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August 27th 2018
Published: August 27th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11

Me and Junior on the way home from church
Week 11

Monday, this morning it was Zoë’s birthday in which this evening everyone will be going out to celebrate her birthday. At, school today the headmaster’s door was closed in which I went to class 4 instead. Whilst, in class 4 I phoned one of my friends in which Junior walked in and I made my friend and Junior to talk to each other. However, this morning Junior was in such a bad mood, as he had to put JHS 1,2 and 3 together, as the other teachers are not turning up to classes. Randomly, Junior called me to come to the headmasters, so that I could talk to sir about my letter of my maybe coming in January. That morning I taught maths, I’m actually thinking of becoming a maths teacher for the younger students.

After, school madam Esther and another madam called me to their classroom, so that they can talk to me. After, talking to the madams Junior walked with me to my trotro again in which from there I made my way home. Once, I got home Doreen was having problems with her boyfriend again, but this time it was
Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11

Justice and his new lover the cereal box
about me, as Doreen refused to give my number to her boyfriend, but we both couldn’t understand in why he would want my number so badly. For, the rest of the afternoon I spent it sleeping, as I was so tired.

That, evening me and everyone went out to the Italian night club, because its Zoe’s birthday. But, I didn’t want to go, so I only stayed for 1 hour and some minutes, as I wanted to go home to talk to Junior. Whilst, at the night club everyone was smoking and drinking lots of alcohol in which then there was me just my 2 litre bottle of coke, as I refuse to drink alcohol.

When, I got home me and Justice had a fall out again about him drinking alcohol, but also on the phone me and Junior had a fall out as well. In which led to me having this breakdown in which I was so grateful, as Justice was there to support me and try to calm me down. All the other volunteers came around 2 AM, where as Zoe and Michael came home at 6 AM. Randomly, Justice thought it
Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11

Me and Justice after my breakdown
would be a good idea to do some of his washing at 2 AM in the morning in which I volunteered to help him to wash his clothes to make the work to be completed quicker. However, that evening I couldn’t sleep, as I was too sad.

Tuesday, this morning Justice was at home that morning, so me and Justice sat on the roof for the whole morning talking. Then, all of a sudden, there was this car that crashed into a wall of a house, but luckily no one got hurt in the accident. Honestly, I’ve seen everything whilst sitting on this roof (police robbery chase and a crash). At, around 12 I finally decided it would be a good idea to shower in which whilst showering I was playing my music as loud as I could, as it was only me Doreen and Justice in the house. After, I finished getting ready I was waiting for Junior to call me to tell me that he is ready for us to meet at the mall. At, 3:30 I finally left the house to go to the mall. However, on the way to the mall I had
Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11

Me and my fan ice
to drop Justice off at his friends house, before I continued my journey to the mall.

When, I arrived at the mall and met with Junior we were talking, but I felt as if there was a bit of tension between us, as what happened last night. Then, someone had phoned Junior in which meant I had to sit their for 45 minutes in silence it was so awkward, as lots of people were looking at me. After, Junior was finished with his call, we talked for a little bit more before having to go home. On, the way home Junior had brought some plantain chips in which he shared them with me, I love plantain chips so much!

When, we finally at home me and Junior and Segro sat in the living room talking about travelling and girls. In, which Junior has said that he can understand Segro better than me and I’m the one who speaks the fluent English. Then, Miriam came and for the rest of the conversation was between Junior and Miriam speaking in French. When, Junior wanted to go home I walked with him to get his taxi in
Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11Ghana Blog Week 11

Me and George
which we both kept complaining about how cold it was.

After, Junior went me, Miriam, Ciara and Segro went out for dinner, as it’s the Italians last night. We went to 2 places and they said they have finished serving food, but we went to our last place in which this place was serving food still. In, which me and Segro had rice and the 2 Italians had Banku. All, of a sudden Prince, David, Michael, Zoe and Justice came to drop Zoe of and the men went out drinking. After, me and the volunteers finished eating we all made our way to the pool place to play pool, but me and Miriam,sat and talked about her past relationships. When, everyone was done playing pool we all made our way back home, but when we got home we were all locked out, so we all called Prince, Justice and Michael and none of them picked their phones up. About, 45 minutes later they all came home drunk me and the volunteers were not happy.

Before, I was able to go to sleep Justice wanted to talk to me, so we both went to the roof. But, I was too tired to talk, because yet again Justice has broken his promise and has drunk some alcohol. In, which we both agreed that it would be better if we talk tomorrow.

Wednesday, this morning the 2 Italians are going back to Italy. In, which me and Justice sat on the roof waiting to say goodbye to the girls. Justice kept trying to apologise to me, but I was too angry to forgive him yet. As, soon as the volunteers left, me and Justice made our way to the school. In, which we was late, but as a project coordinator I had to say goodbye to the Italians.

Once, I got too school I went to teach class 4, but sir said today I don’t have to teach, as there aren’t many students today, so for the rest of the morning I spent it teaching Justice all the countries of the world through the alphabet. After, I finished teaching Justice and I wanted to eat some spring rolls, so me and Justice went to get some, once again the spring rolls tasted so good! After, eating I went to get a taxi in which on the way home, I was nearly part of a car crash, because the other taxi didn’t decide to stop, but luckily, we didn’t crash, but it was so close.

Thursday, this morning I had breakfast with Segro and Zoe like I can’t remember when it was the last time I had breakfast with the volunteers. After, breakfast I made my way to school, but when I got to the school it started to rain. So, that day was my results day in which I got a D* in Health and Social Care and I managed to pass all 3 maths papers in maths I got 2 A’s and 1 C, I literally cried when I saw I passed maths. When I told Junior, I passed maths Junior went crazy, I have never seen anyone so happy for me before he gave me such a hard high five and he gave me the biggest hug ever!

That, morning I didn’t teach, so I just spent it in the headmaster’s office with Junior. In which Junior shared some of his plantain with me in which tasted so good! Madam Esther wouldn’t stop taking photos of me and Junior it was so funny. As well Sir Seth tried to teach me maths, in which I understood, but now I can’t remember. When, all the teachers went me and Junior sat in the office talking about our relationship. In which after we finished talking Junior started dancing to all of his French songs, in which now I have fallen more in love with his music. After, school me and Junior went to first junction together and again Junior stood by my taxi again before it drove to Mana.

That, evening I spent it being home alone in which I love, as it means I can sing in the shower and play my music, as loud as I want. But, randomly Michael’s brother came to the house and sat in the dark in the living room in which I turned the light on for him, as I felt strange about the whole situation.

Friday, that morning when I got to school I was in class 4 talking to sir, as he was eating his food. Madam Esther and another Madam came too class 4 as well, in which Madam Esther wanted to disturb me by taking photos. At 11 o’clock Justice came to the school to watch me teaching the students, as I was teaching the students how to write a future story. Once, I was closed from school before going home me and Justice went to sit down somewhere to talk for a bit.

As, soon as me and Justice got home I was on the phone talking to Alex about her GCSE results. In which Justice was preparing me some indomie, in which this made Doreen unhappy, as I was asking someone else to cook for me.

That, evening me and Doreen had an argument, because I’ve had enough of how she has been talking too me and about me. In which she told Prince the whole situation, but Prince wasn’t that bothered. That evening I was able to reunite with 2 of my Ghanaian brothers (Eric and George), as they both came to visit me, the strange thing was George and Justice both knew each other already. After, spending time with George and Eric I walked them to their taxi, in which their I told them about me and Junior in which George was so happy that I wasn’t single no more.

Saturday, this morning I woke up all by myself, as the 2 volunteers have travelled to the Volta region, in which I love, as I love having the room to myself, after a while. After, I had my shower I phoned Junior, in which Junior told me that today I have to buy all my food for tomorrow, as tomorrow I’m cooking for Junior and everyone. However, today I didn’t want to go out, as I was feeling too tired. Before, going to the mall I phoned my dad and Lisa, as I haven’t spoken to Lisa in so long and I wanted to check up on my dad.

After, I finished doing what I needed to do in the morning me and Justice made our way to the junction mall, in which when we got their Justice told me that my cardigan was on the wrong way around, I was honestly so embarrassed. The first thing me and Justice did at the mall was food shopping, as I need to get my ingredients for tomorrow, however there was a problem the ingredients that I need the shop didn’t sell most of them, so I had to try and experiment with food instead.

Once, we completed the food shopping, I was craving for some chicken in which me and Justice sat down and had some chicken salad in which honestly there was more lettuce than the actual chicken, but its ok, as I need to start eating healthily again. Whilst, eating lunch I suddenly became very tired and weak in which me and Justice can’t think of a reason why, so before heading home I wanted to buy one more fab milk, because the vanilla one I’m addicted too now.

Whilst, in the trotro coming home we were stuck in traffic in which whilst in traffic we all heard gun shots, in which Justice got worried, but then this random man came to our trotro and told us there’s a funeral/ burial taking place along the road. In which meant the trotro had to take another route to first junction. When, me and Justice finally reached home we were locked out in which we had to walk to Prince (who was playing pool) to get the house key. That, evening the volunteers came home in which surprised me, as they weren’t supposed to come home until Sunday, but because of the rainy weather they decided to come back.

Sunday, this morning I had to wake up at 7, as today is my favourite day, as its Church day! So, after I was finished getting ready I video chatted my dad whilst waiting for Justice to cook my breakfast. In, which me and my dad made a joke about Justice, as Justice had 2 breakfasts and he hadn’t even finished preparing mine, Justice was so embarrassed it was so funny! After, breakfast me and Justice looked at the time and saw we only had 10 minutes to get to Church in which we got out of the house quicker than anything.

That, Church service was another favourite of mine, because there were performances of children talking too people telling a story through dancing, it was amazing to watch. After, the service me and Justice waited for Junior to be finished before we all made our way to Junior’s friends house, as the women has given birth to a girl! However, whilst travelling to the house the car decided to break down in which everyone had to get out and go into a taxi instead. Once, we arrived at the house Junior went to meet the baby whilst me and Justice stayed outside talking.

Before, going home me, Junior and Justice had to get the key from Prince for the house, but Prince made us to watch him play pool, in which luckily for me there was football on, so me and everyone decided to watch that instead. As, time was ticking on, I went back to the house on my own to start preparing the food, in which everyone finally came to the house and it was me, Junior and Justice in the kitchen, as I didn’t want to eb in the kitchen alone. Once, I was done cooking the Pallela I dished it out for everyone and so far, people have liked my cooking, in which I’m so shocked.

That, evening it was left with me, Justice and Junior in the house, as everyone else went out. So, us three sat and listened to music etc… Whilst, Junior was calling his friends. When, it came to the time to walk Junior to the taxi, Justice randomly decided to join us. In, which whilst waiting for the taxi Justice and Junior were both making fun off me in which was so funny. I really enjoy being around Junior and Justice. But, I was sad to see Junior go.


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