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April 3rd 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Just after sunrise01 Just after sunrise01 Just after sunrise

Balloon rides over the valley of the kings, just after sunrise
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We got up early and packed our bags- no more river boat. We crossed the Nile by motor boat. After a short walk we came to a group of donkeys. I was matched to a light grey one and helped on. Then it started to wander away from the rest of the group!! I kept my legs out to the side to try and balance myself- I didn't want to be the one who fell off the donkey. According to Tarek, there is always one who falls off. It was easy to steer it- pull left or right. We trotted down the road, cars and buses sped and tooted past us. I'm glad the donkeys didn't get scared. We then went through a village and crossed a busy road- with the assistance of the donkey owner telling the traffic to stop. An hour later we arrived at the Valley of the Kings. The ride was fun and quite a novelty for all of us, especially when one of the donkeys had mummy tummy!! The ride was a bit bumpy considering the saddles were made of old couch cushions.
There are 62 tombs in the valley, we went into three of
02 Me and my donkey02 Me and my donkey02 Me and my donkey

This is me and my donkey, who was pretty good, couldn't complain.
them. King Tut's is the only one that was found intact and not robbed. The color inside the tombs was amazing and very bright, even though it was 3,000 years old. We walked up a mountain for a great view of the valley. Then back on donkeys to the river. We went back a different way. This time the donkeys felt like running, so we bounced and bopped for most of the way back until we got to a field then they tried to stop to eat. The donkeys would overtake and be overtaken by others- we had no control over this. Towards the end they bolted as they knew that they were nearly back- so we held on.
We ate another Egyptian meal and crossed the Nile and walked to our hotel which we had until 10.30 that night. Spent the afternoon shopping, then sat by the pool and rested. After dinner watched Lara Croft- Tomb Raider until we had to go back to the station for our overnight train to Cairo. Once on the train took a Travel calm and slept all night.

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03 The A team03 The A team
03 The A team

The A team at the top of the Valley of the Kings
04 Old and the new04 Old and the new
04 Old and the new

An ancient temple with McDonalds behind it!!
05 Temporary view05 Temporary view
05 Temporary view

View of the Nile from our temporary hotel
06 Palms06 Palms
06 Palms

Green belt among all the apartments
07 Apartments in Luxor07 Apartments in Luxor
07 Apartments in Luxor

Typical living in Luxor

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