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Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast July 10th 2009

Wren writing: This morning we experienced what will probably be the most exhilarating breakfast of our lives. It had rained all night the night before and was still pouring when we reached the restaurant. The restaurant is located in the little lake (that contains the crocodiles!) and the bridges that connect it to the shore were already flooded with about 3 inches of water. And as we stood in line for the breakfast buffet, water began to flow into the restaurant and swell around our ankles. So we went to the upper level to eat and by the time we came down (we just had to get a camera because it was so cool), the water was up to our knees. One of the smaller crocodiles had come up and sat itself on the bridge to ... read more
Our Breakfast Guest

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast July 7th 2009

Wren here: Today, after accomplishing the feat of eating five whole mangoes for breakfast, we left Kumasi for Cape Coast. Before our bumpy five hour bus ride to Cape Coast, though, we had the pleasure of a 40 minute car ride to the bus station with Ralph, Rachel, Wren, and Anna all crammed into the back seat, intensley humid, 90 degree weather, Ralph and Wren in long pants, and... windows that couldn't open!! The smell in the car was quite potent and, combined with the heat, it made for a tough ride. Anna was quite close to fainting I think. By the time we got to the station, our clothes were literally drenched in sweat. But, on the other hand, it made what we would usually consider the hot and humid outdoors feel almost like winter! ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast June 24th 2009

On Saturday (20th) I made a last minute decision to go to Cape Coast with 2 other girls, and so had a mad rush to the STC bus station (almost comparable to National Express!) to get a bus ticket before they all ran out, then rushed back home to pack a bag and meet the other 2 girls to rush back to the station to catch the bus (which, surprise surprise, didn't leave on time anyway)! The taxi ride there was interesting though, as we got stuck in bad traffic around the main Circle, but I got chance to see the wide variety of things the street sellers sell, walking up and down and inbetween traffic. Its mad really, you could buy almost anything you need from the confine of a car - water, hot food, ... read more
Cape Coast Castle
Cape Coast
Cape Coast

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast April 19th 2009

When we were setting off for Ghana some 14 months ago many people commented on the experiences we were going to have! These generally were about new people, food, scenery, culture etc…and of course we had all those and more in our first 6 months! Most of you will know of my husband’s admission to hospital and then his enforced return home to “benefit” better from the UK NHS. His initial expectation of 2 weeks at home was extended to 6 months so that initially I spent 6 weeks alone in Ghana ( an experience I did not expect) and then decided to take a planned leave of 3 months to return to UK, finding myself experiencing a English working life much sooner than I expected., and hoped. So when I returned here at the end ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast March 9th 2009

So, we visited the castle on the saturday and on sunday travelled to Anamabo beach- 15 minutes drive from our town. It was paradise, a secluded and private white sand beach lined with palm trees and straw umbrellas. It felt more like a caribbean island than a beach in Ghana. It was the kind of place I'd imagine spending my honey moon with beach huts seconds away from where we sunbathed. The sea wasn't that crystal clear as the waves were quite strong but swimming in them was as safe as you can get out here, so the 4 of us enjoyed the coolness of the water. We hitched a ride in the back of a truck home from some lebonise guys who we kind of knew. During the week we alternated our days between the ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast March 3rd 2009

Last Days in Accra My last day of work was on the friday and I was determined to make it the best i could possibly make it. It turned out the matron who i was shown to on the first day and who i regularly talked with was not in, but i wasnt going to leave without achieving what i wanted most- to go into surgery. I worked in the morning, the normal routine of weighing babies and their mothers and taking blood pressure. I had little to do but watch and keep the babies amused on the couch. When the nurses sat down for their lunch which i was 'invited' to (meaning they offer you some of their food in their hands) I left to ask about surgery. It was around 1pm and i ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast February 26th 2009

Cape Coast Traveled west of Accra down to Cape Coast with two other medical students, Jenny and JJ. Cape Coast has an interesting history beginning. Beginnin in the 15th century, Europeans (Portugese, followed by Dutch and British) were trading Gold with the people occupying present day Ghana. Eventually this became an official British Colony known as "Gold Coast". Despite this name, gold was soon replaced as the chief export of the region by human cargo meant for European slavery, earning the unofficial historical name, the Slave Coast. The region containing present day "Cape Coast" and "Accra" is part of the Ashanti region of Ghana and the Ashanti people were middle men for the slave trade... capturing other Africans and selling them to European traders who'd set up forts along the coastline. These European traders constructed massive ... read more
Our little hut
Our little beachfront hostel
Cape Coast Castle

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast February 24th 2009

Kofi reporting......... I met a Japanese man, Yamada, and his tour guide, Kofi Bismarck, at the Mighty Victory Hotel in Cape Coast who traveled with me yesterday. I talked to the owners, who are from Oklahoma - they shared lots of stories about living in Ghana. Yesterday, Yamada, Bismarck and I visited the Kakum National Park, and explored the rain forest. They have a canopy walkway and was able to see many animals, though no lions, elephants, etc. Then, we went to Elimina to visit the St. George Castle. Remember the feeling the emotion we had when Obama won? Well, I can not tell you the emotion, rage, sorrow, anguish, happiness coming full circle, hearing the tour guide explaining the history, the male and female prisons, the governor of the slave castle picking different females every ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast November 18th 2008

Oops. So I have just realized that it ihas been 75 days since I last wrote in my blog! I have had e-mail correspondence with some of you...sorry to the rest!!! There is obviously alot to fill you in on, but I will give a summary of what I have been upto (if I can remember it all!!!) The days seem to pass by so quickly as I leave the house (I have moved from Dansoman, living with the family to Labadi, which I now share a house with other expats) between 7:30 and 8:00 AM and get home after work around 6:30 if I do not go out for dinner, or to other activities around the city. Work has become much more exciting as I have several projects to work on, not to mention I ... read more
Cape Coast
Cape Coast
Ghana.2008 054

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast November 12th 2008

Riding Day 5 - 132km (total 525km) Since we decided to cycle to Cape Coast in two days we had to decide where to stop for the night. This was the one stop on our tour where I wasn't confident that we would find accommodations or even good food. There were four major towns along the 230km route, but we didn't have much more than that. For a change, we got off to a quick start. I guess part of the problem over the first days was one of conditioning. I'm just not sure how to sufficiently train for cycling fully-loaded with 30kg of bags in tropical heat and humidity. Anyways, we had 40km finished without a break. The ride out of Kumasi was much easier than the ride in on Saturday. Part of that was ... read more
Kids learn at a young age to balance and carry things on their heads
A quite country road for us to cycle on
The Cape Coast Castle -- an infamous slave fort

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