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Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast February 4th 2010

Last night we had a "brown out" When Barry and I returned to the hotel after our walk and supper at the beach, we were informed that there was no power on half the hotel. They didn't tell us which half. I had lights and a ceiling fan so I will need to see what Barry had. We went to a Catholic Church high up on a hell. I took a picture of the view with Barry looking out at it. I hope it is clear. We also came across a few of the prettiest little girls. They posed for us and I gave them some treats. Initially, one of the girls was shay and did not sit for me to take a picture, once she saw the results on the screen of my digital camera, ... read more
pretty girls
Pretty Girls

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast February 4th 2010

It has been brought to my attention (thanks Todd) that I may have not formally introduced my coaching partner to the people who are follow my blog. Well... Barry Treacy is a credit union manager from the coastal town of Youghal, County Cork, Ireland. The Irish League of Credit Unions has teamed up with CCA (Canadian Co-operative Association) and CUA ( Credit Union Association of Ghana) to send two coaches from Ireland along with ten coaches from various regions of Canada to assist credit unions of Ghana with their development. Not only am I learning every minute of the day about Ghana and their growing credit union base, I am learning all about Ireland and their credit union system. I am very fortunate!... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast February 2nd 2010

Happy Ground Hog Day Every one. Barry and I had Grass Cutter for lunch(it is a small animal that comes out at night and eats mostly grass so it is delicious and very good for you). I will try to get a picture of one as the hunters will carry them to the side of the road and hold them up to be purchased by passers by. I have been informed by the credit union board treasurer that it is tradition that you eat all the food put in front of you. I am trying my best! We have spent two days with the manager of the OGUAA Teacher's Co-operative Credit Unikon Limited, some of the board members and the staff. They have been very welcoming. Tomorow morning we will work on our report and present ... read more
Hard at work

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast February 1st 2010

Bary and I went for a walk, hoping to get down to the sea. Unfortunately for us, neither of us have a good sense of direction. Luckily for us, you can get a taxi anywhere and they are not expensive. We went to the Castle Restaurant that is right beside the Cape Coast Slave Castle (we plan to visit the Castle on the week end). We had a lovely lunch (I'm sounding Irish already) looking out to the beach and beyond to the sea, feeling the strong ocean breeze on our faces. We could have stayed there for much longer than we did. As it was, Emanuel, our driver was out looking for us as we came upon him at a petrol station. We have now exchanged cell phone numbers so we won't put him to ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast January 31st 2010

We left the Central Hotel in Accra around 8 o'clock this morning. We are now at the Mighty Victory Hotel in Cape Coast. On our way here, we passed through the home of Michael Essien (the Captain of the Black Stars - Ghana's Football Team playing Egypt for the Africa Cup this afternoon), the current President of Ghana (John Atta Mills), Kofi Annan (former Secretary-General of the United Nations) and our excellent driver Emmanuel. The special at the hotel is Lobster, so I think it is Lobster for supper tonight. We will take a walk about and then come back to the hotel to watch the football game. I'll take my camera on my walk and update with some pictures...... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast December 1st 2009

Hey long lost friends, family, and fans! EtE SEn? (Twi for "how's it going") There has been mucho mucho mucho going on since I've last written: I've taken trips to Cape Coast, parts of the Volta Region, helped run a beauty pageant/fund raiser on campus for the Golden Hearts Trust, threw a killer Halloween party, explored Accra, finished up classes for the semester, and am now in full-on final exam mode. Since that's a lot of things and I haven't written for so long, I'm going to be posting a few blogs at once (per usual). First, about the Cape Coast trip, because that was actually in September...Cape Coast is about three or four hours west of Accra, and is home to an historic slave castle. (Actually, Pres. Obama visited when he was here in July). ... read more
Rasta Man Felix
The Beach at Cape Coast
Sacrificial Bulls

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast November 21st 2009

Geo: 5.108, -1.24815The wonky stomach for DH continues but it's not to the point that we can't travel (or at least she won't admit that it is) so we decide to push on. After one last breakfast order for the deer-in-the-headlights, slow motion staff at the Rainbow Hotel (which they got wrong), we took a short taxi ride to the start point of our first Tros Tros, the Ghanian version of the Bush Taxi we were more familiar with in Mali and Burkina. Like the Bush Taxi's the Tros Tros' are the ultimate in entrepreneurial transportation- they don't leave until they are full (and we're talking about the African definition of full), in their former life they were probably comfortable vans but now had bench seating installed in the back, and they normally travel in a ... read more
Cape Coast Castle
Winning The Good Life
Obama Is Worshipped Here

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast October 12th 2009

Last weekend we ventured off again this time to the central region which is more west than i have ever been. we headed to cape coast where they have a very old castle that was used for slave trading hundreds of years ago. We stayed in a fancy hotel that came to about 7.5 CAD per night per person. No hot water of course but there was a fan and no bugs sop it was graet! Our goals were to see the two slave castles in the area and walk the world's largest canopy walk in Kakum national park. We set off for Kakum early in the morning, about 7 because we had been tipped off that it gets quite busy later in the day. We met a travelling Aussie on the way which was fun. ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast September 13th 2009

On day two of our CIEE excursion, we visited the Kakum National Park. Kakum is a small rainforest containing many different kinds of trees, monkeys, birds, insects, and my favorite, the forest elephants (unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to see any monkeys or elephants, but the giant millipedes made up for it). At Kakum, they have a high ropes course through the trees, which consists of seven “bridges” or hanging planks of wood with netting and ropes. They were a little scary and rickety, but overall, a fantastic view and great experience to add to our adventures in Ghana. We found out afterwards that the bridges had been constructed via bow and arrow. Pretty sweet… (and perhaps a little sketchy, but I’m still alive!) After bouncing along the bridges, a few of us decided to ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast September 5th 2009

This weekend a small group of six of us CIEE students decided to take a short trip to Cape Coast. There was a festival in Cape Coast on Saturday that we wanted to partake in. With our last minute plans the evening before, we booked rooms at a hotel approx 45 minutes outside Cape Coast via Trotro. We left Friday morning around 11 am and squished all six of us into a taxi and took it to Keneshe, a market place where we could connect up with a taxi/bus station. We ended up taking a three hour trotro ride to Cape Coast for only 3.5 GHC (approx. $2) and it dropped us off somewhere in the middle of Cape Coast. For the most part, we had zero idea of where we were, which made the whole ... read more

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