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March 4th 2008
Published: March 4th 2008
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Hi everyone,

Finally we've done it - we've been to Egypt and it was just wonderful... Not so much relaxing, but that's the price to pay. Our eyes and our head were filled with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking monuments...
I must say that it was my childhood dream (I had a "hieroglyphic" period, and was totally fond of ancient Egypt) - finally done!

There's so much to say: let's begin with the context of the trip. For once, we have taken an "all inclusive" type of thing - flights, hotel, guide included, excursions, everything... I am not particularly fond of this kind of travelling, but it always depends on the place you visit.
In the case of Egypt, there's so much to see in diverse parts of the country, and there's the barrier of language (even though I'm learning arabic), and "backchich" everywhere for everybody! So for us, it was just easier and cheaper to take this "all inclusive" and to let us guide through the monuments.
To be brief, we had two days in Cairo and around, then a flight to Luxor (Higher Egypt), then cruising on the Nile towards Assouan, going through Esna, Edfou, Kom Ombo.
We had two days in Assouan and then back to Paris, after a long and exhausting excursion to Abou Simbel, in the far south of the country (about 40 kilometers north from the sudanese border).

Among the things we visited: The Antiquities Museum in Cairo, Gizeh, Saqqarah, Memphis, the mosque Mehmet Ali, the Khan al Khalili souks in Cairo, the Karnak temple, The Kings Valley, the Edfou temple, Philae, Kom Ombo temple by night, Abou Simbel, natural reserves on the Nile, the colosse of Memnon. I guess that is it, but you have to add diverse activities like a ride on the back of a camel, another one in a "cal├Ęche", and also my first experience on a felouque towards Elephantine Island in Assouan.

This is it for the summary of our trip. From now on I would like to take some specific places and moments and describe my impressions.... Until our next departure, towards my roots - Germany, in June. Glad to be back....

So long,


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