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December 5th 2008
Published: July 28th 2011
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I love it here Sharm is amazingly beautiful. The Red Sea is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom now matter how far out you are.

Its crazy to come from Cairo where everyone is extremely religious and covered from head to toe , to Sharm el Sheikh, where there are topless Europeans scattering the beaches and short-shorts and mini skirts wandering the streets.

Quading in the desert was amazing. There is a part of the desert where everything echos for miles and everyone was shouting out eachothers names. They all died laughing when Tito told them my name was Shib Shib (slippers in arabic) we then had a bbq in tents under the star filled sky in the middle of the desert, it was by far the best food i've had in weeks.

My favorite part of Sharm was the cafe on the cliff with the amazing view. The guy who works there was singing is heart out to Mariah Carey out over the cliff because he missed his girlfriend. haha. I died laughing.

We got kicked out of our hotel though, so we have to go back to Cairo.
Dessert QuadingDessert QuadingDessert Quading

Sharm el Sheikh
I am NOT looking forward to the drive home. There is nothing scarier than driving on the highway from Cairo to Sharm. At first I was thinking everyone just drives crazy here... playing chicken is the normal thing to do... But then I started noticing all these crumpled balls of steel on the side of the roads... Then I realized those were all the people who crashed so badly that they mangled their rides into a ball and died. and for some reason the cars are just left on the side of the road. A pepsi truck also drove off the side of a cliff in front of us... reminded me of my chip slangin' days at Frito Lay, probably something that would have happened to me if I drove the truck. I wanted to get out and kiss the ground at every check stop.

PS - I have discovered Twinkies... BEST THINGS EVER! i dunno how it has taken me this long to eat one.

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Cafe on a CliffCafe on a Cliff
Cafe on a Cliff

Sharm el Sheikh

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