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March 27th 2008
Published: March 27th 2008
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Hi everyone,

Not much more since last time... We've been back almost a month now, and I still think of Egypt and its beautiful sights... I'm too busy to write about it in more details (and honestly it's just depressing when you don't yet have another travelling project). Soon, soon you will here about our wonderful trip.
We are already thinking about our holidays of next year (that is, we're already travelling in June - but to my family in Germany, that doesn't really count and perhaps in August, since we have two weeks' time, haven't decided yet if we go away or not) - and we are so much hesitating!

First, we thought abour Iran: my man's got Iranian blood but no one of his family has ever seen the country - that would be a wonderful thing to do together
BUT apparently there are few (loads of, rather) restrictions, even for tourists. I knew about the scarf wearing - but there's also the problem of the hotel. A non-married couple cannot share a room. I learned from other bloggers on the forum that this does not really apply to tourists, but since my fiancé has an Iranian name, is Muslim and does look Arabic, that would be a problem.

So now we think of Vietnam. It's quite expensive out there, having looked at the tours proposed on the net. Another thing is: we've never been backpacking with my fiancé. We went independently in Spain and Italy, but not real backpacking - and I think he's a bit afraid of it, especially in far away countries (he doesn't speak English, that doesn't help).

Anyway, I think we are now settled on going to Vietnam. Will look further into it during the next months, but work first...

See you soon,


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