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August 27th 2018
Published: August 27th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10

My favorite beach
Week 10

Monday, this morning Michael wanted to ask me a question if me and Justice are dating? In which I replied by saying no we are not dating, but for some reason Michael didn’t seem to believe in me. After, having answered all of Michael’s questions I was able to make my way to school, but as today was raining I took a taxi instead of a trotro.

At, school today I spent it in the headmaster’s office, as I had this massive headache, but I knew I needed to talk to Junior about why he was sad yesterday. In which Junior told me and I felt very bad, because I didn’t mean to upset him. After, clearing the air with Junior another teacher came to talk to us in which we talked about how people only want to know you if they are getting something from you, but it is so true. After, talking in the office me and Junior made our way to the trotro in which that’s where me and Junior went our separate ways.

Once, I was home I literally went to sleep, however both Justice and Junior kept disturbing me
Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10

Me and Justice
with their calls. But, when I was done with the calls I slept for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday, this morning was a good morning, as I was able to leave for school early, as I didn’t want to have breakfast this morning. So, when I got to school that morning the headmaster’s office was locked, so I decided to sit with class 4 sir in which me and sir talked about UK politics, everyday life in school. Sir even said he’s happy to call me his daughter in which made me very happy, as this shows that he really likes me.

After, talking to sir I was able to teach class 4 in which I haven’t taught them in a real long time. When I got to class 4 I asked them what they would want me to teach them and they all replied saying maths in which I taught them subtraction, division, multiplication, addition and ratio. However, I realised their multiplication knowledge was terrible, so I set them some homework to revise all the multiplications up to 9 and tomorrow I’ll play a game with them and whoever wins I’ll buy them something. After, teaching
Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10

On the rocks whilst Justice swims
Junior came and asked if I was ready to leave in which me and Junior went straight to the Junction mall, as Junior knew that I didn’t want to go home. On, the way to the mall in the trotro me and Junior sat at the front of the trotro in which we pretended to argue in which made the passengers and the driver to laugh.

Once, we arrived at the mall me and Junior sat down outside in our favourite place talking about school, as we both are teachers. I was able to meet Junior’s cousin, as Junior video called him, Junior’s brother is so funny, as he said Reading is a fake team. Whilst, sitting with Junior there was this little girl who kept wanting to come and be with me and Junior it was so adorable. After, we finished talking me and Junior decided to go to the Decathlon shop in which there was this table tennis in which Junior suggested me to play him, he was surprised that I was actually good at it. However, this man came and wanted to play, so I let Junior to play him without knowing the man was the
Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10

Justice posing next to the palm tree, such a model
schools champion. At, the game, the man kept destroying Junior it was so funny! After, playing table tennis me and Junior moved onto our last stop which was the supermarket, as I wanted some ice cream, in which I brought Junior one as well, as the ice cream was on offer for 2, as well I brought 2 peanut butter Oreos and my favourite biscuits. When, it came to pay Junior kept making fun of me, as I was carrying so much junk food, it was so funny!

On, the taxi on the way home me and Junior shared my Oreo biscuits in which I taught him how to eat it and he replied I haven’t got time for that. When, I finally arrived home me and Junior sat outside the house listening to music, as he really likes my music. 1 hour later Junior finally decided it was time for himself to go home in which I walked him to the end of the road in which whilst waiting for the taxi me and Junior kept trying to give each other chicken legs it was too funny. Then, the Italian girls arrived home in which for 10 minutes
Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10Ghana Blog Week 10

Me and my student Carrie
Junior was talking in French with Miriam in which left me and Clara completely confused. When, finally Junior got into his taxi I went back inside to have my dinner.

Whilst, eating dinner Segro came to talk to me, as he was annoyed/ upset about something, so therapist Elizabeth had to listen and do her job again. So, Segro had another argument with Miriam over trips again in which I told him not to worry about planning a trip involving the Italians, just plan your own trip, as the Italians drop out of the trips at the very last minute. After, listening to Segro’s complaint I had to listen to Doreen’s complaint as well, as she Michael and Prince had an argument in the morning. Once, I was finished being the therapist I went to go and buy some toilet roll, as there’s never ever any toilet roll in the house. However, when I came back from getting the toilet roll I had to lock the gate in which I manged to break another key, I was so annoyed, so as soon as I saw Segro I showed him the key and he just burst out laughing. If that wasn’t bad I managed to create an ant nest in my bed, because of my biscuits, Michael found it too funny.

So, for the rest of the evening I spent it sitting on the roof in which Segro kindly decided to join me. In which I showed him the Turkish Airline plane, as every evening I see this plane taking off, Segro was very surprised how I was able to name the plane from such distance. After, sitting on the roof I went to my room in which now Miriam wanted to complain to me, as she had a bad day at her work place, honestly, I don’t understand why everyone is in such bad moods today. In which at 11 I decided to sleep. However, at 3AM my feet were itching, so painfully in which I went to the bathroom to put my feet in the shower, in which in a way this helped to numb the itchy pain.

Wednesday, this morning I found it hard to wake up, as today I feel so ill, as I think I have a cold. Luckily, I was able to have breakfast early in which meant I was able to go to school early as well. But, when I went to go and get my taxi Prince and Michael were shouting my name and waving at me from the roof it was so strange. After, getting off the trotro one of my younger students called my name to help him to cross the road in which I loved having this responsibility. When, I got to the school class 4 sir welcomed me with such a warm smile and madam Cynthiana said that I have put on weight and that I looked beautiful, like obviously I know that I have put on weight after knowing what food I’ve been eating.

At, around 11 I went to speak to the class 4 teacher, as I was making sure that he was ok, as lately he hasn’t been happy. Sir asked if I could take over the class, as he needed to go and do something in which I replied saying I would be more than happy too. So, for class 4 today I tested them on their multiplication to make sure they have done their homework and to my surprise they all tried to remember some of them I was so happy for them.

After, I finished with school I met up with Justice in which Justice took me to Accra, as he needed to get a new sim card, as the one he’s currently using has locked his phone in which when we got to Accra I swear everyone knows Justice, as everyone was calling his name, as if he was this celebrity.

When I got home I went straight to the roof, as Justice was going to meet me there. But Michael, and Zoe were going to go out in which I had to pretend I was going to the market to buy something, so that Michael doesn’t look the gate. In which I collected Justice and we sat on the roof talking and eating ice cream until Michael and Zoe came home. In which when Justice left I honestly went straight to sleep, as I didn’t feel well.

Thursday, this morning I woke up feeling so ill as, my cold has gotten worse. It was so kind that Junior called me to make sure I was feeling ok and he insisted for me to stay home, but I didn’t want to stay at home I wanted to go to school. When I got to school I video chatted with Alex, as I know talking to her would give me a lot of energy.

When, I tried to sleep one of the class 4 students asked for me to come and teach them, so off I went to teach class 4. Today, I taught them ratio and multiplication and how to write an interesting story. In which tomorrow class 4 has said they want to write me their own story in which I have made it a bit difficult for them by saying, the story needs to have a cliff hanger and not a straight ending. At, the end of the school day I had to wait for Junior, as Thursdays he goes with me too first junction. Whilst, walking from school I was walking with Junior and the new madam and Junior kept making fun off me, because I’m so ill. In the trotro with Junior we were talking about my rules of having children, because I’ve changed my mind, as before I said it depends on my age and now it only depends on when I’m engaged or married, in which Junior loved the idea of that. Like always Junior stood by my taxi until the taxi went, I love it when he does this.

That afternoon when I got home Doreen prepared me my favourite dish spaghetti but, randomly Michel tried to lift me and Doreen up, but the problem is I’m too ticklish, so he wasn’t able too. After, lunch I went to sleep, as I’m jut too ill. For 2-3 hours I final woke up and decided to go and get some toilet roll, as Doreen finished my last one.

Later, in the evening everyone went out, so I was the only one at the house in which I decided to try and type my blog even though I didn’t get much done. Next, minute the Italian girls and Justice walked into the house and me and Justice had an argument, over something so stupid. Then, Michael Prince and the others came home in which Prince saw that I was angry and asked me what was wrong in which led for me, Prince and Justice having to talk in which annoyed the volunteers, as the volunteers wanted to go out drinking in which they had to wait for Prince. After, Prince had finished dealing with the volunteers me and Justice went to the roof, as I wanted to tell Justice that I can’t be his friend unless he stops drinking alcohol, because I can’t be around people who surround themselves with alcohol. In which this kind off made Justice too realise that he has gone too far with his drinking. Later, in the evening the volunteers came home very drunk and they decided to lock me and Justice out of the house, so me and Justice kept calling Michael to open the door, it was so funny.

Friday, this morning I woke up with a massive swollen finger it was so painful, and my cold is getting worse, I honestly hate being so ill. So, after breakfast I showed Michael my finger he was like how is it so big? I laughed so hard, Doreen on the other hand decided to keep adding hot boiling water onto my finger, that was so painful.

On, the way to the school I phoned Junior in which he kept saying I was late for school and I kept telling him I can’t be late, as my class is at 11, then Junior said your still late, as school starts at 8 in which I replied saying then I’ve always been late for school. Mine and Juniors conversations are the best.

That morning at school I spent it in the headmasters, but I got too bored, so I decided to go to class 4 again to teach. This time the children asked for me to test them on multiplication, in which in just 1-week I’ve seen a massive improvement in the children and their multiplication. As well, the children wanted to write a story, but for some reason the children were confused on how to write a story. Next, moment Justice came to the school, as after the school I was to go to a funeral with him. There were 2 students who were not wanting to work, so I sacked them in which children hate being sacked. So, Justice spoke to the 2 boys and made them to apologies.

When, school closed me and Justice went to get some food, as like always I was so hungry. After, eating me and Justice headed to my favourite beach in which we climbed on the rocks and Justice went swimming in the sea. However, I went for a wonder and then, this guy sat down and stared at me in which I just walked straight back to Justice. In which me and Justice sat down to look at the sea in which the next moment Kwame called me and said he pranked me, as he wanted to see if I would get angry if he tried to offend me, but even he agreed that didn’t happen. After, the beach I went to say hello to Kwame’s cousin in which the cousin was like where’s Kwame? In, which I replied saying we are no longer talking. After, talking to the cousin me and Justice went to see Osha, as Justice needed to help Osha with something. After, that me and Justice headed to the funeral of his friend in which their everyone sang and danced it was, so much fun.

Once, I got home Justice cooked me some indomie. However, I found out that Justice has drunk some alcohol I was so furious, as Justice lied to me as well. Me and Justice had this massive argument in which I told him if he doesn’t stop drinking I can’t no longer be his friend. When, everyone came home I went to the roof with Justice and cried, as I cant understand why he is not listening to me.

Saturday, this morning I woke up in the room all by myself, as all of the volunteers have travelled to Cape Coast. In which that morning I completed my blog and tided the girl’s room for everyone. Then, Justice came around to take me to the Accra mall. On, the way to the mall the taxi driver stopped at Palace mall in which Justice told him that’s the wrong mall. Then, next moment the taxi driver and Justice had this big argument in which once again I had to stop the argument.

Once, arrived at the Accra mall me and Justice went to sit down outside, as I needed to phone Junior, in which Junior said I should call him back later. In which me and Justice went food shopping in which Junior called back we spoke in which Junior had to tell me 2 things in which whilst waiting for him to tell me the 2 things my heart started beating so fast. After, food shopping me and Justice got some lunch and I’m telling you the chicken was so good. Their, was this white dad with his 2 children on holiday and it made me so happy, as it reminded me of my dad taking me too countries. So, before me and Justice went home we went food shopping again.

That, evening when me and Justice got home, once again Justice made me some indomie, but I had to go and get myself, Justice and Junior some credit. After, eating Justice kindly made me some hot water for the shower, as I wanted to have a hot shower. In, which after Justice made me some water I walked with him to get his taxi. When, having my shower it was so good, as after my shower I slept like a baby.

Sunday, this morning I had to wake up early, as today is Church day in which I was nearly late for Church, as Michael made my breakfast late. On, my way to Church I had to collect Justice, but randomly Justice was speaking to his friend on the other side of the road in which I complained to him saying we have no time for him to talk to his friend.

That, Church service was my favourite Church service out of the 3 I’ve been too it was amazing! The music, the testaments, singing and everything was perfect. After, the service Junior told us he has to go to a quick Church meeting and that he said that he will only be 10 minutes. So, me and Justice went to meet our Nigerian friends in which we spoke to them. But, still Junior wasn’t finished with the meeting, as the meeting lasted for an hour. After, we were reunited with Junior we went to one of Juniors mums who sells the pies, so that we can get a pie and so I can also greet the mum again.

Next, place me, Justice and Junior visited too was the pool place that I visited too last year, in which their Justice and Junior eat Banku in which whilst they were eating I sat their thinking, as I hate Banku. After, Justice and Junior were finished eating me and Junior headed to the Tema beach, but Justice didn’t want to come, as he wanted to go to the funeral.

When, me and Junior made it to the beach we walked along the beach until we got to the rocks in which their me and Junior sat and talked and solve all of the problems we have, Junior told me a story about him in which made me cry. But, Junior has this laugh in which is so funny in which when he laughed with his laugh I would literally die of laughter. After, talking me and Junior moved to a table in which their me and Junior danced and sang, its so much fun being around Junior. After, we were done at the beach we headed home, but that taxi journey was the best taxi journey ever!

Once, me and Junior arrived home Michael invited Junior in, which we all sat down on the sofa listening to music. After, 30 minutes Junior wanted to go home in which, as soon as we got outside Junior went for a wee he said “I’m African this is what we do” I just laughed and walked. Whilst, waiting for the taxi it took forever, as it was late in the evening, so all the taxis were only doing drop off taxis. As, soon as Junior got into his taxi I ran home to go for a wee, as I was so desperate, but before I was able to get inside the house the volunteers stopped me, as they wanted to talk to me about this weekend. After, speaking to the volunteers I had my wee and went to sleep.


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