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June 8th 2007
Published: June 8th 2007
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We had a very early start to get to the airport where we then sat because the plane was delayed. An hour and half flight into Stone Town. We were met by Ramadan and Mr Eddy the driver. They took us right into the heart of the Old Town and we had lunch in a bustling cafe. There weren't many women around as it was friday. Zanzibar is about 95% muslim. Havng spent about an hour in the town downloading Tamsin's photos onto a CD and me buying a basket we went for a spice tour. It was very homely like in someone's backyard, but they covered all the main spices and the young guy who showed us round made some amazing plaited jewellery and bags for us. H ealso climbed a very tall coconut tree.We then had a general tasting of all the fruit. I bought some pepper corns, vanilla and cardamon.

There was a new completed road to the Breezes Beach Resort which is on the east side of the island. It was a lovely resort with floaty curtains and cushioned arab type beds all over the place. The food was lovely and apart from the smarmy introduction by the manager we had superb service. I can safely say we did absolutely nothing on Saturday except loll by the beach. On Sunday Tamsin went diving and then I joined her for some snorkelling which was slightly marred by some jelly fish. I will leave Tamsin to finsh this blog as she has some of the photos still on her camera. Thank you for letting me update our travels together. Iris

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Spice BoySpice Boy
Spice Boy

this was the title he was known by.

21st June 2007

Top blogging Mum. Tamsin - are those palm glasses perscription? xxx
26th June 2007

They're Elton John glasses. Turn round - can't see the beach bum's bum Tell spice boy the spice girls are reforming - they may need him

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