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October 18th 2018
Published: October 18th 2018
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Ghana Blog 2018 Week 13Ghana Blog 2018 Week 13Ghana Blog 2018 Week 13

Plane going home
Week 13

Monday, this morning me and Justice are making our way to the Art Centre again, because today I’ll be buying my painting and other things, as my time in Ghana is nearly up. So, when me and Justice got to the Art Centre the man who was selling us his painting forgot about me and Justice which is really good, as I no longer wanted his paintings. When you go to the Art Centre you are greeted by rows of colourful stores full of bracelets and dresses it’s so beautiful, but the problem is everyone wants you to buy something from them which gets annoying.

When me and Justice were finished at the Art Centre we made our way back to Teshie, as we wanted to go and see Justice sister. When we arrived at the sisters place she kindly made me some indomie and brought me 2 bottles of water and 2 fan ices, I was so grateful!!

After, being with Justice sisters for about 2 hours me and Justice decided it would be a good idea to go home. When, me and Justice got home Zoe was no
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

After my last school assembly
longer there, which was ok, as I was never really close to her.

Tuesday, this morning I woke up not feeling happy, as for no reason Doreen decided to come into my room and turn the light on and start sweeping my room. After, my shower I went to dress in my room and Doreen just opened the door and walked in to my room to sweep again and I was only in my towel still and then Doreen asked Michael to come to the room as well. I was so shocked t both of them of how disrespectful they are being as I was naked and they coming into my room like that.

That morning at school I was with Junior, Madam Esther and the other Madam whilst they were eating their breakfast it was so funny our conversations, as Junior kept saying he really wants to marry me and Madam was like don’t trust him he’s African. However, Madam brought her son to school again and Junior and Esther were all dancing with the child it was so cute and funny!

At, around 12 all of the teachers had
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Last day of teaching
to go for a school meeting in which luckily for Junior he was able to leave the school, but before Junior left he kindly gave me a bracelet that he brought for me, I almost cried. At, the meeting it took 3 hours it was so long and boring I nearly slept through it if it hadn’t been for Madam waking me up.

After, school I met up with Justice and we went to our favourite place to eat our lunch, it was very ad knowing this could be my last time eating here. That, evening at home I was able to join my first prayer group, as Junior and Corine invited me. So, at 9PM the prayer group started, but my internet was interrupting me, so for most of the call I couldn’t hear anything I felt so rude.

Wednesday, this morning was a strange morning, as Doreen didn’t come to work in which Justice kindly did my breakfast for me. In, which this morning I was really early at school for once!! But, when I got to the school all of the classrooms were switched around in which this has made it
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Me and Justice
very confusing. Junior, called me to come and sit with his and Madam Esther whilst they had their breakfast again. In, which once again Junior was proposing to me its too funny! But, one day he will propose for real to me and I will actually say yes!

That, school day I taught in class 2 maths and I was about to teach JHS1, but Sir Bortery called for me to come to the office, as the head of the school was wanting to talk to me. So, me, Sir Bortery and the head Sir we had a meeting about me teaching in January in which the head of the school said he would employ me as a teacher which has made me very happy, as clearly, I have impressed both Sir’s over my 2 comings to Ghana.

At 2 o’clock I left the school to go and meet Justice as I was too bored doing nothing at the school. But, 2 of my students walked with me to meet Justice (Kennedy and Sampson), as they both knew I had no idea where I was going. So, when I met with Justice he was
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Walking to play pool with Prince, Junior, Justice and my dad
in the middle of eating his Banku, so I talked with the family he stays with. When, me and Justice got home we both sat on the roof top, in which the Nigerians joined us and we all joked around it was hilarious I was so upraised we didn’t get into trouble for being too loud.

The prayer group this evening was, so good, as today I was actually able to listen. When, the prayer group was about to finish Junior said his own testimony about the amazing grades of his students, I’m so proud of Junior he is an amazing teacher. However, this evening my dad flew back to Ghana in which is a weird feeling knowing I’m in the same country as him again.

Thursday, this morning Doreen actually came to work, as for some reason yesterday Doreen didn’t decide to turn up. Once, again Doreen opened my door and walked in to sweep, I honestly don’t understand how this girl has gotten so rude.

At, school this morning when walking with Justice we were saying very cheesy quotes to each other, to be honest if anyone heard us
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Me and Junior talking like always
I can guaranteed they will properly have cringed. Junior, once again called me to sit with him and Esther in which both of them won’t let go of this whole marriage idea. Junior even brought Madam Gina into the conversation, soon the whole school will know about mine and Junior’s marriage and that would be very funny.

After, joking with Junior and Ether I went to watch Madam Gina teaching class 3 maths. In, which when it was break time I went to class 4 in which very strangely Prince came charging in the middle of the class shouting at me for not sending him Justice number in which I simply replied saying I have no credit.

That school day I spent it in class 4 just reading my book, as I didn’t need to teach today. In which I got called to go to the headmaster’s office, as Junior wanted to teach/ explain how people pray in Ghana. In which I loved every single minute of it, because I love it when Sir is preaching or talking about God.

When, Junior went back to teach I made my way to
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Me and Justice joking around like always
meet Justice, as I wanted to go and have lunch at my favourite place one last time. Thankfully Justice met me near the school this time otherwise I would’ve gotten lost again. The food at the place was so good! My last super was amazing. After, eating me and Justice made our way too the Labadi Beach Hotel, as my dad wanted to see me. In which I told my dad we will be there at 5:15 and I was exactly correct we arrived on time. After, seeing my dad and my dad giving me hugs me and Justice made our way back to the volunteer house.

That, evening when me and Justice got home, Justice went to talk to the taxi driver on his own which annoyed me, as I wanted to do it with him. In, which I walked to find him and I couldn’t. That, evening Justice helped me to pack my suitcase, but we didn’t get far with it, as it was already really late.

Friday, today is my very last day at the school in which I’m really sad, as I really don’t want to leave, as I will
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Me and Justice with my dad at James Town
miss teaching, the teachers and of course the students. Justice took me too school in which after he dropped me off he went to collect my dad. When, I got too school I greeted all of the Madams, and then I made my way to the headmaster’s office in which Sir Seth sent me too teach class 6.

When, teaching class 6 I tried to make the lesson, as fun and funny as possible. In which my dad and Justice came and watch me teaching in which at first, I was shy, but I managed to ignore the fact that my dad was there. Whilst, teaching there was this student (Edgar) who has learning disabilities in which my dad realised that the boy’s talent was indeed art. After, teaching dad and Justice went back to the hotel in which I went to the headmaster’s office to sit and talk to Junior. In. which I gave Junior his present in which he loved it a lot.

When, dad and Justice came back to the school Justice, my dad, Junior, Madam Esther, Sir Seth and me were all talking in which Junior
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Me and Justice outside a slave prison in James Town
kindly brought me some plantain in which this is the plantain that tastes amazing. After, I finished eating the school had to do the closing assembly, in which I had to do a speech thanking the school. After, assembly I said my final goodbyes to Rochelle in which was very hard. When, I got to the headmaster’s office I realised that Kennedy was waiting for me in which I went to JHS1 and there was Kennedy and Sampson crying, as they didn’t want me to leave in which I called Junior to help me to stop them crying.

When, the school finally closed I told Junior to come with us to the volunteer house and luckily, he said yes. It was very sad leaving the school. Once, we all got to the volunteer house we all sat in the living room in which I showed Junior some of my photos.

Once, I was finished showing the photos me, Junior, Justice, my dad and Prince went to play pool. Whilst, everyone was playing pool me and Junior just sat down talking and playing my country game. Once, my dad left me Junior, Justice and me
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

One, of the James Town's prisons
went back to the volunteer house, so that I can finally finish packing. Whilst, packing Junior gave me a kiss in which I loved, as this might be mine and his last kiss. Once, we completed packing me and Justice walked with Junior to get him a taxi in which whilst waiting us 3 were being very funny. When, Junior went me and Justice were supposed to go to a party, but we decided not too I the end.

That evening me and Justice sat on the roof, as this will be mine and his last night. After, Justice finished making my very last indomie me and Justice went to my room to talk in which was the perfect way to end the night.

Saturday, this morning me and Justice did our last double check I have packed everything in which this morning I’m giving my dad all my stuff. I wasn’t sad leaving the house, as so much craziness has happened there. Once, me and Justice got to the hotel we picked my dad up and made our way to James Town we went around
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Me and Junior on my very last day in Ghana at the Labadi Hotel
the fishing part and then we went to 2 forts/ prisons for the slavery. The last fort we went too was amazing me, Justice and my dad were very impressed off it. Once, we completed the 2 forts we walked for a bit before dropping my dad back at the hotel.

The first place me and Justice went too was of course Junction Mall in which their me and Justice did our very last food shopping together. In, which we brought 12 packets of indomie and 2 biscuits we looked so fat buying all of this. After, food shopping we went to the Vodafone, as Justice wants to get a new SIM card.

After, the mall me and Justice made our way to Justice Aunts place in which where Justice stays. So, when walking their me and Justice walked passed the school for the very last time. When, we reached Justice Aunts place Justice prepared me some indomie in which tasted so good! But, saying goodbye to the Aunt wasn’t easy, as I will miss her. After, the aunts place me and Justice headed back to the Labadi Beach Hotel.

Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Outside the school
the hotel me and Justice sat on the beach and cried, as I’m leaving tomorrow. But, sitting on the beach wasn’t a really good idea, because of the mosquitoes, so we decided to sit by the pool, but that as well wasn’t a good idea. So, we decided to sit in a chair outside reception in which we sat their and talked about my 3 months in Ghana. In which my dad finally came to see us in which my dad kindly invited Justice to dinner. After, dinner I walked Justice to his taxi, in which afterward I took a bath and went straight to sleep.

Sunday, today is my full last day of my 3 months in Ghana and I can’t believe how fast the 3 months have actually gone!! Anyway, this morning I woke up early, as today is Church day! Once, I finished my shower I was actually surprised I didn’t flood the bathroom like I did on my first day in Ghana. After, I finished getting ready Justice texted me saying he has arrived, so I left my dad and I went to meet Justice in the reception. In which Justice greeted me
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Inside one of the James Town's prisons. My dad and Justice told me to be very careful walking around here.
with one of his amazing hugs. But, too my surprise Justice didn’t look ok in fact he went to the Teshie festival last night in which Justice has had no sleep and is still very drunk in which I wasn’t very happy with him.

On, the way to Church me and Justice took mine very last trotro. In, which we got off at Bank of Africa to go and see Eric before Church, as I wanted to say my last goodbye to him. As well, Eric was very drunk and tired, so the final goodbye wasn’t actually a good one. After, seeing Eric me and Justice made our way to Church in which we were actually on time! That Church service was very good, as it was about forgiving and keeping family close. After, Church Junior sat with me and Justice and our Nigerian brothers sat with us as well. But, Junior asked me why I’, so happy and I replied with I’m so happy to see/ be with you. Me, Junior and Justice then went to get some fish pies, so that I could say goodbye to my mother in law. In which my mother in
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Me and Justice on my last day in Ghana. Miss this man.
law gave me a lot of pies and a drink for free Junior was really jealous.

After, talking to my mother in law me, Junior and Justice walked back to Eric’s place, as Justice was charging his phone there. In, which after Justice got his phone Eric kindly walked us to get our taxi back to the hotel, in which I gave Eric a massive goodbye hug! On, the taxi back to the hotel me and Junior shared our very last kiss together in which was weird knowing our first kiss was in a taxi and our last kiss is also in the taxi.

When, we finally arrived back at the hotel Justice and Junior went to the reception whilst I went to the room to tell my dad I was back from Church. When, I came back from the room both Justice and Junior were sat they’re in complete silence there was, so much tension in which I went to speak to Junior outside to make sure everything was ok. In which Junior said he was only tired.

When, me and Junior sat back at the hotel reception Justice went
Ghana Blog Weekn 13Ghana Blog Weekn 13Ghana Blog Weekn 13

Me and my two students Kenedy and Sampson
out for a walk, this is not how I wanted my last day in Ghana to be like. Next, moment me and Junior could see Justice and my dad talking to each other by the pool in which me and Junior made our way down to the pool as well to join them. In, which when we got to the pool Justice went to sleep for the rest of the afternoon which was horrible, as I wanted to spend some time with Justice. In, which instead I spent the afternoon taking photos and talking to Junior. Next, moment my dad said I have 30 minutes left with Justice and Junior in which I was so not ready to say my goodbyes yet! When, I woke Justice up, he was very sad and confused, as he didn’t realise that he had slept for the whole afternoon.

When, it was time to say goodbye both Justice and Junior came to the room, so that I could give Justice the suitcase with all the orphanage stuff in, for him to keep safe until my next visit to Ghana. I walked the boys out of the hotel,
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Justice inside the James Town prison
so that they could get the trotro, but I just couldn’t stop crying and u couldn’t leave them. In which I kept hugging Justice and Junior. In, which Junior walked me back to the hotel, so that he could talk to me, Junior told me that he wanted to cry in which I found it so cute. My last hug with Junior was very memorable. Next, moment Justice stood at the hotel gate crying at me, but Junior walked with him out of the hotel in which I wanted to run after them, but I knew that wouldn’t be a good idea, so I just made my way back to the room.

In the car to the airport Junior called me saying that he will miss me, so much! However, we had to top the call, as Junior started crying in which I felt very bad. After, finished with security me and my dad sat in the lounge in which I phoned Junior for the whole time. So, once I got onto the plane I tried to call Junior for the last time, but he was asleep. On, the flight home me and dad were in club
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

Me and the Class 6 students
world in which means I had a bed, so that night I had such a good sleep.

So, altogether that’s the end of my Ghana 3 months trip 2018 June 9th- September 10th. But, I will be back soon for more Ghana adventures! It hasn’t always been easy with the arguments, lies etc… But I’ll be coming back to Ghana for some more. As I love Ghana and teaching.

I want to say many thanks to Justice, Junior, Madam Esther and the other Madam, Sir Seth, Nasreen, Nico, Eric, Eunice, Class 6, Sir Frank, Sir Bortery and Osha. My Ghana trip wouldn’t have been the same without them! I want to say thank you to Junior for being the best boyfriend ever! For, making me feel so welcomed at the school and always looking after me at school. My favourite 2 memories are our dance battle and us being at school together doing country quizzes and listening to your music. I want to say thank you to Justice for always supporting me and being the best brother ever I love you so much! My 2 favourite memories are our roof top chats in the
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13

In the headmasters office before the goodbye assembly
evening and our food shopping trips. Thank you once again Preseca Saviour Academy for giving me the opportunity to teach again and given me the opportunity to be a full time teacher!!

Additional photos below
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Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13
Ghana Blog Week 13

Inside one of the James Towns prisons
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13
Ghana Blog Week 13

Class 5 students
Ghana Blog Week 13Ghana Blog Week 13
Ghana Blog Week 13

Me at the goodbye assembly

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