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July 24th 2018
Published: July 24th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5

Some of my class 6 students
Ghana Blog Week 5

Today, is Monday again in which today represents a month of me being in Ghana! In which is crazy, but I’m happy that I still have 2 more months of my Ghana adventures left.

This morning at school, nothing really happened, but seeing the French teacher was really good, as me and him are really good friends. I don’t know why, but today Junior (the French teacher) looked so good, as he was wearing shirt and trousers in which he looked very smart. So, like always class 6 came and called for me, in which sir wasn’t happy, as he wanted me to write my blog, but I promised him that I would write it if I was in class 6.

Throughout the day Junior kept coming into class 6 to check if I was writing, and every time he came I would only had written one page. For some reason some of the students think me and sir are dating, so when sir was in class 6 the students and him were joking about us, in which sir said that the students have to look after me and the student’s response, was oh
Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5

One of my students plaiting my hair
sir we will look after your wife, don’t worry, it was so funny!

When it came for the school to close Prince, Michael and David came to school, because they wanted to do a school meeting about the school painting. But, before the meeting me and sir were talking/ joking around, for example sir said he would pay me to do the class 6 reports, and my response was ‘oh, sir don’t worry I don’t need your money’, we both laughed so hard, everyone looked at us, as if me and sir are crazy, so at the school meeting it was kind off pointless of me even being part of the meeting, because no one spoke to me, everyone spoke to Theresa, even though the whole painting idea was my idea, but its ok Theresa can get the credit for it. After, the meeting sir was waiting for me and well I didn’t know what to do, because everyone wanted to go home, so I said good evening to him, because it would’ve been rude if I didn't say anything at all too him.

After, dinner I decided to go and meet the next-door neighbour again, because once
Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5

Zaylia and Joseph
again I was bored of being indoors. So, when talking to him it was such a good conversation we were laughing a lot. But, time came and Michael wanted to talk to me about the neighbour, he was saying I should be careful in who I talk too and that he wasn’t very keen on the neighbours, but I see Justice talking to them all the time, and its not like I’m leaving the house, so technically I’m not putting myself in any danger.

That evening I phoned Junior, because I wanted to apologise for ignoring him after the meeting, as sir wasn’t happy with me, in which I understand. But, after the call me and Junior were all good again, which is good, as I don’t want me and him to lose our friendship.

Tuesday, this morning Theresa told me that she is not coming with me to school, but she will arrive later, in which I was so happy, because I prefer travelling on my own. So, before I left for school me and Justice had a little talk, about why he slept on the roof top with a white sheet over his head, but he
Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5

My girlies in the headmasters office
did promise me that he wasn’t drunk, so I’m happy with that.

So, the taxi journey to school was a bit different today, as I didn’t get a shared taxi, so I thought well then, the taxi is going to take me to school, as I don’t want to get a trotro. On, the journey to school I went pass Justice and Prince, and Justice funnily saw me, he smiled/ laughed and I laughed and saluted him. Once, I arrived at first junction I told the driver if he could drive me to school, so I had to tell the driver the directions to school, which was so funny, as I’m terrible at directions. But, when we finally arrived at the school and I was surprised on how cheap the price was, because I honestly thought he was going to charge me a lot, but I was wrong.

School today was another regular day in which I spent the whole time with class 6. However, in the afternoon, Junior had to teach at the other school in which meant I was at school for 3 hours on my own without sir, in which those 3 hours seem to
Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5

Kennedy and Zaylia
drag so much. But, soon enough those 3 hours came by and then came sir putting his head around the door. However, on Tuesday one of the teachers let me to do some marking of the students papers that class 6 had written and I’m not going to lie, but class 6 is generally an intelligent bunch.

That evening I was watching the France V Belgium game, in which I was able to watch Nasreen’s team to lose, as she supports Belgium, however I wanted France to win, so I was happy. But, that evening me and Junior had a heart to heart conversation, in which Junior asked me to be his girlfriend in which of course I said yes, I was so happy!!

Wednesday, morning in the trotro the mate tried to make me to pay more, but I refused again to pay the price, luckily the mate gave up trying to get me to pay the price. The day again I was in class 6 and there this morning class 6 had so much energy, in which I didn’t understand where they got the energy from? However, 30 minutes before the end of the day, the
Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5

The students love using my snapchat!!
students from class 5 asked for me to teach them, so for once I actually agreed to teach them as class 6 were too loud. When in class 5 I didn’t get the chance to teach, because the 2 teachers wanted to talk about the football and politics for the 30 minutes, in which of course meant I wasn’t able to teach.

That evening was a crazy evening, because England V Croatia was playing in which everyone was watching the game and Michael was supporting Croatia and I’m not even lying, but he cursed the game, because he said if one of us finishes their dinner, Croatia would score. I forgot to mention Kwame came around that evening it was such a surprise, because for once I didn’t know he was coming around, me and Kwame played this African game in which I won 3-2 he was defiantly wasn’t happy with that. Sadly, we had to see England lose 2-1, in which instead of crying I had a laughing breakdown in which Nasreen had found it so funny, I literally sat on my bed laughing to myself for 2 minutes, but Michael pocked his head around the door in
Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5

me and Nasreen panting at the school on the Sunday
which kind of scared me, in which made Nasreen to cry with laughter, as she was so confuse in what was going on.

Thursday, morning me and Theresa met up with my Nigerian friend Kings-leigh in which was, so good, as I had missed him, so much, so in the taxi journey to first junction me and Kings-leigh joked about how much we hate Prince. But, it was hard to say goodbye to him, as I don’t know when I’ll meet him again, as he’s moving house in Ghana.

When we finally arrived at school all the teachers joked around saying that me and Theresa are late, it was so funny. That morning I was on my own, as sir had to teach at another school in which that morning dragged so much. Me and 3 other boys from class 6 decided to play indoor volleyball in the classroom in which my team won 24-22. As well, that morning one of the girls had decided to plat my hair for me in which took so long, but the end results were so good I loved the style. But, 12:00 finally came around and sir was back at school!
Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5

Me and Nasreen at school on the weekends
He comes to class 6 to do the dance with them, in which me and Joseph (a student) danced at the back of the classroom, in which the students laughed and sir kept trying to watch, but I let him to watch at the end, as I couldn’t be bothered to hide anymore.

When the teachers went for the meeting I wasn’t invited, in which I stayed in class 6, but one of the boys decided it would be a good idea to beat one of the mental ill child up in which the child was on the floor crying, and I went to help him I was so furious, that I went to the student who hurt the child, and I literally said ‘you beat him up, because he’s not normal in the head, so then come and beat me up, as I’m not normal in the head’ the child laughed.

After, the teachers meeting I went to talk to some of the teachers which I talked to the head of the school and talked about me, as he was interested in getting to know more about me. After, speaking to him I went to Junior (my
Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5Ghana Blog Week 5

Me and Kingslyh on the roof
favourite teacher) and sir Bortey, in which they both insisted for me to dance for them in which I refused, but then Junior put the class 6 song, so I couldn’t resist, but to dance with him, it was so funny! I’m not going to lie some of Juniors moves are, so funny.

When school finally closed me and Theresa were walking to the trotro and Junior and Sir Bortey were walking behind us, and Theresa funnily said she thinks that Junior has a soft spot for me, by the way he looks at me and how he always seems to become happy when I’m in the room, it was so cute hearing this. When getting onto the trotro I saluted Sir Bortey and Junior, but I honestly didn’t want to go home.

Friday, morning was crazy, as Theresa needed to be at school at 8, but as me and Theresa wanted to leave for school Doreen wanted to be annoying, as she wanted to sort of laundry, and I said to do it another day and Doreen insisted to do it now. Once, we were able to leave the crazy house me and Theresa got into the taxi; on the way to school Kwame called to know where I am and I was like I am literally about to pass your work place and when I was going pass we both waved at each other, it was so funny, as we were able to see each other across the road.

At the school that morning I was in the headmaster’s office and me and Junior, the headmaster and 2 other teachers were talking about me getting married and where I want to live and the headmaster said he wants me to get married in Ghana, so that Sir can come to my wedding.


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