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July 30th 2018
Published: July 30th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 6Ghana Blog Week 6Ghana Blog Week 6

Nasreen and Justice. On Nasreen's last day.
Ghana Blog Week 6

Monday, morning was a crazy morning, because Theresa was crying, because of her relationship back in Italy. So, when Theresa had finished with her call with her boyfriend I went in to talk to her and make her to feel good again. That morning Prince and everyone drove me and Theresa to school, as Theresa was sad.

When we got to school, class 6 came to collect me and introduced me to their new classroom JHS1. It feels so weird seeing them in this classroom. Maybe its because class 6 has an exam today, that they have gone crazy, but today they are so loud. So, I stood outside the classroom with some students, as I couldn’t deal with the noise no more. So, when the exam finally came around the students were writing their English Language paper. Strangely enough Justice was at the school in which I asked him if we could go out for a walk, as I still haven’t forgiven him drinking the beer. So, on the walk I was able to see where Justice lives when he’s not living in the volunteer house. After, meeting his friends me and Justice had
Ghana Blog Week 6Ghana Blog Week 6Ghana Blog Week 6

Me and my girlie Zalyia
a little talk about Prince and I was so surprised when Justice told me that Prince doesn’t pay him. The whole talk between me and him I learnt so much about him in which I completely forgot about the whole drinking situation.

When leaving the school Junior came to say goodbye to me before he left in which he gave me this high five in which made me laugh, as its so cute. Once, Junior left it was me and Justice in the classroom and literally this guy I feel so sorry for him, because of everything he’s been through. We sat in the classroom for 30 minutes just listening to music in silence and, then Justice had the amazing idea of going out and not going home. So, our first stop was meeting one of Prince’s ex friend Eric. After, we collected Eric we went to the Coco Beach in which their we chatted lots and us 3 were all complaining on how much we hate Prince, it was so good to be able to listen to other people and why they hate Prince to be honest we all hate him for the same reason. Later, on another
Ghana Blog Week 6Ghana Blog Week 6Ghana Blog Week 6

When you give the students snapchat they use it on you without you knowing...
friend of Justice who was called Nico came to join us, in which after talking to Nico we all went out to play pool. In which of course I don’t know how to play, so I just watched. However, as me and Justice didn’t tell Prince what we were doing Prince called 8 times in which all the times I didn’t pick up, as both me and Justice turned our phones off, because we hated the fact that Prince was trying to interfere.

Once, we finally returned home Justice made me some indomie in which we ate silently, as you could feel the tension coming from Prince and Michael. However, before dinner Nasreen came to speak to me about the whole Theresa situation, and both of our opinions on the situation are the same; we don’t agree with Theresa interfering with another mans marriage and we don’t agree how the man is treating Theresa.

Tuesday, this morning was another long morning as Theresa was crying on the phone again, in which this is getting annoying, as this morning I had to wait 3 hours for her to be ready for us to be able to leave the house.
Ghana Blog Week 6Ghana Blog Week 6Ghana Blog Week 6

Me and my other girlie Carrie
As, when I finished getting ready she was still on the phone. So, when we finally arrived at the school everyone was complaining that we are late, in fact yes, we are late, but this time its not my fault.

So, at the headmaster’s office me and the other male teachers all talked about me marrying in Ghana, as if they haven’t learnt before that I’ll marry anyone in Africa. Strangely, enough the headmaster said I can’t marry Junior, as he’s from Cameroon. After, the whole discussion in the headmaster’s office I went to class 6 to help with class 6 examination. As, today the students are doing their science exam.

On, the way home from school in the trotro I say next to this student in which we talked a lot about art, as apparently, he is very good at sketching people’s faces. However, before leaving the school I spent it watching Junior teaching a new dance routine with some of the students. In which I have this 4-year-old girl who really loves me, and she saw me and insisted for herself to sit on my lap. One, of the teachers wanted me too dance, so he got me up and I started ballroom dancing with one of the students it was, so funny. When finally closed form school Junior thought someone had stolen his earphones, but I told him to check his bag and I was right his earphones were indeed being right at the bottom of the bag. Junior walked me to the trotro in which on the walk he scared a chicken in which, then got me running, as I am terrified of chickens, on which Sir just laughed and tried to get the chicken to come to me.

That evening I spent it talking about the girl’s relationship problems. As, Nasreen is thinking of ending things with her boyfriend and well everyone knows about the situation with Theresa and her man. That evening texting Junior we were talking about business ideas in which I told him about my interior design idea and he demanded for us to have a chicken business.

Wednesday, when I got to school I was straight away with class 6, as they had their R.M.E exam. After, the students completed their exam Junior insisted for me to help him to mark some of his French papers. In which in a way Sir was explaining the marking in which he made it so confusing even though it didn’t need to be complicated. One, of my ex friends came to the school in which me and him had a disagreement in which Junior and the guy sat and laughed at me. But its ok, because most Ghanaians laugh when there is a disagreement. Then, Kwame came to the school to surprise me, as for 3 days I haven’t been feeling well. Kwame brought me my favourite biscuit ‘Jack and Jill’.

That evening I was home as usual, but when I got out of the taxi I saw this familiar face that I love it was Kings-leigh, the next-door neighbour. Kings-leigh was smiling and waving at me in which I walked over to him and he gave me the biggest hug ever! Kings-leigh told me that he is going to move into his new apartment tomorrow, which is sad, as I don’t know if I’ll be able to see him.

So, later in the evening I wasn’t in a good mood, because Prince wasn’t talking to me, it feels like Prince is annoyed of me for some reason. So, after dinner Justice suggested for us to go out, as he could tell that I wasn’t happy with the whole Prince situation. Kwame didn’t like the idea of me being with Justice, so Kwame came to surprise me at the pool place, in which Kwame said that he is jealous of me being with Justice alone. After, being out with Justice, when I got home I literally went straight to sleep as I was so tired.

Thursday, morning going to school in the trotro was quite funny, as it seemed, as if the mate didn’t want to listen to anybody, as a man that sat next to me wanted to get off and he couldn’t, as the mate didn’t listen, so when it came for me and Theresa to get off the man had to help me to tell the mate to stop.

At, school that morning Junior said to the headmaster that he wasn’t going to talk to me in which I was so confuse, as I didn’t understand what I’ve done wrong? Just before Junior left the school to go to the other school to teach I grabbed his arm and asked what’s wrong and Junior replied saying he was only joking with me, as he wanted to see my reaction, I was so annoyed. So, once sir left, Sir Collins called me saying if I would like to meet, so Sir Collins sent me a taxi leading me to his place, in which I’ve been to before. The taxi was in the most terrible state I have ever seen a taxi or trotro in.

Whilst, with Sir Collins we talked and shared jokes, this meet up with Sir was, so much better than the last meet up with Sir Collins, because his friend wasn’t there. However, there was this old man that kept insisting for me to go to him, so I completely ignored him. After, being with Sir Collins we went back to the school, but I tried to get to school before Junior did, but as soon as I got to the school Junior just arrived, I was so disappointed in myself.

Prince came to the school and insisted for me and Justice and Junior to come to class 3 to watch a dance battle that was happening between some of the students. Me and Justice left the dance battle early because we wanted to meet Eric again. When we met Eric, we went to the Coco Beach again. When we got to the beach there was this group of people who were doing a drink up, in which got me so annoyed. After, being at the beach we walked back to Eric’s in which on the way home Justice brought us these oranges in which were white on the outside, but orange in the inside. I got too bored trying to eat the orange that I just gave it to Justice to finish it. Whilst walking we met with this German man who knows Justice and Eric, the man was very kind he even had 2 dogs in which they were so cute!

After, dropping Eric home me and Justice decided to go to the pool place again, in which when we got there I insisted to teach Justice on how to shuffle with his feet, it was so cute that he wasn’t able too. However, the 2 girls that work their asked if me and Justice were dating and we both replied saying no, because me and Justice are only brother and sister.

Friday, that morning me and Theresa left the house to go to the school. However, when it came to the moment where we had to pay the driver, we didn’t have any change, so once the driver got back with change I was like actually can you drive us to school, so off we went to school me telling the driver the directions again, however throughout the taxi journey I was dancing crazy, as Chris Brown was on the radio. As, soon as me and Theresa got too school I asked the driver how much and he replied with 10 cedies, like this is the cheapest price that I have ever got on a taxi in this journey.

That morning at the school, 2 madam teachers said that I have to perform a dance routine with class 6 and then teach 12 students from class 3 and 4 for Monday, in which in my opinion isn’t a problem, because I’m good at creating dance routines. However, that morning Junior could tell I wasn’t my happy self, so he had a little chat with me in which helped, I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. Later, in the afternoon I was with class 6 on the top floor, as I wanted to practice my dance routine with them, as Junior found out where I was he came and joined me in which class 5 and Junior High also joined in which I helped sir with all the rehearsals, at the end the students insisted for me and Junior to dance the class 6 dance together.

When Justice came to the school me and him and a teacher sat in class 6 and decided it would be a good idea to do a push up competition in which once again I won the competition, I honestly left the teacher speechless. After, the school officially closed for the weekend me, justice and Junior were talking and I even challenged Junior at the shuffle foot challenge, but I beat him at that as well. I told Justice that I didn’t want to go home, so he made a plan on how we can go out. So, I left the school first, so I went to meet Eric in which later Justice would come and join us.

Once, I met Eric we decided to go to the Coco Beach, in which their we would wait for Justice. When we arrived at the beach me and Eric spoke about businesses again, as he thinks it would be a good idea if I had my own Human Rights business. Before, we knew it Justice called us to say he is ready to meet us. On, the way to meet Justice I managed to see one of my students (Carrie) in which she watched me and Eric walking in the far distance. When we finally met Justice, we walked to meet Nico in which we said goodbye to Eric and went to the pizza place. At, the pizza place I was able to meet Nico’s cousin in which he kept asking me questions about anything. Suddenly, this mixed-race family came and Justice tried talking to the child, but the child had no idea in what Justice was saying, as he was Norwegian.

When we finished dinner, we moved onto the pool place in which this is the place that me and Justice visit too every day. Justice tried once again to challenge me at shuffling in which I beat him and not joking everyone there was watching me it was so funny, even the DJ said I was an amazing dancer! After, we finished at this pool place we then decided to move onto the last pool place in which we somehow bumped into the headmaster, as he was attending a birthday party there. All of a sudden Prince, Michael and the girls turned up to join us. However, Prince wasn’t happy, as me and Justice went to another pool place and not stayed in the same one. In which then I got angry, as I didn’t like how Prince has treated me for the last 2 weeks, as he has ignored me and refuse to talk to me. So, I told Prince everything I thought about him in which afterwards I burst out into tears, as I realised how rude I was being. In which I apologised to Nico and Justice for ruing the night. As, soon as we got home Nasreen made me and Theresa some tea, as tea can make any situation better. When Prince and Michael finally went into the bedroom me and the girls talked about the problem and said we should solve it in the morning.

Saturday, this morning I woke up early, as I know that I have to apologise to Prince, so that I can tell him that I only got angry, because I felt like he couldn’t care for me no more. So, when I saw Prince I asked him if I could talk to him and luckily, he said yes. So, we went to the roof in which their I apologised and said the whole situation, and told him I only got angry, as Prince hasn’t spoken to me for 2 weeks. Prince then kindly said that he didn’t mean to be like that towards me and that he has been stressed lately.

That morning Justice came to the house to meet me and Doreen and take us to Nico’s house. Once, we arrived at Nico’s Justice showed us these rabbits in which they were so cute, my favourite rabbit was the plain white one. After, playing with the rabbits we all went into Nico’s house in which their I had the pizza from last night. However, Doreen got too bored, she asked if she could leave, so once we finished dropping Doreen home, that’s when the fun started.

Our, first stop was at Nico’s brothers house in which there we spoke to the wife, as she was due on Friday to give birth. So, we saw her to keep her company. After, we finished at the sister’s house we made our way to Nico’s brothers house in which their I played with the children and spoke to them about school and Ghanaian music. After, we spent forever at that house we moved onto our last destination in which was Justice sister’s house in which their she cooked me and Nico rice, as I literally wasn’t hungry to eat anything.

Sunday, today is Nasreen’s last day in Ghana, as she will be leaving to go back to the Uk in the evening. So, today I thought it would be a good idea for me and Nasreen and Justice and Nico to all go out and have a fun day! However, Justice was supposed to meet us at 12:30, but didn’t arrive until 3:15 (T.I.A). When Justice finally arrived I told him off, saying that he can’t be late like this.

Our, first stop was to show Nasreen the rabbits, in which she found them so cute, Nasreen’s favourite rabbit was the white and black rabbit with floppy ears. After, we were done looking at the rabbits we then went to Nico’s house in which there we talked and listen to music literally the whole day Nico and Justice were complaining on how much they will miss Nasreen.

Moving on, from Nico’s house we went back too Nico’s pregnant sister in law house in which there we met a lot of the family. However, one of the men said he is a pastor and was asking what religion me and Nasreen were, so Nasreen is a Christian, but her dad is a Muslim in which the man didn’t like in which offended Nasreen. Another, thing the man said that offended Nasreen was the man saying ‘if a man is talking, then the women has to shut up’, well let’s say Nasreen didn’t take that very well…

Next, place was this bar place in which me and Nasreen shared a coke together, whilst I asked Nasreen questions like ‘what you will miss about Ghana?’ and ‘what you hate about Ghana’ and her responses were so funny!

When, it came to the time to take Nasreen home, so that she can get ready for the airport, Nasreen insisted us to go and find her very last mango, as she has this thing to have a mango every day.

When, we finally reached home me, Nasreen and Justice all decided to have a debate in the kitchen about Gays and Lesbians, so basically me and Nasreen accept all the different sexuality, however of course Justice doesn’t accept. The whole debate was so funny, as none of us was going to back down. After, we finished debating we all started hugging each other, as we realised that Nasreen only has 20 minutes left!

On, the way to the airport there was Prince sitting in the front of the taxi, whilst me, Nasreen, Theresa and Michael were sitting squished at the back of the taxi. However, this taxi ride was the funniest and scariest ride ever because the driver kept falling asleep in which got Prince very worried, but we finally made it safely at the airport in which we all gave Nasreen hugs and Nasreen promised for me and her to meet up when I get back to the UK! So, after our goodbyes it was time for round 2 of the crazy taxi ride.

Before, riding home Prince thought it would be a good idea for us to go to the pool bar in which Prince insisted for me to eat a sausage even though both me and Michael said I don’t eat meat, but Prince wouldn’t listen. Prince, also insisted for me to drink this beer called ‘Club’, in which I told him that I don’t drink, but once again he wouldn’t listen. At, around 10:30 we decided to walk home in which me and Michael decided to have a walking race in which turned into a running race. However, when we got home both Prince and Theresa were nowhere to be seen. In which me and Justice stayed up to wait for them. Whilst waiting I re-pierced Justice ears, as he wanted it done and then we talked about piercings and tattoos, then we decided it would be a good idea to do an arm wrestle competition, but no one won that. At, around 1:45 Prince and Theresa decided to arrive back at home in which then I went for bed. However, at 2 Theresa decided it would be a good idea to cook some food, in which I didn’t wait for her, as I wanted to sleep.

So, altogether that was week 6 of my Ghana blog. It’s so sad to say goodbye to Nasreen, but next week it’s time to say goodbye to Theresa too! This week I have made a lot of new friends and I honestly understand what type of people I want around me in my life. So, let’s see what happens in week 7.


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