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November 25th 2012
Published: November 25th 2012
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Finally, my own personal goal since I was a little girl watching Born Free many years ago has finally happened, I have been to a national park in Kenya and have seen not just one wild Lion but many wild lions.

I arrived safely at the hotel last night and before even going to my room I went straight for the tour desk

"I need a tour to the National Park tommorow morning" they tried to sell it to me "of course madam you can see many animals there you can see the big 5 there, but not the elephant I am afraid"

I explained that I knew this but I was going for Lion, "oooh Madam but you are just checking in you will need to go early for lion you will need to rest" "How early?" I replied "well as you need to rest how about 7am" now I had been reading that the best time to be there was 6am so I was having none of it so I said "I will be ready for 6am" "But Madam, you need to sleep" I swiftly told them I could sleep in the afternoon and my transport was arranged

5.30 I was awoken with breakfast in my room and wasnt able to find the light so shouted to the maid to leave the food outside the room, when I finally found the light I packed the breakfast (I couldnt face eating) and headed out and met James, my driver.

When we got to the park he showed me various animals and listed them in order of which ones were the tastiest to eat 😊 1) Kanga (a bird) 2) Impalla (a deer) and 3) crocodile then we came across lion apparently - he saw them - some americans saw them - but I couldnt - sensing my frustration and upset he told me to get back in the car and we drive round to the otherside where we found them and saw them just a few feet away - I got many pictures but I have uploaded two - I need to play with some of the pictures but IT have removed the editing software from my PC 😞

I can honestly say this is one of the greatest moments EVER!

Oh and for those in the welsh corner I have uploaded a picture of a welsh school - who would have thought - a welsh school in Africa! - and they do speak Welsh in this school...


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