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November 26th 2012
Published: November 26th 2012
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As I type This there is news of the Bangladesh factory fire on the news and it fills me with sadness and reminds me how important the message is that my colleague and I are delivering in Africa right now. Today we explained that the managers had responsibities, legal responsibilities to look after the health and safety of their staff and this surprises them - tomorrow I will be discussing the legal aspects and looking at the criminal and the civil laws, these subjects really opens their eyes - especially when they find out that they risk going to prison.

My friend Esther who I have spoken fondly of before has had twins "Joy and Josie" here women are entitled to 3 months maternity leave and she is not really coping with being away from her children especially as they are poorly today.

We finished late today as I over run as I was involved in so much discussion (I talked too much 😉 ) so we were stuck in traffic - imagine the m4 after a serious accident - our driver just switched off the engine and I got my kindle out, Mark wished he brought his. It took us about half an hour to get back andthe driver took a few short cuts where there were no roads so the car was really bumpy and kept scraping - just another day in Africa

Lala salaam



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