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October 21st 2009
Published: November 10th 2017
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We had been tipped off by Customs officials in the Serengeti that the gate we had chosen to exit would put our exit route to the border through an unsafe region. The Masai were fighting with their neighbouring tribe which was enough of an incentive for us to use a more Southern Gate. This meant an extra 145 Kms on Serengeti roads, tackling oncoming safari vehicles and serious corrugations but we both agreed this was the lesser of two evils. We eventually made it back to tarmac and stopped in a roadside camp to prepare ourselves for the border the next day. We have learnt that borders are best tackled when we are fresh, organised and psychologically prepared for the bureaucracy.

The following day we headed for the Kenyan border. Tanzania has not been our favourite Country and neither of us were sad to be leaving. The border post we were exiting through was off the beaten track and turned out to be very quiet. What a welcome relief we were through in no time at all and with the minimal of fuss. We are skirting around the edge of Lake Victoria en-route to Uganda. We will pop into Uganda, hopefully to see the Mountain Gorillas then head back to Kenya.


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