgeWater's edge
Water's edge

We saw sea eagle, white pelican, egret, stork, ibis, water kingfisher, yellow billed duck and lots of safe animals as there are no big cats in this area.
Lake Navaisha LodgeLake Navaisha Lodge
Lake Navaisha Lodge

First sunshine, Tamsin reading Jilly Cooper and then the rain

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