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July 4th 2018
Published: July 4th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

The beautiful scenery of the lake on the school trip
Week 2

Monday, is back which means I have been in Ghana for only 1 week, any yet so many things have happened, and so much new experiences. So, this morning I had to wake up at 5:45, but the funny thing is I forgot to turn my alarm off, so when I was in the bath my alarm went off opps…

Today I’m not teaching, but instead I’m going on a school trip, to Akosombo. I got to school at 7, but only 2 teachers were there obviously I forgot about (T.I.A), because all the other students and teachers only started to arrive and hour later. So, I’m going on this trip with junior high. However, there was a slight problem with the trip, as the transport was a trotro, but some reason the school called it a bus, so one trotro came, however there was a problem with the teachers and the driver in which meant we had to call for another trotro.

The journey however, took forever that my whole body was aching. But, I loved the journey with the school children, as they just sing all the way through the journey,
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

On the wobbly bridge on the school trip
and every time we saw police officers, the teachers would shout for the children to sing louder.

Our first stop on the journey was the bridge which had soldiers guarding either ends of the bridge the bridge would shake, some children got scared, but of course I loved it. Our, next destination was at this pool place in which all the boys wanted me to swim with them, so of course I went for a swim, however one of the teachers (Junior) can’t swim, so I offered to help and teach him. I played table tennis with the headmaster, in which got very competitive, but I can’t remember who won the game. However, the view/ scenery of the place is so beautiful it feels, as if I’m in Bali. If I could describe the scenery I would describe it, as something from a movie set it was perfectly imaged in which there’s a lake in which you could get a boat to travel on the river.

On, the journey back to the school the England game was playing on the radio, so the only way for me to know what was happening in the game was to listen
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

Photo of the beautiful scenery
to it in Twi. In which I was actually so surprised on how much Twi I actually know. When we finally reached back at the school it was very late in the evening and I wasn't allowed to go home alone, as Prince insisted that the headmaster to take me home, in which I had to wait along time before I was able to go home I was honestly shattered.

So, Tuesday morning was properly one of the worst mornings ever, because every bad thing happened on that morning. The first bad thing that happened was, I broke the house door key in which I had to pay 600 cedies to replace it. Next, terrible thing that happened was I got lost on my way to school, I don’t know how I got lost, properly I got onto the wrong trotro. So, I didn’t want anybody to know that I was lost, so I asked 2 locals and they got me onto the correct trotro back to Nungua, however when I wanted to get off the trotro the driver didn’t want to stop, so one of the people on the trotro helped me to make the driver to stop.
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

Me and some of the Junior High Students
When I finally got to school that morning, Prince had called the headmaster in which I had to talk to Prince and he wasn’t happy about the key incident.

So, for the rest of that morning I was in class 5 talking to my 3 favourite teachers, as they saw that I wasn’t happy. So, there I was debating with one of the teachers about homosexuality in which the other 2 teachers just sat their and laughed. As, people in Ghana don't believe in homosexuality, because of religion.

I was so dreading to go home that evening, because I thought everyone was going to be mad at me, but I was wrong Justice apologised to me, as he felt bad for me, and Prince was just confused on how I broke the key. Justice asked if I wanted to see how fufu was made and of course I said yes. I didn’t know that fufu was made by 2 machines. Once, me and Justice got back from the fufu place we sat down and watched the Poland V Senegal game in which I was surprised, as Senegal won 2-0.

That evening I was trying to type my
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

The boys of junior high
blog up, but Kwame surprisingly turned up and he kept trying to distract me, for example to keep giving him refills of my drink and him dancing and singing so loudly. I did feel rude ignoring him, but I really wanted to complete my blog, however when Kwame left my blog somehow got deleted, as if today couldn’t get any worse, I literally just went to sleep I was so done for that day.

Moving, onto Wednesday I spent this day in class 6, my lesson went so well, teachers say the students don’t understand me, but when I teach them and then ask them questions they seem to understand everything… Once, I finished teaching them I stayed with them for the rest of the day either playing hairdressers with the girls or playing arm wrestles with the boys, for some reason one of the boys asked me to play fight with him, so of course I said yes, but it was so funny, because he kept on tickling me every time I wasn’t focused.

When I was travelling home there’s this taxi man who recognises me every day, so every time I see him he always asks
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

I love this place!!
how was school? He’s such a nice guy and he always introduces me to his friends and refuse for me to sit at the front of the taxi, because I’m from the UK.

That evening wasn’t amazing. As Prince told me that I was no longer going to the north with Kwame, I got annoyed, because I was very excited in going on the trip and I hadn’t planned for Thursday or Fridays lessons. However, I did have the house to myself in which the best way to make me happy is by playing/ singing my music as loud as I can and dance crazy around the living room. If music didn’t exist I don’t think I could live.

For, Thursday I left the house so early for some reason, I don’t know why, but I was in such a good mood. However, when I went to get a taxi, the driver said I had to pay him 10 cedies, and I was like no its 2 cedies, he refused so I said I'll get out and then he changed it to 6 cedies, and I was like no and I told him I would get into another
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

Me teaching Junior how to swim
taxi. That’s the problem with some taxi drivers they see you as a white person and always double the amount, its so funny.

However, today I didn’t teach, as I met up with Sir Collins and I got the chance to meet his mum and his friend. His mum is so lovely I couldn’t believe that she was in her 40s I was so shocked. However, me Sir Collins and his friend sat down and talked, however I didn’t enjoy the conversation, because his friend did everything to offend me, but I wasn’t bothered to argue, I just let him to talk. But, after he finished offending me he then said I should come with my English friends, so that he could date one of them, me and Sir Collins were like seriously, like this man is 40, there’s no way I would ever let my friends who are 17 to date him, that’s not okay. I definitely don’t want to see his friend again.

Later, that evening me and everyone went to watch football with the locals, in which was one of the most incredible experiences ever! As, the locals got so competitive and carried away, to
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

Me and the headmaster Sir Seth
be honest the atmosphere was so much better than actually sitting in the stadium. Kwame arrived and he walked me home where we chatted, honestly Kwame is my true Ghanaian brother.

On, Friday in the trotro we were driving to school, but of course we got stuck in every single piece of traffic and whilst in traffic there was a builder doing some road works and he looked in my trotro and when he saw me his reaction was so funny his reaction was like ‘obroni', can I have your number? In which, 'obroni' means a white person. 'Your so beautiful’ etc… It was the funniest moment ever!

When I got to the school I was teaching class 4, however before my lesson I asked Junior if I could watch him teach French, so he said yes and that he would get a student to come and get me when it was time for the lesson. So, when sir was teaching he kept on asking me questions in which I had no idea of what the answer is. So, the children loved seeing me not knowing the answer for the first time. After, that lesson the
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

Sir Seth enjoying his Jollof Rice
girls from class 6 all grabbed me and led me into their classroom, in where we did what we normally do and just have fun. But, after lunch the Junior needed to continue the dance that they are learning in which I learnt the dance very quickly.

However, my friend Eric wanted to meet, so I left the school early to meet him in which we went to this bar to get a few drinks, but it was so good to meet him again, as we just laughed and talked, however I changed his profile picture on his whatsapp to me and all his friends were asking if me and him were dating again. But, when the time came for us to go home, it wasn’t easy saying goodbye, but its ok, because we will meet again.

Later, in the evening Justice asked if I would like to go and watch the football with the locals (Serbia V Switzerland) and of course I said yes. There weren’t that many people, but that doesn’t matter, because it was still an amazing atmosphere. After, the game finished me and Michael were watching Prince and Justice playing pool, it was so
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

Me and Junior be silly again...
funny, as Michael somehow found a pole and said that was his pool stick, that man is so funny.

Moving, onto Saturday so I was supposed to go to Aburi, but I decided not too as it is raining. But, I asked Doreen if she wanted to go out and she kindly said yes. So, after the rain had finished we moved to her house, in which their I met her mother, who is so beautiful. After, I visit her house we then went to her friend’s house, in which their I met 2 of her friends, once we met her friends we decided to go to the beach. I have never been to this beach before it was so beautiful! Once, at the beach we decide to play a game ‘spin the bottle’, but instead of kissing you asked the person a question. When we got bored off the game me and Doreen decided to go horse riding, I enjoyed it, however Doreen was more nervous riding a horse.

After, the beach us 4 decided to go out for dinner in which their we watched the Germany game. Once, I got home Doreen kindly gave me hot
Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2

Me and some of the junior high girls
water to shower with, that was properly the best shower that I’ve had in a while. To be honest I don’t think I have fallen asleep, so quickly before.

Finally, Sunday was more of a relax day, in which I watched the England V Panama game and saw England win 6-1, but at the end of the game I fell asleep, so for the rest of the afternoon I’ve been asleep. In the morning Justice and Michael asked if I wanted to go on a walk, and so off we walked and not going to lie, but every child that we came across literally shouted ‘obroni’, sometimes I just feel, as if I’m a celebrity here.

So, moving onto the evening Kwame decided to come around to keep me company, as everyone else was out, but as soon as Kwame came around Michael turned up. But, for the rest of the evening me and Kwame watched a Nigerian movie. However, when watching the movie, I had to explain to Kwame that Brussels was the capital of Belgium.

So, altogether that was week 2 of my Ghana adventures. Next week the English volunteer will be here!

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Ghana Blog Week 2Ghana Blog Week 2
Ghana Blog Week 2

Another picture of me posing next to a boat

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