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August 6th 2018
Published: August 7th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8

Me and Justice the day I escaped to meet Justice
Week 8

Monday, this morning I don’t have any school, as school finished on Friday for the summer, so now the school is doing the summer classes in which doesn’t start until Wednesday. There’s no way I’m staying in the house for the whole day, so I decided to go to school to catch up on my blogs and hopefully to be able to finish them... At school there as only 1 teacher and the headmaster. That morning after 3 hours I managed to complete the blogs in which now I’m so happy! Later, in the morning some students came to the school, as clearly, they are already bored of their summer holidays.

When I got home I spent the rest of the day in my room watching documentaries. After, I finished watching I spent the rest of the day calling my friends.

Tuesday, today is the orientation day, as this morning at 2AM a new volunteer arrived from Switzerland. So, this morning I spent breakfast discussing politics and history with the new volunteer.

After, breakfast the orientation began in which me and Michael were doing it. So, the first stop off the orientation was at Segro’s
Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8

The African skirt that was made for me for Chruch
work placement in which his project is Human Rights Child Tracking. After, visiting his placement we went to the arts centre in which we did African drumming in which this time I was actually good at it. After, drumming we went to look inside the arts centre in which we saw all the pretty African wear and colourful paintings. After, the arts centre we walked to the KwameNkrumah Mausoleum in which their I’ve never visited too before, the gardens are so beautiful and I think its so cute how Kwame wanted his wife to be lying near him when they both die. After, visiting the gardens we then went to the independent square in which their we were able to climb to the top of the independence square even though you’re not allowed too, this time strangely enough we were able too. The view at the top is so beautiful you can see the sea and all the traffic along the roads. Segro told me that he has never had his picture taken so much in one day…

When, we finally got home I went back out to get some money changed in which my taxi driver was so
Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8

Me and Doreen having our mini photo shoot
funny, once I got to the exchange place I asked the man to do 2 things for me I wanted him to change all my 50 cedies into 10 cedies and after that I wanted him to change 100 dollars in which now my plan is not to exchange no more money.

For, the rest of the evening I spent it talking to friends and discussing my outfit for Sunday, as Junior is going to take me to Church.

Wednesday, this morning was quite annoying, because Doreen wanted to sell things to me again in which every time I say no, she would refuse and get offended. When, I was allowed to escape the whole business selling from Doreen I manged to get to school in which the headmaster wanted to discuss about the letter for college about me doing an apprenticeship here. To my surprise Junior showed up to school even though yesterday he said he wouldn’t come.

Later, that morning I spent it in the headmaster’s office watching Michelle dancing it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. After, watching Michelle dance me and Junior went out to go and get me some
Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8

Me and Justice at Tema Beach
fabric for Sunday. Whilst, going to get fabric we met with one of the teachers Madam Esther in which I was able to get the fabric I wanted to get. After, collecting the fabric me and Junior went to the Junction mall, so that we can talk. After, talking I dropped Junior off and I made my way home, once I got home I went to the roof in which their I waited for Justice, as he wants to apologise to Prince. Me and Justice stayed on the roof until 10:00 in which whilst on the roof we saw a police chase, as a taxi was getting away from the police, the taxi drove around our house area in which they got caught. It was so good to see it happening.

Thursday, this morning I got woken by 2 people calling me in which after the calls Doreen walked in and turned the light on, its as of everyone wants to disturb me this morning. Whilst, having breakfast the swiss guy took his tissue and his plastic bag and put his toast in it, as this is our joke every morning, the guy even talked to me about his
Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8

Me and my Church outfit
blood test results and explained about each different types of blood groups.

Once, at school me and Junior shared music whilst he was eating his lunch. It was funny, as he was to distracted in dancing instead of eating in which he kept on making a mess.

After, school me and Junior went to first junction together, as he was going to a Church meeting and I’m going home. So, in the trotro me and Junior talked about Sunday, as he’s taking me to Church. When, we got to the first junction Junior walked me too my taxi and he stood next to the taxi until I went, it was so cute. As, soon as the taxi pulled away Junior made a joke and it was so funny!

As, soon as I went home I was locked out of the house, as everyone was out, so I went to the roof to sunbathe. Then, Doreen came home in which the new volunteers came. The 2 Italians are very kind girls 1 speaks English the other doesn’t really understand it.

After, lunch I went out to meet Justice and Eric in which we went to look for
Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8

On top of Independence Square Black Star
fabrics for me for my new skirt, as I want to have different types of skirts this year. After, fabric looking we just sat down and joked around. When, I got home I sat to have my dinner and Justice surprisingly came around, as he wanted to speak to Prince. So, me and Justice finished speaking with Prince me and Justice stayed home whilst everyone went out to a nightclub. Whilst, at home me and Justice had a play fight, as he doesn’t believe that I’m stronger than him, but this time he beat me I was so annoyed after play fighting we watched music again, as that’s all me and Justice ever do is listen to music.

Friday, this morning I left the house early, but before I left home I spoke to Segro, as he wanted to tell me something, he said already him and one of the Italians have already had an argument, as they went out running together. On, the way to school in the trotro there was this little girl who kept looking and smiling at me it was so cute. When, walking up to school one of my class 3 students saw me
Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8

Nico's brother
and we walked together. When, I got to the school once again I was so surprised to see Junior as he told me he’s not coming to school on Fridays. My little Michelle came and join me in the headmasters in which she danced this girl loves dancing. Next, moment Junior came to the office in which we listened to his music and danced with the students.

At, around 2:30 me and Junior left the school to go and collect my skirt, in which we walked and the sun was so hot I don’t think I remember the sun ever being this hot, so for the rest of the journey we took a taxi. Once, we got to the designers I was given my skirt to try on, I was so surprised on how perfect the skirt fitted, because the designers didn’t even need my size/ measurements.

After, finished with the designers me and Junior went on the mall, as Junior really wanted to have pizza. Once, we got to the mall we sat down and talked for a while in which after some time we decided to go and get the pizza in which Junior was able
Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8Ghana Blog Week 8

Me and Doreen
to see how crazy I eat pizza, after eating we stayed for 2 hours talking about life in general and about my Ghana move.

Saturday, this morning I went to sit on the roof, as everyone was still sleeping. Whilst, on the roof I was thinking on how I want to spend my weekend. So, after I finished getting ready I had to wait for Nico to come and meet me, once I was with Nico we went to this café in which he sat down to have his lunch. After, Nico had his lunch we went to meet Justice, once we collected Justice we made our way to the Junction mall, as Nico wanted to do some quick shopping. After, shopping we went on to go to the Tema Beach.

At, the beach me and Justice decided to do a sandcastle/ volcano competition. It was so funny, as when I started building mine I put all the sand onto Justice’s volcano he was not impressed. But, when Justice looked at my volcano he was very jealous with my idea in which then Justice and Nico offered to finish it for me. As, soon as the volcano looked good Nico decided to sit in it saying that its his very own beach jacuzzi. In which I suggested to Justice that I want a rematch at play fighting, but I’m telling you Justice beat me 3 times it was so funny, as we would try to take each other to the ground.

After, the beach we went to meet Eric in which we drove to Nico’s sisters house, so that I can meet the new baby, as now the sister has given birth! Whilst, at the sister’s place I was able to see my other friend in which this man reminds me of the Rock… We left the sisters place early, as I needed to be home at 7:30, but on my way home Prince called saying I can stay out if I’m happy and he would call me for when I need to be home. So, off me, Justice, Nico and Eric went to collect Adolf to go and play some pool. However, both me and Justice needed to use the bathroom, so we decided to sit in the cubicles next to each other, in which we sat on the toilet talking to each other, thankfully no one was outside listening to our conversation.

That, evening when I got home Prince wanted too talk to me. In which I sat down and listened. Prince said out of Kwame, Junior and Nico which one would I like to have as a boyfriend? I replied saying none of them, as I see them as brothers and my family wouldn’t even agree with me dating, but Prince wouldn’t take no for an answer, so randomly I replied saying Junior and then Prince started questioning me in why I didn’t say Kwame, in which I replied saying I don’t want a boyfriend and insisted to change the conversation. However, the other volunteers and Michael haven’t returned home yet, they returned home at 2AM, so I had a room to myself for some of the night.

Sunday, this morning I had to wake up early, as I was attending my first Church service of Ghana this year! So, I went to the roof and saw that my top wasn’t there, as Doreen forgot to wash it. So, I left home at 8:40 and in the taxi the driver said he wasn’t sure on where he is going in which was funny, as I wasn’t sure either, when we arrived at the Church I met with Junior and he took me to my seat and said he shall see me after the service, in which I didn’t want to sit alone so I texted Justice and Kinsley to join me. I loved the service and I loved the Church, so defiantly I’ll be returning to this Church next week. After, the service we were able to reunite with Junior again after he was finished working, as he works with the Church as well, we all set off for our big adventure to the Central Region.

The journey to Central Region took up to 1hr 30mins – 2 hours, in which we made our first stop at the Palace Mall, in which this is the mall I’ve wanted to visit since coming to Ghana. At, the mall me, Junior and Justice went food shopping, as Junior wanted to buy foods for his mum. Whilst, shopping Junior trusted me with pushing the trolley, in which he realised that might be a mistake, as I was acting as if it was a car and running down the isle in which me and Justice enjoyed dogging people.

After, shopping we made our way to Junior’s mums house in which we had to walk some distance and with the sun it was too hot. When, we finally arrived at the women’s place I was able to meet the mum’s daughter in which the daughter’s hair was so pretty with all the colourful beads. We spent around 3 hours at the house talking, as Junior hasn’t seen his Ghana moves for nearly 4 years. However, the lunch they provided for us was amazing, properly the best rice I’ve ever had.

On, the way home from the women’s place we stopped at Circle, so that Junior could go to the toilet. So, whilst me and Justice were waiting 2 men came to me and asked if I loved them and I replied saying ‘no, you’re too old’ we all just laughed. When, we finally reached first junction Justice decided for us all to meet Eric, however we didn’t stay for too long with Eric, as both me and Junior were too tired. But, at the place where we met Eric there were 2 football games happening, but I decided to watch the Ghana V France women’s game.

Once, I got home I knew something wasn’t ok with Junior, but every time I asked Junior he said theirs nothing. However, when Junior got home he texted me telling me what was wrong and from there we talked about the situation. All, of a sudden a new volunteer arrived her name is Zoe and she is from Switzerland just like Segro. Another, surprised happened that evening Osha was at home, Osha was so happy to see me, but he couldn’t stay for too long which was sad.

So, that’s week 8 completed this week was less complicated, but with 4 new volunteers arriving in 1 week there properly going to be a few changes around. But, lets see how the volunteers are in week 9 of the Ghana blogs.


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