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Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu October 24th 2014

We have just finished a lovely week at the coast. Tomorrow is back to reality, so while I have time :) here are some photos of our holiday. Its the first beach holiday we can remember that the kids really enjoyed the ocean, Charlotte loved sailing, kayaking, boogie boarding and snorkelling. Hayley swam a width of the pool by herself, and loved splashing in the waves. Emma is getting more and more confident in the water with arm bands now, and she enjoyed her pedal boat ride. We really had a lovely time! Back to school and work Monday! Miriam... read more
Off they go
Watamu Bay
Char in charge!

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu September 17th 2013

As my days in Kenya were coming to an end, Sam and I decided that we were going to sit back and relax and enjoy the last bit of my trip. There was again another trip to the coast which had much better weather then the first trip we made to the coast. This time, we decided that it would be fun to rent another piki-piki since we both had enjoyed it so much on the first trip. Except this time, I attempted to drive! Not only were we in a field, but I had lost my shoes earlier when going to see some flamingos in the river and thus my first time on a motorcycle was a success! I made sure to spend some time soaking up the summer sun (seeing its almost winter in ... read more
Petting a Cheetah
Piki Piki

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu July 15th 2013

The kids have 8 weeks holiday with the British System. We had Murrays parents visit us for 2 weeks, unfortunately Murray had back to back trips either side of his parents visit. We did manage a trip to the beach, although a little cold for us, we had some time to relax as a family, which was nice. The rest of the time was spent doing Kids stuff in Nairobi, a nice time for the kids to catch up with their Dad, and Murray to spent time with his parents.... read more
Sunrise time
Morning scene
Morning traffic

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu August 8th 2011

On Tuesday 26th July I headed off to Watamu for 2 weeks voluntary work on the coast. Decided to take the overnight train 'the iron snake' from Nairobi to Mombasa. Departure time was 7pm and due to arrive in Mombasa at 9am the next day. Had booked a taxi to pick me up at 5:30 to get me to the station at 6pm but due to a great thunderstorm just before I was to set of all traffic in Nairobi came to a standstill. Didn't get to the station till 6:45pm. Was starting to panic that I might miss the train, needn't of panic as true to form the train left 30 mins late. I decided to book a first class compartment as it was only £25. This got you a 2 berth compartment, dinner and ... read more
Watamu July-Aug 2011 100
Watamu July-Aug 2011 001

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu July 20th 2011

Ein Höhepunkt besonders für die Kinder ist ein Meeresschildkrötenprojekt in Watamu. In dem professionell geführten Schildkrötenheim werden kranke Tiere wieder gesund gepflegt und schließlich wieder im Meer ausgesetzt. Eine Pflegerin erklärt uns die Leidensgeschichte jeder einzelnen Schildkröte, und wir haben sogar das Glück, mitdabeizusein, wie eine noch recht kleine Schildkröte, die erfolgreich wieder gesundgepflegt wurde, unter Jubel wieder in die Freiheit entlassen wird. ... read more
Watamu Turtle Watch 2
Watamu Turtle Watch 3
Watamu Turtle Watch 4

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu July 19th 2011

Die Ruinen, die sich im küstennahen Wald verbergen, stammen aus dem 13.-17. Jahrhundert und zeugen von einer traditionsreichen Swahili - Kultur. Sogar den Kindern gefällt der mystische Eindruck, den die Bauten inmitten des Dschungels hinterlassen.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu July 18th 2011

Etwas nördlich von Mombasa in der Nähe des Ortes Watamu, am Meeresarm Mida Creek, gibt es ein von der lokalen Bevölkerung, den Giriamas, geführtes Eco-Camp. Wir übernachten in einer geräumigen Giriama-Strohhütte, mit einem Doppelbett auf einem Podest unter einem Moskitonetz. Es gibt zwar nur begrenzte Auswahl an Essen, doch der Fisch und das Hühnchen mit Reis sind sehr lecker. Das Essen wird in dem erhöht gebauten Restaurant serviert, sehr gemütlich und mit tollem Ausblick in die tropische Umgebung. Bei der Kanufahrt durch den Meeresarm und die Mangroven, erweist sich, dass wir in einem Vogelparadies gelandet sind. Wir fahren nahe an einen Schwarm Flamingos vorbei und entdecken noch jede Menge anderer Vögel, wie Sattelstörche, Kormorane, Reiher und Ibisse. ... read more
In den Mangroven

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu March 6th 2011

I've just spend a great week in Congo sharing great moments and receiving great news from all over the world. As usual, I'm doing a little stop-over on my way back home. This time, it is Watamu, Kenya. I want to bring one day Leslie and Tiffany with us for a nice safari combined with some nice diving for Leslie (will happen hopefully one day to Tiffany too). I have already done the loop NgoroNgoro-Serengeti-Zanzibar, so my aim for this little 4 days trip is to check how Watamu rates compare to Zanzibar. I was first supposed to fly from Nairobi to Malindi. Malindi is a small airport only 25km from Watamu. Well...too easy, Kenya Airways cancelled my flight and I ended up being re-routed to Mombasa. Don't ask me much about Mombasa, it was already ... read more
Flowers everywhere

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu February 7th 2010

Mida Creek We had read about a great sounding Eco Camp a couple of kilometers away called Mida Creek Eco Camp. After many frustrating hours trying to figure out the area codes for the phones (the whole region had changed leaving all the information in our book absolutely useless) we managed to get in touch with Billie the manager who booked us in to come and visit for a couple of days. Mida Creek is similar to a salt water estuary set on the mouth of the sea. It is a large, very wide and not so deep creek running inland, lined with pristine examples of mangrove forests. The area is well renowned for bird watching with many species living off the creek including migrations of pink flamingos. The ecological camp is a community project set ... read more
Crab hunting!
Mangrove forests

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu February 3rd 2010

Gede Ruins Close to Watamu there is a large archaeological site known as the Gede ruins. Buried on approximately 45 acres of land they have uncovered 2kms2 of remains of an ancient Swahili town where the rich and elite lived, dating back to at least the 13th century. It was thought to be a trading point, receiving goods coming in from the coast and distributing to the local region. Shaded by an imposing 400 year old forest of giant baobab and fig strangler trees the area is stunningly beautiful and serene. With primary school children and other Kenyans visiting mostly in the month of December we were pretty much the only people there so were able to wander and enjoy the place at our own pace. The setting was such that as we wandered around I ... read more
Photo 3
Ancient tombstone
Huge trees

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