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July 5th 2018
Published: July 5th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3

Before our big trip to the Volta Region
Week 3

Monday, has arrived once again, and I honestly can’t believe that I’m starting my 3rd week in Ghana! So, this morning I was late for school, once again, so I missed teaching my first lesson, and my next class was in the afternoon, so all morning I was practicing my speech for the orientation for Tuesday. Before, my only class of the day begins I went for a walk, whilst on my walk I attracted 2 people, 1 man said he wants to be my friend, whereas the other man was saying he loves me and all that in which I felt incredibly awkward.

However, when it came to teaching it wasn’t a good lesson, as all the girls wasn’t wanting to learn. Strangely enough the boys did want to learn in which therefore, I taught the boys only on how to write a letter. Then, things got worse, as one of the girls was crying, so I wanted to see/ understand in why she is crying, but I realise the class in general all the students are not grown up yet, as they are still picking on each other, so I lost it on
Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3

Wli Waterfall
the students and well, I hope they understand that I don’t tolerate such behaviour.

Once, I got home I realised everyone has turned my room around, but now it defiantly looks cosier. So, when the time came for me Prince and Michael to go to the airport to collect the new volunteer it was a mad rush though, because Prince wasn’t prepared, however it doesn’t matter, as at the airport we had to wait forever, for the volunteer, but once Nasreen arrived she introduced herself very well, this girl knows 5 languages! When we finally arrive at the volunteer house, for some reason we did a press up competition. After, all the fun had died down me and Nasreen spoke for at least 30 minutes complaining about Prince and his money problem.

Moving onto Tuesday, I had to do Nasreen’s orientation, in which Nasreen had to read the whole welcome pack book. After, Nasreen had finished her reading me, Nasreen and Doreen went out for a walk and I told Nasreen my big fear of chickens. But, for her to make me feel better about the situation, Nasreen told me chickens can still walk even with no head.
Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3

The volunteer (Nasreen)

Moving onto the orientation for Nasreen, we gave her a tour to the independence square and then we took her to the African drumming, in which she was so good at it. After, the drumming we moved onto my favourite place James Town, in which their we showed her the lighthouse and took her down to the beach. Once, I finished showing her my favourite place we went to see one of Michael’s brothers in which we sat down and had a few drinks.

That afternoon everybody in the house was asleep, it was so funny, I had to wake up, because Kwame was coming round in which when he arrived he was like where is everyone?

On, Wednesday Prince took Nasreen to her project, and after Nasreen had finished at the project, she would be joining me at my school. When Nasreen turned up to school I had to introduce her to all the junior high students, as for 2 days that is where Nasreen will be teaching. Junior instantly loved Nasreen, because she can speak fluent French and I can’t. But, altogether teaching today was so good, as I enjoyed teaching class 6 on how to write a letter, in which Junior decided to watch me teach in which it was, so funny. In the afternoon I was able to watch class 6 doing their dance routine in which they have finally learnt. Before I left to go home me and Junior and class 6 had a massive alphabet country quiz in where Junior was so surprised on how many countries I know and I even taught him that ‘Oman’ is a country.

On Thursday, Nasreen was joining me at school again in which I was able to show her the journey to school, so when we were in the trotro we were stuck in traffic for 20 minutes. When we finally got to school, me and Nasreen got, so bored in waiting to teach we just drew farm animals, in which my drawings were so terrible. However, if a child isn’t in the correct uniform their punishment would be to kneel down in the headmaster’s office. However, when it came for me to teach class 6 they were so good, however when I wanted to leave the children they wouldn’t let me go, it was so funny, as the children would take everything and another child would take photos, it was so good for me to have fun with the children.

On, the trotro coming home a random man started talking to us it was so funny, because Nasreen left me to talk to him, so when we finally got out I was so happy that he wasn’t getting off at the same stop, otherwise things would've got a bit awkward.

Later, in the evening Kwame came round to visit me before I go on my big trip to the Volta Region. When it came for Kwame to go home, we stood outside and talk about me and him, and what we want to achieve/ goals for the future. But, I did cry when he was about to leave, as this would be my first trip without him.

So, Friday is the first day of the weekend trip to the Volta Region. We had to wake up at 5, but the problem was everyone else was up and ready 2 hours later. So, on the journey to the Volta it was, so long (4-6 hours). We stopped at a market in which there Nasreen saw what craziness happens when people
Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3

Me and Osha tasting medicine
sell food to people in cars/ trotro. But, the funniest thing happened I accidentally sat on the fish sauce, so when I got out of the car I had a massive brown patch on my bum, but luckily, I had my cardigan to wrap around me.

Our, first stop was at the monkey sanctuary, in which me and Nasreen fed the monkeys with the bananas, it was scary at first, but at the end I was ok with it. After, we finished with the monkeys we then tried some medicine in which I actually liked. Our, next stop was indeed to the tallest mountain of west Africa (mountain Afadjato) in which me, Nasreen, Doreen and David attempted to climb it. Once, starting to climb it Nasreen had to stop, because she has an oxygen problem in which meant David had to give up to. Whilst climbing I had to leave Doreen behind, as she kept on starting and stopping. So, there I was climbing a mountain on my own, but I manged to take over this American group in which, then got me to competitive too stop. Once, I finally reached to the top of the mountain I was the only one there to begin with and then the American group joined and then 20 minutes later Doreen finally made it. The views at the top of the mountain was so beautiful like it was defiantly worth the climb, at the top you could see the border line of Togo and the Wli Waterfall and some of the Volta Village.

When it came to descend from the mountain I honestly can say that I thought I was going to die or break, my leg, because of how steep the mountain is, I kept falling and walking into trees, however after I reached the half way I started to sing all the songs from Ebony and Stonebwoy etc… In which the mountain climber man and Doreen both started to laugh, as I was singing in Twi.

When we finally reached the place that we were sleeping we was able to meet Prince’s dad. Once, I got into my room I went to the bathroom, but I couldn’t get out, I locked myself into the toilet in which I had to call Prince, he wasn’t impressed, When I was able to get out Oshia and Michael were like how
Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3

Me and Michael in Togo
I managed getting myself locked into the toilet.

That evening me, Prince, David, Oshia all went out to the bar in which we all talked about almost everything and I was able to meet 3 of Prince’s friends. However, Prince and his friends wanted to talk in Twi, so kindly Oshia let me watch videos with him in which created a good bond between us. Once, we left the bar we all met this little man called Pepe in which he called himself ‘a little man’, because indeed he was small. Pepe danced for me and insisted for us to be brother and sister. Pepe was so funny that he made me to lift him up and hold him as if he was a baby.

Saturday, we all attended Michael’s dad’s funeral in which of course the funeral was different to the funerals we have in the UK. First, we had to shake hands with all Michael’s family and then sit down for the speech about the dad. Once, that service was finished we then all moved onto part 2 of the funeral in which we had food, but I felt so uncomfortable, because of all the comments
Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3

Getting photo evidence for my dad of me in Togo
people were saying about me and Nasreen. So, I spoke to Doreen in which then she let me be able to leave the funeral with Prince and Oshia. Prince spoke to me to see what the problem was and when I told him both Prince and Oshia were furious with the man. So, Prince took me to this place in which we had medicine from these wooden bowels, and for fun Oshia assisted me to serve everyone. When we got back to the funeral Prince spoke to the man and assisted for the man to apologise to me.

After, the funeral we moved onto the boarder line of Ghana and Togo. In which we all managed to cross it, so me and Michael made a joke saying that my dad won’t be happy, as I’ve been to Togo and my dad hasn’t in which my dad will be very jealous. After, we finished walking back from Togo Michael, Oshia and David decided to have a race back to Ghana, in which was so funny, as Michael gave up almost right away, but Oshia did win the race!

Once, we got back to the hostel everyone went to sleep
Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3Ghana Blog Week 3

The moment when I got stuck in the bathroom in Volta
apart from me and the boys in which we sat down and had my least favourite dish Banku. But, before eating Banku Osha came knocking on my bedroom door too see if I'm awake, in which I was, so I decided to help Osha to prepare Banku. After, we finished eating me Michael and Oshia all went out to go to Michael’s old school to see if we can play basketball, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to as we didn’t have a ball. When we left the school, we met up with Doreen, David and Nasreen in which Michael took us on a long walk, as if I haven’t done enough walking. We walked through this village and every child we went pass, they would all stare at us and follow us, until they couldn’t follow us anymore, it was so adorable.

Finally, Sunday has began in which means we all leave Volta and go back to Accra, Michael said for me and Nasreen to be up by 7 in which we both were, but Michael kept saying that we both were late… As, for strange reason the others decided to wake up early, in which is strange, as they are the ones who are always late.

Our, first stop was to the Wli Waterfalls in which I wasn’t prepared for the long walk to the waterfall. When we finally reached the waterfall Michael and Nasreen were already there. Michael, David and Oshia went into the waterfall in which I have no idea on how they could’ve done that, as it was so cold and it was raining as well, but it was so funny to watch. The walk back from the waterfall was so long, but this time I listened to my music, in which seemed to make the walk to go by faster. However, Doreen really irritated me though, because she kept saying ‘careful’ or ‘you have mud on your leg’, in which I kind off rudely replied back saying, 'I know'.

So, after the waterfall we all made the long journey home. In which took 5-6 hours. On the way home, we were listening to the Spain V Russia game, and when it came to the penalties me and David went crazy! However, when I got home both of my knees were so numb it was so painful. But, Doreen on the other hand wasn’t happy with me, because of the incident that happened at the waterfall, so as I don’t like tension, I just apologised to her.

Later, in the evening I had to go to the airport to collect the new volunteer (Theresa from Italy). When me Michael and David got to the airport we had to wait forever, because Theresa’s flight was delayed. But, as soon as we all got back to the car I knew I had to do a good job, so that I can become a project coordinator in the future for Prince.

So, yes that’s week 3 of my Ghana stay, can’t even believe it’s July!! So, now I have 2 volunteers Theresa and Nasreen. Well let’s roll on week 4 and see what adventures happens next!!


17th July 2018

Your Blog
I have just caught up with weeks 2, 3 & 4, you seem to be having a great time, just be careful on speaking to strangers. It makes very interesting reading and its nice to see how you are getting on, on a daily basis. Tom is coming down the weekend of 25th August, so that will be nice seeing him. Speak soon, Mum x

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