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Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa November 15th 2005

We arrived at the airport and the transfer to Mombasa was straightforward. The difference in the humidity was astounding as we exited the plane. So moist and the air was damp. We found our guide and I jumped in with a liverpudlian couple. The driver was a real tall athletic looking Kenyan. He was a good man it seemed. A wealth of information about Mombasa and really well informed on the English premiership. He was also bemoaning the tribal rivalries that undermine the Kenyan national team. The journey involved crossing a ferry out of the city and we were driving through very busy rundown areas with a Muslim feel on our way out of Mombasa towards the tourist resorts of Dinah beach on the Southeast coast of Kenya. We arrived at the Papillon hotel at about ... read more
A Baobab tree
The pool at the hotel

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa July 8th 2005

On Monday I caught the Scandinavian bus up to Mombassa, to meet up with a friend from university. It’s not far geographically, but Kenya and Tanzania are quite different. Kenya is more developed, has more traffic, more hustle and bustle, and more rules and regulations. Although the people are just as friendly. I stayed with my friend Kizito and his friend Millie in a suburb called Mikandani, and on my first night I was only good for sleeping! On the Tuesday we went to a place called Fort Jesus, it’s a big place with lots of history, having been used for defence and as a prison in the past. It’s a cool place to wander round with allsorts of little nooks and crannies to discover, and beautiful views over the sea. Afterwards we went for ... read more
Young crocs at Mamba Village croc park
Dinner Time!

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa January 14th 2005

Tiwi Beach Oct 27 - Nov 12 The eight hour bus ride from Nairobi to Mombassa was grueling; unsealed roads, a very bad driver, no bathroom and no food stops. Actually, there was a road-side stop to buy live chickens!? At the Mombassa bus stop, we were used as bait by the bus company owner to catch a thief who was harassing us moments before. We had to stand in a busy sidewalk and wait for him to approach again as the owner and a security guard watched from inside the terminal. Very strange indeed. Unfortunately, he didn't come back. We had no accommodation booked in the city nor at our destination of Tiwi Beach (all the phones on the beach were down for days). After our short introduction to Mombassa, we decided that to wing ... read more
Tiwi Cottage
Water Frisbee
The Security Staff

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa September 9th 1993

Zanzibar, a small island off the coast of Tanzania, had captured my imagination ever since learning about the exotic spice island in my history class. As if the prospect of going to this tropical paradise wasn't enough to feed my fantasy, an opportunity to travel there by traditional motorized, cargo dhow boat was more than I could resist. Eager to escape the stinking cesspool of Mombasa my travelling companions, Pamela, another Aussie, Will, from the UK and I arrive early at the dock for our voyage. ‘Excuse me, which boat is going to Zanzibar today?’ Pamela asks a grimy African wearing a well worn grease stained T-shirt who stares at us blankly. Appallingly, Pamela points at all the boats and yells ‘Zanzibar, Zanzibar’ as if he is deaf. After much gesticulating with his peers, we find ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Lamu August 28th 1978

Geo: -2.2648, 40.8777"Are these your only children? Just these two, worthless girls?"... read more
On the water
Lamu waterfront
On the dhow

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Lamu August 27th 1978

Geo: -2.2648, 40.8777Journal blank, which is too bad, because I remember really enjoying Lamu -- the charming hotel room, with tile walls-- being waken by the calls to prayers-- the winding streets-- the men in long robes, holding hands in the bazaar... read more
In Lamu's narrow streets
Flight to Lamu

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Malindi August 26th 1978

Geo: -3.21281, 40.1182We went shopping all morning. I bought some gifts for friends.After lunch, Ann and I took a walk to the beach. It was so flat that you could walk miles (it seems) before you reach the water. Then you walk out in ankle-deep water for more miles. It was incredible. We did more shopping in the afternoon, but the prices were higher than in the morning. When we got back to the hotel, Ann put my hair up before dinner. Took B-12 pills and put on mosquito repellant.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Malindi August 25th 1978

Geo: -3.21281, 40.1182This morning, we drove to the Gedi ruins and wandered around. Gedi was a typical Arab city in the 15th Century. It was a pretty big city. It had two walls, a palace, many mosques, and tons of houses and wells. We also visited the small museum.Then we drove to Malindi. We had ocean-view rooms. Ann and I went swimming until lunch, then we just lazed about. We drove to town to go shopping in the afternoon.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa August 24th 1978

Geo: -1.6872, 37.9136We went for a game drive this morning: impala, hartebeasts, two zebras, and a giraffe. One baby elephant and gazelles. I fell asleep in the car, and, when I woke up, we were in Mombasa. We found a hotel to eat in and a campground for the night. It was almost impossible to find the Ladies' room. Went to a pub for dinner. It was delicious.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa August 12th 1275

On my way back home to Baghdad, our captain informed us that we had the opportunity to make one more stop for trade; Mombasa. The city was founded by Arab traders who intermarried with local woman to create a predominately Muslim community. The population identifies as Shãfi'i Muslims, and through some early exchanges for basic goods I sense their integrity and feel that they are people of good spirit. Its key exports are coconut, ivory, sesamum (sesame), and mill. The city and its traders play a key role in the exchange of goods in and around the Indian Ocean. It is centrally located on Eastern Africa, making trade easy to and from Egypt, Arabia, India, and even Indonesia and China. Both raw materials and luxury items are harvested and manufactured here, including Persian rugs and cotton ... read more

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