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April 1st 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Kom Ombo Temple01 Kom Ombo Temple01 Kom Ombo Temple

Front view of the temple
Geo: 24.1872, 32.4397

Another early start with no chance of a sleep in, especially after a wake up call, banging on the door and my alarm. At 6.15am we got of the boat at Kom Ombo to see a temple of Sobek- a Greco-Roman temple of a local crocodile god. Got back on board for a sun deck breakfast as we cruised up the Nile. Had a nap and two hours later we were at Edfu. There we saw another temple of Horus- falcon headed son of Osiris. Took 200 years to finish. There we also saw two baby camels with fuzzy fur. Back on board for lunch and more cruising while reading trashy gossip magazines and getting some sun- all very relaxing.
Late in the afternoon we docked at Luxor, this was the end of our cruising. After dinner we had our gallibeya party in the bar. There were about 30 of us, our group and two other Geckos groups. Lots of great costumes. We played a few games and listened to Western and Arabic music. It was a fun night.

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02 Columns02 Columns
02 Columns

Decorated columns
03 Shadows and Columns03 Shadows and Columns
03 Shadows and Columns

Columns and shadows in the temple
04 Close up04 Close up
04 Close up

Close up of the decorated columns
05 Me05 Me
05 Me

Me in front of part of the temple
06 Top06 Top
06 Top

The top of the columns
07 Looking up07 Looking up
07 Looking up

Some paint still remains after thousands of years
08 Gods08 Gods
08 Gods

Here are two gods, don´t remember their names
09 Baby09 Baby
09 Baby

Baby camel with fuzzy fur
10 Edfu temple10 Edfu temple
10 Edfu temple

Entrance to the temple
11 Horus11 Horus
11 Horus

This is Horus, the falcon headed god
12 High columns12 High columns
12 High columns

This photo shows how high the temple is, wouldn´t have been easy to build!
13 Wall13 Wall
13 Wall

Carved wall of the temple

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