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August 18th 2018
Published: August 18th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9

Me and Nico at a family event
Week 9

Monday, this morning Prince told me that 2 Italian Volunteers will be joining me at school for 2 days, as their internship starts on Wednesday. Once, we arrived at school all the students were, so excited to see 2 new white people even the teachers were very happy!

That, morning I spent it in the headmaster’s office. In which the 2 Italian volunteers went home by themselves in which meant I could stay at school a bit longer. But, Junior said he had to leave early, as he has to go and meet his brother. In which sir said hurry up to me if I wanted to walk with him, in which I managed to walk with him as well as madam Esther.

That afternoon when I got home I spent it writing/ typing my blog in which Kwame came round to talk to me, as lately we haven’t seen each other for 3 weeks. When he came around the house the looks he gave me were so deadly it was so funny.

So, that evening me and Kwame sat on the roof talking in which we were catching up with the past
Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9

Me and my yellow bow tie
3 weeks. When it came for me to have dinner I didn’t want to eat inside, so Doreen kindly brought my dinner up to the roof for me. Randomly, the headmaster came to the house, as Prince has to pay him 300 cedies in which Prince once again asked for me tom pay and tomorrow he said he will pay me back. After, sitting on the roof me and Kwame sat in the living room for a while, as everyone else decided to go out partying again. But, as soon as Kwame left to go home I went to sleep, as I was too tired to wait for everyone to come home.

Tuesday, this morning I had to take the 2 Italians with me to school again, but this will be the last time that the Italians will be coming with me to school. The Italians however, left the school early in which meant it was me at school, so I decided to stay at the school, as I didn’t want to go home so, me and Junior were, in the headmaster’s office talking about food, as I kept complaining about not being able to eat Ben and Jerry’s.
Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9

Me and Justice at Prince's birthday party
All, of a sudden I had a craving for some noodles and Junior had a craving for salad, so we both went out to look for some food, but for my luck I couldn’t find no noodles, so I had to have salad instead. Once, we got our food we headed back to the school in which we sat in the headmaster’s office eating, but when Junior finished eating I asked him if he could preach, as he works in the Church, so Junior started preaching and he was amazing, to be honest I’m thinking off becoming an actual Christian now. Both, me and Junior agreed that we were both tired, so we decided to head home.

On, the way home in the taxi, the taxi broke down luckily it wasn’t in the middle of the road. But, as it broke down we got told to move to another taxi. However, for the first time ever I was able to do my own phone credit all by myself!

Wednesday, this morning Prince gave me a task to do before I go to school, the task was to take both Segro and Zoe to go and get them a
Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9

Me and the sunglasses
Ghana sim card. Once, we got back from the walk I spoke to Doreen and watch her clean the bathroom, I feel so sorry for her having to clean it, because that’s not her job in the house, but yet if she doesn’t do it no one else would’ve done it. After talking to Doreen, I left for school, in the taxi the driver was very polite as he dropped me off exactly where I needed to be to get my trotro. Once, at school I remembered that Junior doesn’t come to school on Wednesdays, as he is at the other school in which means todays morning is going to be so long! However, my little girl Michelle came to see me again and wanted to dance.

After, I had closed from school I went to Kwame’s cousins shop to meet Kwame and to see his cousin. Once, I was with Kwame we went to the beach (my favourite beach) to talk. Randomly I asked Kwame to test me on multiplication and countries/ capitals. Kwame was so surprised in how much I know in a way I embarrassed him, as has now discovered there are 2 things that I’m smarter than him. I asked Kwame the capital of France and he replied saying he don’t know, I told him it was Paris and Kwame replied saying I didn’t even know that Paris was in France. I was so ashamed of him, as I thought he was a really smart person.

After, staying at the beach we headed to Kwame’s sisters house in which there we had dinner. But, when I got to the place I was sat outside on my own it was horrible, the 2 sisters didn’t even want to greet me. After, dinner I went straight home in which once I got home I just watched debating shows until I fell asleep at midnight.

Thursday, this morning I woke up early, as I wanted to have breakfast with the other volunteers, but once again I was made to eat by myself, but I was very grateful that Segro and Zoe stayed and talked to me whilst I was having my breakfast. After, breakfast I went to school, but when I got the taxi the driver was like I remember you, and once I asked the driver where he has driven me before I remembered him,
Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9

Kwame eating fufu on the roof
he was the driver who took me to Church on Sunday. When, I was in the trotro I saw Justice working I instantly became really happy, as now I’ve seen with my own eyes how hard he is working. However, this trotro went another route, so I got out and continued the journey by walking, but luckily, I don’t have that far to walk.

Once, I arrived at school Madam Cynthia talked to me about Ghana and she kept saying how well I’ve done and that she has seen a massive change in me as a person and can’t wait for my return in January. For, the rest of the school day I was in the headmaster’s office with Junior, Sir Seth and another male teacher we were talking about absolutely anything, but the conversation was so funny. Junior brought me some lunch and another teacher, so for lunch I had beans and normally I don’t like beans, but it was so delicious. After, lunch it was left for me and Junior in the headmaster’s office talking about the Bible and preaching and my visit to Cameroon.

After, school Junior came with me to First Junction in which
Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9Ghana Blog Week 9

Me and Justice after Church
he caught the trotro with me, but the big problem with Junior In a trotro is he is too tall, so his knee is always getting crushed by the chairs in front of him. After, the trotro Junior walked me to my taxi in which once again he stood talking to me until another passenger came.

That evening when I got home I fell asleep on the sofa, as I was too tired. During dinner Michael had put this movie on for us to watch, however I wasn’t really a fan of the movie, because I didn’t like the fact that the white people were killing the black people. Then, all of a sudden Prince and David came home Prince ordered there too be a meeting in which when there’s a meeting someone’s in trouble, so I was thinking what have I done this time? But, too my surprise this meeting wasn’t about me it was for the 2 Italians and the 2 Swiss, so I just sat back and felt happy, as I wasn’t in trouble. After, the big argument Prince asked me, Kwame and Michael to go to the roof to talk to us about the big argument that has just happened. When, Prince was done talking it was just left with me and Kwame sitting on the roof, as everyone else went out, so Kwame talked to me about his article and politics.

When, Kwame finally left to go home I literally sat on my bed texting Junior like always in the evenings, whilst waiting for the other volunteers to come home before sleeping.

Friday, this morning was another regular morning in which on the trotro, it went the same way, as yesterday, but it was ok as I know the route in which I have to walk. The whole day at school I spent it in the headmasters all by myself, as Junior wasn’t at school today. But, before I decided to leave the school some of my students came to see me before I went home. I decided to leave early, as I wanted to sleep, but I had to finished everything I needed to do at school, so I was allowed to leave. When, I left the school and was waiting for my trotro a taxi pulled up and said he remembers me I looked in the taxi and it was Eric, the taxi driver who I spoke to him about mine and Juniors relationship, I was so happy to see him. When I reached home, Doreen had kindly made me some indomie in which made me so happy, as I love indomie so much. After, eating my lunch I went to sleep.

As, soon as I woke up from my sleep I had dinner, in which after that I was in my room showing a volunteer something when all of a sudden, I heard someone calling my name in which when I knew it was Justice in which once I saw him we went to the roof to talk with the Nigerians, as Justice hasn’t spoken/ seen them in like a week. All, the volunteers and Prince/ Michael all went out in which once again I was in charge of looking after the house. In which whilst looking after the house I was on video chat with Junior and his cousin Corine in which we joked and talked in which I enjoyed, as I love talking to them both. After, being on call it was only me and Justice at home in which we listen to music, until the others came home.

Saturday, that day was Prince’s birthday! In which means that evening I’ll have to go out. So, I was supposed to meet with Nico, but he had to go and do something. In which I decided to go and meet Eric and Justice in which when I got there I didn’t stay for long, as I wanted to go to the beach, in which me and Justice went to the Tema Beach. However, whilst at the beach it was so cold, but it didn’t mind me as much, as I rather be at the beach then being at home. Later, in the evening I was feeling hungry in which me and Justice walked along the beach when it was getting dark the scenery was so beautiful. Once, we found a place that did jollof rice me and Justice got some, the food was heaven.

After, the beach we went to get a taxi to go back to the place were me and Justice always meet. Whilst, in the taxi me and Justice had this massive sing a long in which the taxi driver kept laughing, but I was having too much fun to care. Once, we arrived me and Justice sat their talking whilst waiting for Prince to call us to tell us the direction to the party. Once, Prince finally decided to call us me and Justice got into the taxi in which we got out and David was going to collect us and take us to the party.

When we arrived at Prince’s party there were lot of Prince’s friends around the table in which me and Justice sat next to each other, as we both didn’t want to be here, because of the alcohol. Sir Seth (the headmaster) was also at the party in which I told him not to watch me, as now I’m not in the school hours. Osha was at the party as well in which I mainly spoke to Osha and Justice, as they are my brothers after all. However, there was this bad vibe as some of Prince’s friends were giving me and Justice horrible looks it was so weird. After, the party we managed to get home at around 4AM.

Sunday, this morning I had to wake up at 7AM, as I have to go to Church in which only meant I had only 3 hours of sleep I honestly was so tired. However, Justice called me saying that I was late for Church and I replied saying it’s not true, as Church is at 9 and its only 8:20, so I was so confused. Once, I left home I finally picked Justice up after I made the driver to drive to the wrong bank opps… After, collecting Justice we headed straight to Church in which once we got there we were having to stand outside, as the 1st service was running a bit late.

However, that Church service was really good, but the problem was I kept falling asleep, as I was too tired. In which for 2 hours having to stay awake was a challenge. When, Church came to a close me and Justice had to wait for Junior, as he had a Church meeting to quickly attend too. Whilst, waiting our Nigerian friends sat down next to us too talk to us the conversation was so funny When, Junior had finished his meeting he showed me another mum of his in which she gave me a meat pie in which tasted so good, but I didn’t like the fish in it.

After, meeting the mum me, Junior and Justice made our way to meet Nico in which sitting in the trotro was, so funny, as I made fun off Junior, as he had no leg room, and there was me who had lots of leg room, Junior wasn’t happy at all! After, the trotro we sat in a taxi in which we had to wait for 10 minutes for another person to sit in the taxi. In which we finally arrived at our destination we were collected by Nico in which we went to his sister’s house, as there was the programme going on for the baby.

Whilst, at the programme it was just me, Junior and Justice talking to each other, in which all of a sudden Junior became very quiet and just sat on his phone in which I instantly knew that he wasn’t ok, but Junior wanted to go home to sleep, so me and Justice and Nico walked Junior too the taxi, in which after dropping Junior me and Justice and Nico went back to the programme in which me and Justice had an argument, as he wouldn’t listen to me, as I told him not to drink no more alcohol and well he did and I wasn’t happy. After, the programme Nico dropped me and Justice off at our meeting place, so I could talk to Justice, but obviously I wouldn’t be able to talk to him, as he was tipsy in which left us both in tears, as we both were annoyed at each other. When, it was time for me to take the taxi home I talked to the driver, as he asked me if Justice was drink and I said yes whilst crying.


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