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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor November 29th 2021

25 Nov (Toujours en felouque sur le Nil) 6hAM. Armada, capitaine de la felouque, a déjà largué les amarres. Je me dérouille à peine, sorti depuis peu de sous mes deux gros tapis utilisés comme couvertures. Un filet doux et orangé orne les palmiers de la berge. Sur l'eau, une fine bruine se décolle du Nil au travers de laquelle s'aperçoit un pêcheur, seul sur sa barque silencieuse. Une délicate buée voltige aussi sur l'eau de ma tasse matinale dans laquelle Armada a, sans filtre, ébouillanté des feuilles de thé. Toujours endormi, le vent laissera l'onde fluviale en miroir, du moins jusqu'au retour du plein soleil. Le capitaine n'a pas encore ouvert la grande voile: il nous laissera glisser au large alors que, cigarette au bec, il nous fera bouillir des oeufs à la coque. Après ... read more
Luxor Temple
Karnak 2
Karnak 3

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor February 12th 2021 12th February - Luxor The construction of the Avenue of Sphinxes began during the New Kingdom and finished during 30th Dynasty rule of Nectanebo I (380-362 BC). Around 1,200 sphinx statues are thought to have lined this road together with barque chapels stocked with offerings. The Avenue is one of the most important archaeological and religious paths in Luxor, as it was the location of important religious ceremonies in ancient times, most notably the Beautiful Feast of Opet where once a year during the festival Egyptians paraded along it carrying the statues of Amun and Mut in a symbolic re-enactment of their marriage. The Sacred Road was first discovered in 1949 in front of Luxor temple. Subsequent excavations between 1958 and 1964 increased the initial exposure, revealing the Avenue from Luxor temple to the rea ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor March 4th 2020

Our leader Khaled keeps telling us that the next thing we do will be the best ever, and I keep wondering how that could be so. We got up early, had breakfast at 6, and left the Feluccas. We traveled by support boat to the dock where our bus was waiting. This bus driver’s name is Abraham. We are still traveling north, this time by bus. We stopped at the Temple Kom Ombo. It was originally an Egyptian city called Nubt, meaning City of Gold (not to be confused with the city north of Naqada that was also called Nubt/Ombos). Nubt is also known as Nubet or Nubyt (Nbyt). It became a Greek settlement during the Greco-Roman Period. The town's location on the url= read more
Kom Ombo
Kom Ombo

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor October 5th 2019

With our departure from Egypt approaching much too fast, our last day in Luxor had the third of my trip highlights, a visit to the Temple of Karnak. The granddaddy of all Egyptian temples, the one that was added on for over 2,000 years. The visit was bittersweet. It is without a doubt an awe inspiring sight, but it's also heartbreaking to see how much of it is damaged or entirely missing. After our visit I told Amr Hassan, our Tour Director, that I wanted a time machine, and I was sincere. To have seen this monument in its heyday must have been an incredible experience. The largest religious building ever made, the area of the sacred enclosure of Amun alone could hold ten average European cathedrals. The great temple at the heart of Karnak is ... read more
Temple of Karnak
Temple of Karnak
Temple of Karnak

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor October 4th 2019

We decided on a second visit to the tombs....visiting the tomb chambers of Setnakht.... read more
The Inside
The Inside
The Inside

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor October 3rd 2019

The Valley of the Kings....The Tomb of Rameses 4... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor October 3rd 2019

Valley of the Kings..we visited the Tomb of Ramses III...... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor October 3rd 2019

Valley of the Kings- Tombs of Ramses V and Ramses V... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor October 1st 2019

We visited the Colossi of Memnon on our way to the Valley of the Kings... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor October 1st 2019

We took a tour with a tour leader from our Happy Land accomodation to visit various sites. We got picked up with a minibus and were part of a great group of travellers.... read more

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