Published: June 5th 2007
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The opening photo just about sums up the day - lucky sightings all day.
We opted for an early morning drive and late afternoon. We had been tempted by the hot air balloon flights but it was very expensive, rather cold and in the end we very glad we stayed on the ground. We started off by seeing elephant and all sorts of gazelle impala topi etc. Our first lions were sprawled out by the side of the road obviously having had a good meal last night or that morning. As they finally decided to amble off across the road the scavengers who had been waiting at a distance moved in . Jackal and vultures first, followed by the hyena who won the day for the bones as Tamsin's photo shows!!
We had been watching elephant crossing infront off us when the call came through the radio that there was a leopard up a tree. We were the second van there and the leopard had its back to us munching something on what looked like a nest. As more vans arrived it jumped from the tree and was lost in the tall grass. We also saw cheetah in the distance. The early migration was obviously giving the big cats some meals.
Our afternoon safari was primarily to go and see hippo in the river as the ones usually round the lodge were not visible as they were cleaning out their water hole. However we just kept seeing more game to delay us. We saw ostrich which were coming into season which you can tell by their red colour. the lions were idly sitting around eyeing up their next meal. We saw crested crane, lilac breasted roller, hyena and loads more. The hippos were not in evidence but just as we left the river we came across a giraffe at very close quarters framed by a rainbow. Two cheetah were ambling down the road having finished their kill. The sunset was just as fabulous as the rest of the day. In the evening the Masai locals came and danced for us. As we were going to bed Tamsin went out on the verandah to look at the stars and found herself five yards from a baby hippo grazing on the lodge lawn!!

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lions restinglions resting
lions resting

having just finished a kill

waiting for an opportunity

wins the precious bones!!

watches on impassively from back of truck

eating on the long grass
lion watching lion watching
lion watching

the next meal
My best photoMy best photo
My best photo

A happy giraffe
Cheetahs' evening strollCheetahs' evening stroll
Cheetahs' evening stroll

They had just finished their meal.
giraffe is joined by birdsgiraffe is joined by birds
giraffe is joined by birds

to clear the evening ticks

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