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July 30th 2018
Published: July 30th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7

My little Michelle
Ghana Blog Week 7

Monday, it was so weird waking up without Nasreen in the room and her spraying of her perfume everywhere. So, this morning Prince said he would take me and Theresa to school. Once, we got to the school I went to the headmaster’s office in which their students in class 6 came to get me, so that we can do the dancing. But, I got annoyed very quickly, because the students started to act crazy, because there was a bat in the room. Luckily the students had an exam in which meant I had the whole room to myself, so I kept rehearsing the routine. Suddenly, the headmaster came and spoke to me, about me moving to Ghana in December. After, he finished talking to me Junior then was calling me to help him with marking some of his exam papers again.

After, finishing marking the papers the school day was finished, but once again it was me, Junior and Justice left in the classroom talking about anything, then suddenly Junior started to do some drumming on the table, Junior is amazing at it, sounds as if he was drumming on an actual drum.
Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7

Zilya my favorite student who stole my money.

Justice doesn’t want to stay out too long now, so he took me out to the Junction Mall in which there I exchanged some money, as I only had 200 cedies left. After, exchanging we went to the supermarket for me to get some food the items I brought were: mango juice, mixed grapes as I miss them so much, strawberry body soap, 2 ice creams for me and Justice, biscuits and some pens. The total cost was actually cheap I was so surprised it was only 52 cedies. After, shopping me and Justice sat outside to eat our ice creams and have a little chat before we went home.

That evening I spent it at the house, as Justice didn’t want to go out. So, after I did some typing on my blog I decided to go and sit on the roof to do some thinking, as I don’t understand why I’m getting so angry so easily at the moment. Whilst, sitting on the roof 2 of the Nigerian guys from next door came to talk to me to make sure I was ok, it was very sweet of them.

When, I came down from the roof
Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7

Me and Rochelle before the dance competition
I wanted to go to bed, but Theresa said for me to give her 10 minutes before turning the light off. I gave her 20 minutes, so that it was 11:45 and then I turned the light off and Theresa was like oh why and I was like I gave you 10 minutes and now I want to sleep. I left the door open, so that she can see from the light from outside.

Tuesday, this morning Theresa took forever to get ready, so by the time she finished getting ready Prince said that he was taking Theresa to the art centre, so I waited for no reason. On, the trotro the driver wanted to drive a different direction in which everyone went crazy, as they knew that he was going the wrong way, so the mate made sure he stopped the driver at a good place for me to walk. Luckily, I know the area well, so I was able to find the school without any problems.

School that day was good, as I pretty much spent the whole day dancing, as I need to practice for my performance this Friday. But, before dancing I had to
Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7

Me, Rochelle and her friend
go to class 6 with the headmaster and Junior, because for the 2nd time the students have stolen my money. After, the whole money business me Junior and Justice were all being silly in the headmaster’s office about food as if things can’t get any crazier.

So, when dancing I managed to complete the routine, but for some reason I kept forgetting some steps. So, at the end of the school day Justice, Junior and this other teacher came upstairs to see my routine. Junior then said that I am a terrible dancer, but everyone was saying that he’s only saying that to get me not wanting to compete in the dance competition.

Before, going home me Justice and Junior were sitting in the headmaster’s office and we were talking about our trip to Cameroon and then both of them were talking and saying what type of person they think I am and honestly what they said nearly made me cry, because it was so kind. After, being in the headmaster’s office we went out in which we came across the 2 Nigerian guys from next door, as they needed to speak to Justice.

Wednesday, this morning
Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7

Me at the Tema Beach climbing on the rocks again
I was looking for this song that I could dance too on Friday, luckily, I found it in which I made Justice and Michael to listen to it and they both said they love the song and they said if I have a strong dance then Junior has no chance of beating me. Going to school I went alone again, as Theresa wanted to go to the art centre again. So, today I got a taxi straight to school, as I didn’t want to get a trotro.

So, school that day I spent the morning teaching class 2 my dance routine in which some of the students found it too difficult. In which both madams said I should leave it to them to finish the routine. So, I went to see the headmaster in which he gave me some exam papers to mark in which during the marking one of my favourite students confessed to the headmaster that it was her who stole my money, I was so shocked like I didn’t know what to say. After, listening to the apology prince wanted to talk to me about the incident and I told him why I was so angry
Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7

Me and Junior being silly
and he completely for once understood me.

After, marking I was called to go back to class 2, when I got to class 2 both madams told me the dance routine is too hard for the children, but one of the boys said he could do it, so I had only 30 minutes to teach him the whole routine in which was really easy, as he’s an amazing dancer. After, teaching the students the dance both Justice and Junior wanted me too perform the dance too them, in which Justice said to sir he has no chance of beating me.

That evening home me, Justice and Junior were walking when we came across a chicken in which the chicken came running towards us otherwise it would’ve been hit by the car, I literally ran and hid behind Justice, I was so scared, both of them just laughed at me.

At home it was just me and Justice in which me and him played music in which I showed Justice all my latest favourite songs and he showed me his. But, half way through our list of songs Nico called Justice, as he wanted to see Justice quickly,
Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7

Mine and Michael's artwork of the family
so I was home alone for 10 minutes in which then I turned the music as loud as I wanted too. In which then Justice came in and said that Nico wanted to talk to me as well. When I saw Nico, I gave him the biggest hug ever, I have missed him so much! Me, Nico and Justice stood outside the house talking until Prince and everyone came home in which, then it was left for me and Nico together, as Justice had to help Prince with something.

Before, going to bed I spent time talking to Justice, as me and him have this game between each other, which is how well do we know each other, in which we can see how much we have listened to each other for the past 2 months.

Thursday, morning me and Justice went to school together, as Prince and everyone will arrive later. In the taxi Justice asked me how much I’ve been paying the drivers and when I said 20 cedies he went crazy, as he said I shouldn’t be paying more than 12 cedies. Once, at school me and Justice waited for everyone to arrive in which
Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7Ghana Blog Week 7

How Ghanaians wash their clothes
me and Justice sat in the headmaster’s office marking some exam papers, in which took forever!

When Justice came back with everyone from the art centre Junior told Justice that I’m the new headmistress of the school in which I just laughed. For the whole day at school I just sat in the same place talking to Junior and the other male teachers. Then, all of a sudden Michael and David came in, which me and Michael started drawing the whole family in which was so funny we even drew Junior and Sir Seth. Out, of no where Michael wanted to do an arm wrestle competition in which he beaten me at, I don’t understand were he got all the strength from? In which next minute me, Michael and Justice started to play fight, as Junior wanted to take a photo of us, honestly it was funny, I almost broke one of the windows.

After, school me and Justice went to this café to eat some spring rolls, honestly, I normally hate spring rolls, but these were so good! After, eating me and Justice walked passed one of the market stores in which I was able to meet some of Justice friends, they were so kind!

Friday, today is the day of the dance competition and let me tell you I am so ready for it! That morning me, Theresa got a lift with Prince and Michael to school. When, we got to school we were welcomed by such loud music, as today is ‘Our Day’, in which at the end of the school year the students and the teachers have this day in which they dance and sing its so beautiful and creative.

That morning I sat in the headmaster’s office, as I wasn’t feeling well in which my little Michelle came to keep me company. Then, 12 o’clock came and it was time for ‘our Day’ to actually begin. Whilst watching the younger students dance it made me realise that I will have to dance soon, next moment Justice finally arrived to the school and once again I complained saying he is late again! Next, up to dance was class 4, then class 5, then class 6 and then Junior High and that order repeated itself 3 times, in which Theresa had to dance with class 5 in which Junior helped her, as she said she doesn’t know the whole dance. Then my time came for me to dance with class 6 in which I was kind off nervous, but it was ok, as I know this routine very well. Dancing with class 6 was so much fun and then for some reason Prince came and gave me 5 cedies and I was like ok? After, dancing everyone was so surprised that I actually knew the whole routine…

Then, the dance competition came around and I asked if it was ok if I could quickly practice, in which then me and Justice went into one of the classrooms to practice the routine 2 times. All of a sudden, I was called to go stage and start the competition, for some reason I wasn’t nervous, but it was so cute seeing the little children copying me. Then, it came for Junior to do his dance, I’m not joking Junior only did 2 moves and cheated, as some girls came and join him dancing in which then Justice started complaining saying Junior is cheating. After, Junior finished dancing the headmaster said I had won the competition, as I danced alone, Junior went crazy I just couldn’t stop laughing.

After, ‘Our Day’ was finished Prince wanted to do a speech for Theresa, as she was leaving on Sunday in which Prince dragged the whole speech out, as he made some of the students to repeat what he was saying it was so embarrassing! If that wasn’t bad enough I had to go to a school meeting in which dragged, but I was able to leave early, as Prince wanted me to help with the clean-up. When, the clean-up was finished Justice said he was leaving, so I waited for Junior in which me and Junior walked behind Michael and David to the taxi.

Home that evening I decided to go and sit on the roof, whilst sitting on the roof my 2 Nigerian friends came to sit with me in which when we were able to see Theresa and Prince kissing on the edge of the road, as they wanted to go out, but they saw me and they decided to go back home. Me and the Nigerians were so shocked to see prince cheating on his wife and 2 children with Theresa I was so speechless.

Saturday, morning whilst having breakfast there was this knock on the door and next minute Justice came in, I was so happy! After, breakfast me and Justice stood in the kitchen talking whilst washing up. After, washing up me and Justice decided to go to the roof to speak to Doreen, as she is washing my clothes. Whilst, on the roof one of the Nigerian guys, also came up, as he wanted to wash his clothes as well. Us 4 all joked around and talked about absolutely anything. Its so good to be able to talk to people and get out of the house. Whilst, on the roof we were able to watch some of the funeral when the dead body gets taken away in an ambulance with lots of cars behind it, literally it gave me so much shivers, as its so loud.

After, washing me and Doreen and Justice went on a walk to go and get some groceries whilst walking this chicken wouldn’t stop following me in which it was left for Justice to scare it away for me. After, shopping me, Justice and Doreen sat outside talking about the future and our plans whilst eating lunch. After, talking for a while Justice had to go home in which I walked him to the taxi, as I needed to go and get some credit.

That evening when Prince and everyone came home I went to sit on the roof again, as I can’t stay anywhere near Theresa and Prince without saying anything about the whole kissing situation. Whilst, on the roof the Nigerian guy came up and spoke to me, as he also hates staying inside for a long time. For 2 nights now there has been a red moon in which looks so beautiful. After, sitting on the roof I went to go to bed, but Theresa was in the room and was doing something, so I didn’t mind her and left the light on and just went to sleep, tonight was the earliest time I’ve been to bed, as I slept at 8:30.

Sunday, this morning it was only me and Hagar (Prince’s wife) at the house in which I spent the whole time refolding my clothes and tiding the room. Then, suddenly Hagar came into the room and said that the headmaster is at the house and wants to talk to me, I was so confused in why he came. When I saw him, he said he came around to check up on me and to see if everything is ok, I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Once, the headmaster went home I then got ready for the meet up with Justice and Junior.

So, when I got into the taxi Justice spoke to the taxi driver on the phone and told him the directions. Whilst, in the taxi the taxi driver told me about another volunteer company close by and said if I was ever interested I could go and stay with that organisation next time. Once, I got out of the taxi Eric and Justice both greeted me with big hugs in which we sat down and talked/ joked around like we normally do. Then, we got the call from Junior saying he is ready to meet us, so we said our goodbyes to Eric and got into the taxi.

When, we finally got to Junior we went to the Tema Beach, whilst on the way to the beach I phoned Prince, as he wanted to know that I was with Junior. At the beach us 3 went on a walk in which we talked and laughed, after the walk we decided to sit on the rocks and look at the ships in the far distance, I don’t understand Justice and Junior’s up session with crabs they would both go and look at it and then talk about it, so weird. After, sitting on the rocks we decided to go dancing in which Junior and Justice gave me a name ‘Miss Africa’, as Junior was very surprised on how many songs I know the words too.

On, the way home from the beach we dropped Justice home first and Junior took me home to make sure I got home safe. On, the way home I had to tell the driver directions, as of course no one knows there way round Ghana. Once, we got to the house I took Junior to the roof in which we sat and talked, but he then got tired and said he needs to go home, so off he went. When I got into the house I went to bed, but it feels so strange to be the only volunteer in the house now and having my own room back!

So, altogether that was week 7 of my Ghana blog and this week just like last week was crazy and I have learnt a lot about people and learnt that any competition anyone wants me to challenge them in I have a big chance of beating them. Lets, see what week 8 has to show us.


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