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Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu January 1st 2010

I came to Watamu Kenya to volunteer for a month at the Local Ocean Trust, Watamu Turtle Watch (WTW). I spent New Years Eve on the most beautiful beech I have ever seen, where Green and Hawksbill turtles came frequently at night to lay eggs. Tonight there is a full moon so we can stroll on the beech at midnight admiring the stars and breathing warm moist air. I m told that January is the warmest month of the year and during the night temperature never falls below 80F. On January 5th I am starting my work for the WTW. So far I have learned that there are 7 species of sea turtles and 2 of them (Green and Hawksbill) are frequently found foraging in Mida Creek near Watamu. Green turtle got its name from the ... read more
Short Beach, Watamu
Mida Creek

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu March 17th 2009

Mombasa & Watamu As you probably see, I don't write as much now as I did in south america last year. The first part of this travel was studies, and I didn't feel that it was much to write about. The second part is like a short holiday. And this time I didn't really find the good feeling about writing. (the internet down here has not been as good as in parts of south america either...) But I give you a few photo's anyway. Maybe they can inspire you ; ) ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu October 19th 2008

Hello again! well not really gone to see the animals! things changed plans on the evening of my last blog! I realised that I had forgotten one of my HIV pills, ones that need keeping in the fridge, so I had to instead of going to the natural park and see animals, instead we made our way straight to Watamu, as I needed to go to a Hospital to try and get the pills I am missing. So we made our way by tuktuk to another part of Mombasa and got there a bus that brought us for 200shillings to a crosspoing on the high road, and from there a matatu to the village itself. We got welcomed by a gorgeous guy talking to us straight away in Italian, everybody suddenly was at it! a couple ... read more
a double toilet!!! What a great find!
the first steps on a beach!
Mansuri from a Turtle Cave

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu August 29th 2007

Considering I’ve got two weeks of down-time on tap for Lamu, it seems odd that I’d feel a need to take a break in Watamu. But here I am: lulled by the surf and the ocean breezes, shuffling around in board shorts, my linen shirt unbuttoned down to my navel. The routine I’ve slouched into is a cozy one. A light breakfast of Nescafe and chapati, the morning paper, a few smiles and “Buongiornos” for the pretty waitress at the Italian café. In the afternoon I sit on the beach and shoo away the guys selling hand-painted greeting cards and little carved hippos. At night I treat myself to wood-oven pizzas at a swank hotel just down the road. The owner - a dignified, snow-haired guy in a sweater vest - circles between the tables and ... read more
Palm trees, Watamu
Watamu Beach
Mosque, Gedi

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu August 25th 2007

Leaving Mombasa proves to be more hassle than the arrival, when my train made its slow, stately way into the station. The departure is pure chaos - equal parts Grand Central and Little Bighorn. I’ve hardly pulled my bags from the back of a tuk-tuk when I’m hustled to the curb; someone foists my pack into the belly of the bus, someone else scribbles on a pad and presses a ticket into my hand. This is the scene at Bondeni station, a chaotic, gas-choked strip of sidewalk where passengers, pick-pockets, and low-grade hustlers are tripping over each other to the throaty serenade of diesel engines. “Malindi Malindi Malindi,” says the guy with the ticket book. “Watamu Watamu Watamu.” I cast one last wavering look at my bags and squeeze into a seat, the sun-warmed plastic sticking ... read more
Shop, Watamu
Watamu coast
After the rains, Watamu

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu July 31st 2007

After Lamu we decided to see a bit more of the coast - this time mainland Kenya. We headed for Watamu which is a village / resort just South of Malindi. Supposedly not as developed as the coast near Mombasa - but it was plenty developed enough for us. The area has nice beaches and the ancient Swahili ruins of Gede nearby - but it also has some big Italian and Swiss owned resorts. First thing that hit us as we walked from the bus to our chosen hotel in the village (apart from the touts) was that the kids all say "Ciao!" instead of "Jambo!". They're not daft these kids, they can ask for sweets and pens in flawless Italian. Next up was the "Zimmer Frei" sign outside our hotel. Yep, we had definitely arrived ... read more
Chrysalis in the incubation cupboard
The (now slightly rarer) Blue butterfly
The incubation chamber

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu June 28th 2007

Saturday 23rd I’d given up on kite surfing and Dan, Claudie & Lucy invited me to go with them to the Northern coast. Following 5 matatu (minibus), a ferry and a bus up the coast, we arrived in Watamu. We’re staying in a basic hostel and I’m sharing with Lucy, so finally she doesn’t have be the gooseberry! We went for a wander to the beach and got bargaining for a fishing trip (for them) and snorkelling for all. Food at the hostel took forever to come (like Malawi, Dad, but worse), and it was the wrong order when it did finally arrive. We saw him run out to buy an onion to make my order, which wasn’t worth eating in the end. Lots of mosquitos about, so hid under Claudie & Dan’s net to ... read more
Squashed into a matatu
Barganing with John the baptist and Julius
Dan gets a shave

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu January 6th 2007

Matatus To Watamu After spending New Year dancing around fires in Paje, we sped back up to Stone Town in a rainstorm, tarpaulin flapping around our ears as our Dalah Dalah screached through the home of the red colobus monkey. A super fast ferry back to Dar and, after a day spent sorting out bus tickets in Dar, we were heading north towards the Kenya border and to Mombasa. After a brief stop in Tanga, we hit our first unsealed road as another storm hit us and we slid our way through a muddy border post. We spent a couple of nights in Mombasa getting train tickets booked, getting my beardy face trimmed and generally zupping around in Tuk-Tuks trying to see as much of the city as possible in a short time. Mombasa is full ... read more
Door Knobs
Katherine - I think

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