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October 18th 2018
Published: October 18th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12

Late night walk with Justice
Week 12

Monday, first day off the week has arrived, and this week needs to be a good one… This morning I went to school late, as I was too busy listening to music again. Justice came with me to the school today, but he had to leave early, so that he can drop his belongings off at home.

Today, at school Junior said that he wouldn’t be coming, but whilst I was in the headmaster’s office with Madam Esther, Junior suddenly appeared I was so happy and surprised at the same time. Me, Junior and Esther all talked and took photos/ videos in the office, because why not. Then, all of a sudden 3 of the class 4 students asked for me to teach them, so off I went to teach them to play an English game of vocabulary.

When, it came for the school to close Junior said goodbye to me in which I gave him a massive hug, because of course Junior’s hugs are the best. When, Junior left it was left with me and Justice in which I drew Justice some pictures on the chalk board.

Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12

Segro's last night in Ghana

On, the way home from school me and Justice decided to get some fab ice. Because they are so good! Justice got the strawberry one and I got the vanilla ice cream one. It was hard to leave Justice, as I always hate leaving people. But, as soon as I got home I went to my room to type my blogs for the whole evening.

Tuesday, this morning Junior phoned me at 7 and I forgot that he was going to call me. When, I got to the school I went to class 4, but there were no students, but just sir (my farther sir). But, at around 10 o’clock 2 students turned up, in which of course it’s the same students as always.

For, that morning at the school Justice decided to come and join me, as later he will be coming home with me. So, staying in the classroom would be very boring, so me and Justice went to play cards with Madam Esther. In which Madam Esther was able to beat Justice. I was able to teach Justice and Madam Esther a game of cards I know how to play
Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12

Another, photo of our 2AM walk
in which the game is called Sevens, but strangely enough I lost the game and Justice won, I wasn't happy at all. After, school me and Justice went to the place he stays in which this is the place where the funeral was taking place. When, we were at his place, I was able to speak to the women again, whilst Justice prepare indomie for me. After, eating I volunteered to do the washing up, as I actually do like doing the washing up. In, which Justice loved watching me wash up. The women joked to me in saying I should buy her a washing machine, as she had to do 3 big bags worth of laundry to do, I felt very sorry for her.

After, eating me and Justice went on a mission to find this soup/ food for one of the women for her business, but everywhere we went no one sold it in which at the end we managed to find one place that did. Whilst, looking for the food I came across one of my students in which jokily I said 'you didn’t come to school', we both laughed so much!

Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12

Me and Justice after I finished getting my hair platted

That, evening everyone went out, as it is Segro’s last evening, as 2AM Segro will be going to the airport. But, me and Justice didn’t go, as I didn’t want to watch people getting drunk and playing pool. But, strangely Prince came home with his friend in which me and Justice went out to give Segro some money and then me and Justice went on a walk and then after the walk me and Justice decided to sit back on the roof until the others came home.

Wednesday, this morning felt very strange, as Segro is no longer around in which means it is now left with me and Zoe still in the house. So, that morning me and Justice went on a walk to the exchange money place, as I needed to change a small amount of money. In, which when we got to the money place I joked with Justice and the men saying Theresa May must have said something bad, as 1 cedi is no longer £6 its now £5, everyone just stood their and laughed.

When, me and Justice got home 10 minutes later Junior turned up, as I
Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12

Justice modelling as well
had invited him round. That, morning Junior showed me all types of prayers and loads of verses from the Bible. This, is what I love about Junior is how we both can sit down and talk about the Bible. Later, in the morning me and Junior went out to go and get some lunch, as he was hungry again. But, the problem was, the place that we went too the soup was yesterday’s soup in which didn’t taste great at all….

On, the way home from eating Junior brought some doughnut bread in which whilst walking Junior tried to feed me, in which I kept trying to reject, until it was in my mouth in which this person in the lorry laughed in which me and Junior laughed as well. When, we got home Justice once again was on the stairs looking at his face in the mirror.

That, afternoon me and Junior watched music videos, talented children and watched a Church service until Junior went too go to Church. That, evening when Junior was gone I sat in the living room listening to music/ watching football. However, I got really sleepy all of a sudden
Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12Ghana Blog Week 12

The view from the school
in which I carried myself to bed. At, 10 o’clock Junior called me, as he had finished his program in which I sat on the roof texting him. However, when I went down from the roof to go back into the house I was locked out in which Justice opened the door for me and he was surprised to see me standing outside on my own. However, when I tried to sleep Justice texted me to go to the roof, as he wanted to tell me something, I don’t know why Justice couldn’t tell me this in the morning.

Thursday, this morning I left home early, as Doreen was really annoying, as she complained to Prince that I didn’t eat my porridge. Even though everyone knows I hate porridge. So, that morning I decided to leave the house and go to the school alone. But, as soon as I got to the school I phoned Justice, and to my surprise Justice was actually on his way to the school. Whilst, waiting for Justice to arrive at the school I sat there and read this book in which was all about an FBI agent, it was really interesting, as it was based on a true story.

When, Justice got to the school, we both talked about what happened that morning in the house. Everyone, at the house is hating me and Justice its so funny! However, the weird thing is its only me and Justice at the school in which the school is too quiet. After, spending time at the school me and Justice went to eat, as this morning I was so hungry so when Justice and Junior said for me to eat for them, this time I physically did, as I had rice and stew and if that wasn’t enough I had 5 spring roles as well, in which today I ate so well!

Friday, this morning me and Justice went to the funeral, as Alfredo’s sister is dead, so we came to show respect to Alfredo and his sister. The funeral in Ghana is, so different to a funeral in the UK. At, the funeral one of the women that I saw yesterday greeted me I was so surprised that the women remembered me.

After, we finished at the funeral me and Justice went to his place to talk to our friend before I got my hair platted. After, 10 minutes I thought it would be a good idea to get my hair done. My hair altogether took 4 hours in which in those 4 hours my back had become very stiff, as I haven’t been able to move. When, my hair was finished Justice couldn’t stop staring at it. The colours I choose for my hair was black and this dark red, I loved the red so much!

Before, going home me and Justice went out for food in which when I was done with eating me and Justice made our way to this bar in which when the whole problems in the house started me and Justice would always come here. Me and Justice didn’t stay for long at the bar, as we both wanted to go home, as we were feeling sleepy. That evening it was me, Justice, Michael and Zoe in the living room watching plane crashes.

Saturday, this morning me and Justice made our way to the Art centre, because before I go home to the UK I want to get a painting. When, me and Justice got their like always everyone comes rushing towards me showing me what they are selling. The first person we went too he was showing me these small paintings, but I knew the cost was too much for them, so I didn’t buy. Next, place was to get mine and Justice brother and sister bracelets. Once, they were finished getting made me and Justice went inside the actual part of the Art Centre in which there we saw painting, bracelets, dresses and Ghana flags, as everyone was wanting me to buy everything I said to them Monday I’ll be back to buy.

After, visiting the hectic Art Centre me and Justice went to visit our friend at where she was working, but as soon as we got their I felt completely awkward and I hated the place, as where we sat we were surrounded by heavy drinkers and smokers. Whilst, at the place our women friend let me try and grind some peppers by using a grinding pot, it wasn't easy, as I haven't got much wrist power. When we were able to leave that place me and Justice headed to the Labadi Beach, but my money was very tight. Whilst, on the beach I wanted to have a walk by myself to think about everything. After, thinking me and Justice sat on the beach to talk about today, as I was not happy.

On, the way back from the beach me and Justice stopped at his sister house, as Justice needed to get some stuff in which I sat outside, then the next minute the sister and brother came outside and was confused in why I didn’t go inside, so when I told them my reason, they both agreed with me, saying they have had enough of Justice drinking problem. In, which Justice got really annoyed of us 3, as we all kept saying to Justice that he needs to stop, as his drinking problem is getting out of control. In which I have now promise Justice siblings that I will help stop Justice from drinking.

Sunday, this morning is Church morning in which means an early morning start for me. So, when I walked into the kitchen Justice was there making Banku in which the whole floor was covered with Banku and its equipment. But, today me and Justice were late for Church again we were indeed 7 minutes late.

The Church service was amazing, as it was about relationships and what makes a good/ bad wife/husband, it was so funny, even Junior caught me laughing. After, the service I met with Kinsley and my Nigerian neighbours. Once, I was finished talking to them I was able to meet another mum of Junior she was so kind. Of course, I got another meat pie, as I had to say hello to mine regular mum of Junior’s. In which this mum said she accepts me as her daughter in law I thought it was so cute!

That afternoon it was me and Junior at home with Michael and Prince. In which Junior had many phone calls to make, so I decided to do some washing up, as I love doing that job. After, washing up me and Junior went to sit on the roof to talk and listen to his music. After, sitting on the roof I helped Junior looking for the flight to Cameroon. In which when we were done with that I walked with Junior to get his taxi. In which whilst walking down the stairs to Junior's taxi he gave me a piggy back, I was so scared, as Junior is so tall and he was carrying me down the stairs.


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