Photos from Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana, Africa

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Accra Airport
African Unity Monument
Black Star Arch
11 By a Campfire at Lake Volta
10 Jamie at Lake Volta
09 Xofa Lodge on Lake Volta
08 Public Health in Action
07 Dancing at the Durbar
06 The New Ambulence in Town
05 The First Internet in Satallite!
04 Keibeici Health Clinic
03 Chief of Alukpatsa
02.5 Having Fun at the Durbar
02 Celebrating at the Durbar
01 Little Adwoa
08 Village Fishing Boat
07 Outside of Accra
06 Typical Shop on Our Street
05 Mama-Ya
04 Cash...Most of It in Bills Worth 50 Cents!
03 Our Bedroom
02 The Living Room We Were Given
01 The House We Are Living In
Ralph, 40
Piggy's Spectacles
Stoneham School
Jack Painted
Piggy and Ralph
Happy Fans
Ghana Fans
In the Stadium
Pride of Togo
Match Ticket
Shapely Fans
Rainbow Man
Eye-Catching Fan
Drinking water are sold like this for US$ 0,05
This is what I had almost every single day in Ghana
Ghanian numberplate
Eating with my hand!
Okro stew with fish and akple
Fufu with goat meat
Accra streetscene
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