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April 2nd 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Feluccas01 Feluccas01 Feluccas

View from the deck
Geo: 24.9573, 31.9535

Mummy Tummy hit me this morning, it was not good, cramps and then the runs. Took some Immodium and went back to bed. I had to miss out on the walking tour of Luxor. When I did get up I sat on the sun deck, read magazines and went a bit pink. After a lunch of hot, cooked food, a few of us went to a cafe for a drink- they made a pretty good iced coffee. In the afternoon we travelled to Karnak temple by horse and carriage- it was really fun, especially when we overtook people from our group. This city has traffic lights and the horses obeyed them. Karnak temple was pretty huge, in one part there are 134 columns. It was built by Ramses II who loved himself and didn't complete it.
After dinner in the bar, there was a belly dancer. She was very good to look at- too much make-up. She enjoyed putting men's faces into her cleavage. After her there was a Sufi dancer. It was a man who wore a huge skirt and spun around for a long time and didn't loose his balance, even when he stopped. He was amazing to
02 The Nile02 The Nile02 The Nile

View of the Nile from the deck

Additional photos below
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03 Temple03 Temple
03 Temple

To the left of the photo is the entrance to the temple
04 Headless04 Headless
04 Headless

Headless statues
05 Obelisks05 Obelisks
05 Obelisks

Two obelisks that are in the temple
06 Me06 Me
06 Me

This is me and the many goat-headed statues
07 Big statue07 Big statue
07 Big statue

I think this is a big statue of Ramses
08 Back08 Back
08 Back

Back view of the temple
09 Among the dust09 Among the dust
09 Among the dust

Among all the dust, it was nice to see some green
10 Paint10 Paint
10 Paint

Looking up you can see lots of paint that still has strong colour after thousands of years
11 Huge11 Huge
11 Huge

Some of the 134 large columns
12 Scratched12 Scratched
12 Scratched

Parts of the temple have been scratched- people are faceless
13 Ankh13 Ankh
13 Ankh

Surrounding the figure in the middle is the Ankh, which is the symbol of life
14 In the carriage14 In the carriage
14 In the carriage

Shastra and I in the carriage

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