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Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Sharm el-Sheikh May 23rd 2021

Here we are, I'm at my 90 days in South Africa so it's time to hit the road. So the choices are getting more and more limited if you are coming from SA...and I have no intention to go to Europe with so many restrictions. So here I am in Egypt. Trip was fun as I had to be sure my bags where not left somewhere...on the way. Trip was Durban-Doha-Istanbul-Sharm. Little tricky point, I could only transfer airside in those places...and I was on two didn't want to have issues tracking my bag in Istanbul...or getting lockdown in quarantine for 14 days. Yes, I went with only carry-on...with my full diving gears! Interesting experience. Job done and arriving in Sharm at 2am. The hotel has a shuttle...decent price for a single...take a taxi if ... read more
British motorbikes on the Thistlegorm
Before and after the liveaboard in Sharm...
Lots of those this week...

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada March 25th 2021

So here we are, one year into this global pandemic. Is anyone else ready to be done with this already?! Mask-wearing disputes aside, the past six months of “Covid Times” have seemed dimmer than the first six, at least in terms of my writer’s block. I’m sure the winter blues haven’t helped, especially when I’m used to being warmer places! But I genuinely did intend to publish this blog sooner, and then found my motivation to write absolutely lacking. I guess I’ve found it easier to express myself through media other than written word, but mostly I’ve been upset that this is the last travel story I have to least for now. I still can’t believe it’s been over a year since my trip to Egypt. I didn’t know then that the world was on ... read more
Blinded by the light
The 4 Seasons
My favorite balcony

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan March 21st 2021

20th March Boat ride on the Nile #heygo On the northern end of the First Cataract, marking ancient Egypt's southern frontier, Aswan has always been of great strategic importance. In ancient times it was a garrison town for the military campaigns against Nubia; its quarries provided the granite used for so many sculptures and obelisks. Our virtual trip was a boat ride on the river Nile. As we sailed along the river we saw sites of Noble's tombs, the famous Kitcheners Island and the Nubian villages. The Dome of Hawa is the rocky mountain on the western bank.The mountain is approximately 130 meters high and has carved graves of nobles and priests of Aswan from the era of the ancient Egyptians. The tombs of the Dome of Al-Hawa are distinguished by that they were nobles, ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor February 12th 2021 12th February - Luxor The construction of the Avenue of Sphinxes began during the New Kingdom and finished during 30th Dynasty rule of Nectanebo I (380-362 BC). Around 1,200 sphinx statues are thought to have lined this road together with barque chapels stocked with offerings. The Avenue is one of the most important archaeological and religious paths in Luxor, as it was the location of important religious ceremonies in ancient times, most notably the Beautiful Feast of Opet where once a year during the festival Egyptians paraded along it carrying the statues of Amun and Mut in a symbolic re-enactment of their marriage. The Sacred Road was first discovered in 1949 in front of Luxor temple. Subsequent excavations between 1958 and 1964 increased the initial exposure, revealing the Avenue from Luxor temple to the rea ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo September 11th 2020

Hello everyone, I hope this blog finds you and your loved ones well. I have started, stopped, and restarted this blog more times than I can count. At first I delayed out of normal procrastination habits; then every month since life-as-we-knew-it was interrupted, I've questioned if the timing and message of this post were right. I was holding out for some glorious day when this virus would be gone, this pandemic would be over, and travel would be able to safely resume. But it's becoming increasingly clear that I don't know when that day will be, and I don't know that the luxury of international travel will ever exist in the same capacity it did before. And so for that reason, I've realized that any day is a good day to share a blog with you, ... read more
Eye of Horus
Walk like an Egyptian
Steppe Pyramid of Djoser

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo April 10th 2020

Tutto sembra ancora normale quando arrivo in Egitto il 5 Marzo 2020 per una continuazione fuori programma del viaggio africano appena concluso, poi l'11 Marzo l'OMS dichiara la pandemia. Il 19 viene chiuso l'aeroporto internazionale; il giorno 24 viene annunciato un coprifuoco che inizierà il giorno seguente dalle ore 19.00 alle ore 6.00: tutti i negozi, ad eccezione di farmacie, alimentari e panetterie, dovranno chiudere alle ore 17 e rimanere chiusi per tutto il week-end (venerdì e sabato); i ristoranti potranno servire solamente cibo da asporto, i caffè lungo le strade dove bere un buon tè sono anch'essi desolatamente serrati. Vengono isolate alcune province e città; viaggiare è ancora possibile, sconsigliato o vietato del tutto: non riusciamo bene a capire. Rientriamo di corsa al Cairo, che sembra essere il posto più adatto nel quale poter rimanere ... read more
Nessuno per strada
Quasi nessuno
Qualcosa si muove

Africa » Egypt March 5th 2020

I'm sorry the photos aren't labeled. As you can imagine, we are quite busy going to sites, and there is limited, slow internet that I pay for if I want it in my room in Luxor. This morning after a delightful breakfast on the roof of the hotel, overlooking the Luxor Temple and Hot Air Balloons, we went to Hatshepsut Temple. The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, also known as the Djeser-Djeseru (Ancient Egyptian: ḏsr ḏsrw "Holy of Holies"), is a mortuary temple of Ancient Egypt located in Upper Egypt. Built for the url= read more
Tractor pulling sugar cane
On the road to Valley of the Kings

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor March 4th 2020

Our leader Khaled keeps telling us that the next thing we do will be the best ever, and I keep wondering how that could be so. We got up early, had breakfast at 6, and left the Feluccas. We traveled by support boat to the dock where our bus was waiting. This bus driver’s name is Abraham. We are still traveling north, this time by bus. We stopped at the Temple Kom Ombo. It was originally an Egyptian city called Nubt, meaning City of Gold (not to be confused with the city north of Naqada that was also called Nubt/Ombos). Nubt is also known as Nubet or Nubyt (Nbyt). It became a Greek settlement during the Greco-Roman Period. The town's location on the url= read more
Kom Ombo
Kom Ombo

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan March 3rd 2020

Felucca Day Every time I think I’ve had the best day yet in Egypt, another amazing day happens. I would like to mention one thing. Before I came here several people expressed concern that it is not safe here. I have felt very safe. Our guide Khaled watches out for us and makes sure we know the right things to do. Egyptian people are really nice. We have had some drivers that speak little English, but we’ve been able to communicate. I sit near the front of the bus, and Lisa (Australia) and I wave at lots of people and they smile and wave back, give us the thumbs up, etc. I even spent time in the market haggling over prices for items, and I never felt threatened. Today I started out by visiting the Coptic ... read more
Nice sign
Coptic Church
Coptic Church

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel March 2nd 2020

I can't believe how incredible the Abu Simbel Temple is. Before I get to that I want to include a few details. I am traveling with GAdventures for the "Best of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel". I have taken many GAdventures trips before and I've been pleased with all of them. Our group consist of mostly Australians, 1 Brit, 1 Columbian, 2 Canadians, and 3 Americans (14 in all). Our guide is Khaled - has great stories, very knowledable, very funny, and very talented (he is a musician and has an Egyptian cooking show). The group is compatible and fun. Also, I haven't labeled the pictures for 3 days because I'm using someone's hotspot and I have limited time. Tomorrow we get on a Felucca and do an overnight to Luxor - so I won't have wifi ... read more
On the bus
Rest stop on way to Abu Simbel
Yeah - recycling in the wilderness

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